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I understand how the darts work. Itís pretty obvious to anyone who h as ever tried to compound bend plywood.
My idea comes from sailmaking. Assume you want to tighten the leech, you could open the seams and increase the overlap. Akin to taking the gore cuts. The alternative is to split the seam in the middle and stitch it back together with less overlap. Letting the middle out rather than pulling the edges in. Some sailmakers have done shocking things with knives and sail repair tape on the way to the starting line.
I was thinking that the slots would end up being 6Ē or so every foot. They wouldnít have to cross the centerline, just provide enough relief for the center of the panels to stretch enough to prevent the edges from buckling.
It should come to the same thing.
I have built more than a few tortured ply boats, I didnít mean any offense.
Offense? I was just trying to explain why I thought it wouldn't work. I had no way of knowing that you had built any of these. I wasn't offended until I found out that you have made more than a few tortured plywood boats and I haven't seen any pictures. Yer holdin' out on us!

If you look at the picture in Link to Post #95,, you can see what the panels do when wrapped around forms with no cuts. It looks to me like there is either too much wood at the sheer or too little all across the middle. Stefan explained somewhere how he modeled the canoes on his computer then laid the surface flat to locate the cuts. He explained it a lot better than I can.