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    As per the request about the cabin of the Jewell, I'll post some old photos.

    These were taken before the cushions were made.

    This shot shows the centerboard trunk which is capped with teak. It serves as a step or a seat if you need to perch at one of the small counters. A cooler lives to starboard of the centerboard. A porta-pottie lives to port. Above the cooler is storage. It's mirror image on the port side is accessed from the cockpit. Out-board of the cooler is storage (In shadow in this shot). I keep my cooking gear there. Aft of the cooler is also storage. It is a bit deep so only seldom needed stuff goes there. A small counter is on top of open storage. I keep food here and outboard of this storage.

    This the is port side which is identical.

    More photos in next post.

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    Here is the port side of the bunks. Outboard of the mahogany rail is a shelf for books, small dry goods. etc. Cushions now cover the perforated bunks. There is about 2-3 inches of clearance under the bunks (PFD's for guests, etc).

    Looking forward: The two deck plates give access to flotation chambers. The switch on starboard controls the masthead light.

    One more post to follow.

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    Here's one more...port side. I should have mentioned in the prior post that I have strung a gear hammock athwartship aft of the flotation chambers. This is a good place to stow clothes you want easy access to.

    Annie, the inspector. You can see the simple boom tent.

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    Per a comment elsewhere re few images of the cabin...Here is a link to a video of the cabin interior (Limited quality and audio from my phone):

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    So it is clear, I, Clint Chase standing at 6'6" tall, in "collaboration" with F. Vivier on the design of Jewell, made sure that I could lay straight out in the v-berth! And I can!
    Clinton B. Chase
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