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Thread: Ted Brewer Deer Isle 24

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    Does anyone have any experience with the Deer Isle 24. Looks like the design would make a nice sport fisher for limited offshore Pacific fishing.
    I'm looking for info on whats involved in building and would like to push it with an outboard on a bracket.
    Any info would be useful.


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    Hi Darrel - well, you did say any info would be helpful [img]smile.gif[/img] . I don't know much about that boat but I do have plans for another of Ted's boats and have emailed with him several times in the past and I expect he would be very up front with you about how to power it. The plans say all plywood contruction, so it will be hard chined with plywood panels for sides and bottom (v-bottom I presume)I'd imagine plywood bulkhead/frames, in short an easy way to build. It also mentions 'longitudinals' for strength which I presume means battens over or notched into the bulkheads/frames. This is an easy yet strong method. Mr Brewer has some serious credentials under his belt, hard to imagine he'd design a bad boat. Have you emailed him with questions about keelson, stem, chine logs, etc?
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