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Thread: turkisk caique "caliban"

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    Default plywood turkish caique design named"caliban"

    back in 1969, or '70 or '71, or so. a national, glossy sailing magazine (i thought it was 'rudder' but am probably wrong) published an article and plans for a plywood replica of a 16' turkish caique. the name of the design was "caliban". does anybody else remember this boat and, if so, have any idea where i can get a copy of the plans? thanks, nick in vanuatu
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    Default Re: plywood turkish caique design named"caliban"

    The initial article by Peter Stevenson appeared in the December, 1970 issue of "Boating" magazine (p 43). It intrigued me so I clipped it out and put it in a protective sleeve and I still have it! The 3+ page article gave pictures, line drawings of the design and construction, and described the construction as well as sailing characteristics. Enough to get the idea of how easy (or hard) it would be to build; but not quite enough for me to do so without more detailed plans. A set of more detailed drawings were available for $10 from Ziff-Davis Service Division, Box B, 595 Broadway, New York, N.Y. 10012. Unfortunately, "Boating" changed format a little later to a motor only small boat magazine and I don't know if it is still being published. I searched for Ziff-Davis online and it still exists, but appears to be computer oriented. I also clipped a couple of letters to the editor that came from satisfied builders who commented on their satisfaction and modifications that they suggested. I don't know if copyright laws would allow me to copy it under "fair use rules", but I suspect not.

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