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Thread: Tennessee and amateur boat projects

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    Default Tennessee and amateur boat projects

    Today I have been emailed by Jonathan King, of Murfreesboro TN, with a link to a news report about his problem. It is worthy of taking the time to read the article and watch the video.

    This is a case of government gone berserk, dreaming up ways to rip off its own citizens to fund its bloated self. How can a small one-off boatbuilding project inside his own garage cause a man to be taxed as a professional boatbuilder and dealer, short of bending the regulations beyond breaking point?

    Tennessee may be a long way from your neck of the woods but Tennessee sneezing can spread the virus to other states.

    Time to get off my soapbox.


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    Default Re: Tennessee and amateur boat projects

    Hmmmm. Government intrusion, taxing homemade items and TN. Hmmmm. Yes, very unusual. Say, ya got any moonshine?

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    Default Re: Tennessee and amateur boat projects

    Fifth thread on this, third deck. Look to the other threads to learn how this is what happens when ideology leads to recklessly privatizing government functions.

    Edited to add: Here are the threads a quick search using keyword Tennessee.
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