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Thread: 16ft Dory build.

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    Default 16ft Dory build.

    Hello team.

    I started a thread while back for ideas on a wooden dory.

    I have gone with designing my own. I have taken the best of the San Juan and some of the Bateau OD16 ideas

    My requirements were

    1. Easily driven, fuel is going thru the roof. One of the reasons for giving up the 17ft ali and 70hp outift.
    2. Use in shallow waters. We have harbours here in NZ with huge flats.
    3. Console steer.
    4. Glass over ply construction

    The engine I have always planned to use in a Honda 4 stroke 20hp. 25-30 are 1/3 more the cost.

    Timber used for the temp frames is rough sawn 6"x1" which we can use around the farm afterwards.

    Few notes on that;
    The San Juan reckons 15-20hp for thier boat. But then thier boat has a 5'7" beam. The Bateau OD16 reckon 20-40hp but then thier boat has a 7ft beam.

    Im going with a 6'3" beam but I have made mine similar to the Bateau with a chine step (basically a 3 chine hull), which will give me a narrow 1.2m wide peice of timber in the water at planing speed.

    One of the things with a flat bottom dory is a hard wet ride in any sort of sea. So I have flared the front end out and made the entry finer whilst still retaining a flat aft section.

    Make sense?

    Timber used will be;
    Marine ply BS1088 - 9mm hull and 6mm sides. Will have a self draining floor also 6mm, stifened.
    Kauri for kelson and stringers.
    Milk tree. Also for stringers and framing. More on this latebr />

    Well, anyway. On to some pics.

    Below is the starting stages.

    We (my dad and I) made a full size lofting table/bench, in the right of the pic.

    Getting some frames up

    Adding a fair baton to check lines etc...

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