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    I found this as a free site from the National Film Board of Canada. This man and his family build a birch bark canoe. I have seen it a number of times and remain amazed. I hope this link is not old news. I think he uses a jack knife, crooked knife, ax, and frying pan to build a remarkable canoe. It is truly humbling.

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    Yep. Cesar Newashish was a native Atikamekw (indian tribe) living in Manawan, an indian reserve north from Montreal, 200 Km or 120 miles. He built the canoe (being built in the film) at 67 years old. He died at 93. I have a DVD copy of this excellent documentary. BTW I'm living 100 Km from Manawan!!!

    Atikamekw is the original tribe name, the French used to say ''TÍtes-de-Boule''

    No sophisticated tools used.

    A tribute to this great man.

    One of his Birch Bark Canoe

    Cesar Newashish
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