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Thread: Bowsprit construction

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    Default Bowsprit construction

    I'm building my first boat with a bowsprit (a William Garden Eel). The aft end of the bowsprit abuts a 2 3/4" vertical piece that goes down to the keel (I imagine it holds the back of the bowsprit down). Does the bowsprit need to be mortised and tendoned into this piece?
    The bobkin (I think that's what it's called-the bowsprit like piece that holds the mizzen boom down) abuts the mizzen mast. I would hate to put any holes in that. What do I do there?

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    Willam Garden's Eel had both a bowsprit and a boomkin.
    Is there a detail called out on the plans? (Mine are around here somewhere.)
    Photos show that the bowsprit dead-ends on a sampson post and the boomkin dead-ends at the mizzen mast.
    As both members are in contact with the deck and presumably bolted to it, and the bowsprit is supported by a bobstay, It's hard to see the need for much of a structural connection at the inboard ends. I certainly would not compromise the mizzen mast.
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    Default Re: Bowsprit construction

    Sprits are loaded almost exclusively in compression, so just butting it against the mast or sampson post will do fine. You may want to add some bits of wood to keep the end of the sprit from moving up or side to side. Otherwise it shouldn't be fastened so it can be easily replaced.

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