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Thread: Cape Henry 21 vs Penguin

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    Drake, I did note that the eclipse has a drop keel arrangement so no intrusion into the cabin. A centerboard case definitely can take up space and be in the way. However, I am willing to accept that sacrifice for the 18" draft with board up and the deepest point of that being at the stern. I want something I can launch easily (sitting lower in the trailer) and something I could run up to the bank. BTW, I also like the feel of a centerboard over other options such as bilgeboards.

    My wife also wants something we can sail now which is why I built a 12' catboat from after selling my 14' catboat. Something to tide us over during the building of the bigger boat.

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    Hello.. some photos of the Cape henry 21 being completed by Gary Wallis in the UK. Could work out how to just post an image so here is the site located at


    Pre-Cut Boats

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    Here you go...

    And the links to kit vendors...

    Dix Design Kits

    In the Swamp.

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    Default Re: Cape Henry 21 vs Penguin

    Thought I might revive this thread, as there may be those who experienced both the Cape Henry 21 and the Penguin now.
    I was recently impressed at the stability and size of the Penguin, down at the Hobart wooden boat show. This bade me to contemplate - could the cabin top curvature of the cH21 be increased a little for headroom, or decreased on the Penguin for windage, Does the draft on the CH21, being mostly aft, match up to the beachability of the shallow penguin draft - is the Penguin external ballast better for grounding? How do the interior layouts compare? Is the yawl a better cruising rig, more out of the way in the cockpit - or does it provide less to hang a tarp cover from?


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    Default Re: Cape Henry 21 vs Penguin


    Laurent Giles designed a dayboat along these lines called the Sandpiper.

    Here's one.

    Its built plywood on stringers...Has room for an inboard if desired. Gaff cutter or gaff yawl I think.


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    Default Re: Cape Henry 21 vs Penguin

    Привет! Воскрешу старую ветку. Не могли бы вы сказать мне угол галса Пингвина? Например, ветер 10 узлов. Я нигде не могу найти эту информацию. Я принимаю решение... строить или нет. Очень нравится проект. Не слишком ли мал шверт (я так понимаю, площадь около 0,5 м2)

    I understand that the gaff tender is not very good at tacking, but still at least 120 degrees will turn out?
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