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Thread: Daysailer conversion... Interesting project mostly woodenboat.... part not

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    Default Daysailer conversion... Interesting project mostly woodenboat.... part not

    I hope this project passes muster for inclusion on this forum... it is about 95% wood construction....?

    So, I discovered the following website a couple years ago... and kept the concept in the back of my mind... where an appropriate older FG hull was gutted and converted into a Herreshoff era daysailer with a total rebuild.

    Heres is good pic of the before and after conversion project of a 1965 Pearson Triton

    Step by step construction well illustrated...


    Anyway, this concept has stayed with me and recently I came across an abandoned 30 plus year old boat that needed to be salvaged or cut up... with horrendous warped and unfixable decks... very bad interior, etc... but the hull is sound and the 1200 lb iron keel with bronze bolts seems fine. ... (Oday Tempest).

    So, this is the plan... Gut the hull and rebuild her from scratch converting her to a nice little 23.2 foot daysailer (with a good friend who will be partners in the deal so he will be learning aspects of yacht building and sailing all in one project). Since she is just a tad over 23 feet, the project will not be too burdensome and she can end up being a beautiful little period daysailer. Additionally, Oday's "Tempest's" , were designed by Philip Rhodes during the early stages of manufacturing fiberglass boats, have a very good reputation as a quality sailer with decent construction... Anyway, except for the demolition stage of the project, it will be 95% wood work, epoxy composite, etc.... overall, a lot of fun in a not too big project spread out over the next couple of years. After gutting the hull, we will install laminated deck beams and the anchor locker, add the smaller cabin and expansive cockpit with mahogany framed seats as seen in the other conversion. Interior will consist of the V berths with a small sink and room for a porta potty. Tentatively, the cabin will have doors as with many of that period, but no sliding hatch. After all, she is just a daysailer.

    Here are some of the type of features I will incorporate into this build... as seen from Mr Lackey's Pearson conversion.

    Another angle...

    Heres my initial concept which illustrates the idea clearly...


    Anyway, I'm looking forward to this fun project... We will take our time and hopefully end up with a sweet little boat.

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