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If you have an AGM or other sealed type battery, it can go anywhere, although keeping weight out of the ends of the boat is a good idea, as is keeping it low. The gas tank needs careful placement. It must be in a ventilated area and it needs to vent away from all enclosed spaces. If you buy a standard portable fuel tank like those 6 gallon molded things you can pick up anywhere, it should be on deck. They are not designed to be placed below deck in any way. This is an area where you don't ever cut corners.
Thanks! This is exactly what I was looking for on the gas tank. The battery is a sealed type.

The intent is/was to have the 3.1 gallon (plastic) tank that came with the outboard sit directly to the right of it. Would having a fold down seat above the motor and tank leave enough ventilation? There would be open space forward (a light canvas curtain would pull across), and also out the 12'x11" gun ports. I could lay it out and take another picture close up?