Restoration of MINDE, a 1903 Pilot Cuttebr />

August 5th 1903, Norwegian boatbuilder Søren Olsen Barmen put the main dimensions and description down on paper for a 24 feet (keel-length) “lodsbaad” (pilot cutter) to Pilot Nils Petter Clausen.
It is with a sense of awe I am now, almost 110 years later, holding the original contract in my hands. A contract containing a brief description of the interior, rig, construction and price, was followed by a complete table of offset and more detailed information -everything in perfect handwriting.

I am even more excited by the fact that the boat is under my care for the future, and I will dedicate a lot of time and effort into the important task of upholding the boat and its rich history for the future.

MINDE has had caring owners before me, and they have done superb job of bringing her back to her former layout and condition. An old boat is in need of love and care continuously, and the former owner struggled to look after her over the last years, due to the fact that the boat was in Stockholm and he moved to Tokyo. I know it was a tough decision to let her go, but I guess that it became clear that the boat needed someone motivated to give her an upgrade, and luckily that has become my role and task.

Enough prelude… Here is the situation;

The former owners had the following work done on her during over 30 years ownership:

New stem.
Approximately 70% of the frames renewed to below the waterline.
Most of the hull planking renewed above the waterline, and way below forward.
New beamshelf
New deckbeams/knees
New deck/superstructure
New rig/spars
New interiobr /> 2 engine replacements
-All of this done with love and care!

My job is the following:

New sternpost
New knee
Rebuild of engine
New frames aft
Replacing 60% of hull planking
New sheerstrake
General cosmetic upgrade of the whole boat.

To be continued...