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    I couple of years ago walked into the local YMCA locker room on my way to a workout. One of the guys getting dressed saw my Wooden Boat cap and asked "Oh! Do you have a wooden boat?" I lamented "No, I've always wanted to buy a Beetle Cat but other priorities, you know." He paused and looked me straight in the eye and said "Do it! Do it now." I had to laugh because I know what he did for a living. He runs Murphy Funeral Home in a nearby town. I mention it because, and here's the Wooden Boat connection, he told me that his brother is the editor of Wooden Boat: Matt Murphy I suppose.

    "Do it now" was a good lesson. I eventually retired. After buying one of those big chunks of plastic, I did come close to my wooden boat dream when I bought a used Dyer Dhow at the Beetle shop in Wareham, MA. I found the forum looking for DD restoration tips.

    I hope 2021 is a good one for y'all.

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    moving fwd one step at a time

    "we are the people, our parents warned us about" (jb)


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    Good story. Welcome aboard!

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