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Thread: Plywood Canoe Concept - Birchbark Style

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    Default Plywood Canoe Concept - Birchbark Style

    Here is the design of a plywood canoe employing the basic idea of the birchbark canoe.

    This simple pattern for a very crudely shaped canoe I found on a German Forum got me thinking.

    I was interested to see what shape could be made up with a more refined pattern.

    So itís model building time again.

    This is my pattern:

    And here is the paper model:

    It is amazing what a subtle shape can be achieved with such a simple method.

    But there is also a weakness in this concept. Although the bottom of the hull is nicely shaped when you take a close look you will see there are pointy spots at the turn of the bilge and the area between the cuts is cylindrical.
    In theory an infinite number of cuts would solve this problem but I am looking for a more practical way.

    If you first fill these spots on the inside with epoxy you can sand down the peaks on the outside to achieve an almost fair hull.

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