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Thread: B&B Yacht "Marissa" in plywood Lapstrake?

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    Default B&B Yacht "Marissa" in plywood Lapstrake?

    Hi Gents,

    I intend to build the B&B Yacht Design "Marissa" and was going through the magazine pile during my morning "Reflection" and grabbed the "Planking and Fastening" manual.

    Then it hit me, man!

    Wouldn't this little skiff be pretty done up in plywood lapstrake?

    Mind you I have never built a lapstrake boat but have a couple of larger (30' +) plywood & epoxy hulls under my belt when I worked for a guy who dredged for clams.

    They mentioned in the planking & fastening manual a computer program that would generate the lapstrake cutting schedule for almost any hull?

    Can anyone who has explicit knowledge of this please comment? Is this a "Off the wall" idea or a perhaps more labor intensive method of building the skiff that would result in a very eye pleasing design that looks more "Traditional" but has all of the benefits of modern materials and economy?

    Thanks in advance!


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    Default Re: B&B Yacht "Marissa" in plywood Lapstrake?

    Talk to the designer.
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    Default Re: B&B Yacht "Marissa" in plywood Lapstrake?

    Several things are going on for that boat. The chine is a built in reverse chine. So the bottom is pretty much fixed in stone. You can still build the bottom as a composite taped seamed and stringer system. So this pretty much locks in the running and vertical deminision of the sides for balancing out the widths of the laps. If you keep the bow height where it is, then the boat may not look too sporty with the disproportionate plank deminsion. But if you can live with that, I would see no real reason that the boat would not be sound with the side decks and a couple of internal side stiffening which is also no big deal. But don't take my word on it, You do need to discuss this with the designer.
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