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Thread: Maine Boat Builders Show: seminar and event schedule

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    Default Maine Boat Builders Show: seminar and event schedule

    that may be of particular interest for Forum members (subject to change, of course)

    Friday March 18, 2011

    12:30 - 1:30pm Yacht Designs and Other Treasures at the Hart Nautical Collections of the MIT Museum A slide show and talk by the curator, Kurt Hasselbalch.

    2:30- 3:00pm Learn About Basic Diesel Maintenance Procedures that can help your engine perform better & run longer. Highlights from Mack Borings nationally acclaimed diesel seminar series help diesel engine owners understand the importance of diesel maintenance. Steve McGovern is President of Mack Boring & Parts Company, a family owned business founded in 1922 and a major Diesel Engine Distributor. Over the years thousands of customers have attended Mack marine and industrial diesel seminars.

    4:30- 5:30pm Common Problems Often Found by Marine Surveyors When Surveying a Boat
    Mark Corke and Norm Le Blanc you may know Mark Corke from his books, or the many articles/columns he's written for marine publications. Mark is also a marine surveyor and boatbuilder who's concentration is practical information for the hands-on boater. His latest book, The Definitive Guide to Marine Surveying, published by McGraw Hill, written with Norm LeBlanc will be out later this year. His website link is:

    Norm LeBlanc is a former president of SAMS and has more than 30 years of experience as a marine surveyor in both sail and power boats from 16 to 110 feet. His website link is

    Saturday March 19th 2011:

    12:00-1:00pm "Emergency Locator Beacons: Global Search and Rescue - EPIRBs, PLBs and Related Locator Devises"
    (A Power Point presentation of ~ 50 minutes, complete with informative handout.)
    A presentation by Denny Emory of Emory / Yachting Services and co-founder of LLC.
    An Emergency Locator Beacon has become a standard piece of emergency equipment carried by the prudent mariner on a properly outfitted vessel. This presentation will explain the Search and Rescue process worldwide and explore the spectrum of emergency locator beacons currently available - what they are; how the function; registration requirements; testing; batteries; mounting; and, deployment.
    Denny Emory is co-founder of, a licensed yacht captain and formerly certified Wilderness - EMT. He has voyaged more than 100,000 nautical miles on both sail and power vessels, visiting 42 countries on five continents. Using personal experiences and reports of actual events, Denny brings life to this important topic.

    1:00- 2:00pm Ten Things Every Boat Owner Should Know Before Buying a Boat
    Mark Corke and Norm Le Blanc

    2:00-3:00pm The role of the Yacht Broker how to get the most out of buying or selling a boat. YBBA (Yacht Brokers Association of America)
    Capt. Bill Full, past president and Certified Professional Yacht Broker.

    3:00-4:00pm "Finding and re-fitting a used boat." Personal experiences of Will Keene on his own boat. President of Edson Corporation

    5:00-6:00pm Restoration of a 1930 J.G. Alden Auxiliary Centerboard Schooner
    Peter Thompson: Past Commodore of the American Schooner Association Project Manager/Senior Engineer MACTEC Engineering and Consulting Inc., Portland Maine.

    In 2001 we brought Blackbird home for replacement of her centerboard trunk and related structures after sailing her since 1993. This talk will be an abbreviated photographic journey through the vessels reconstruction that resulted over next nine years. The talk will offer positive motivation for owners who wish to undertake restoration or a major repair on a similar scale vessel. I will touch upon what could and could not be easily evaluated from insurance condition marine surveys and provide hands on examples of somewhat problematic original materials (chain plates, drifts, bolts, etc) to convey the expected limitations of such surveys. In short, this is a quick talk on how to build an Alden designed and 1930 Goudy and Stevens built schooner. The value in having a marine surveyor to provide oversight on professional and owner projects will be one of the discussion threads. Please come by for a fast paced, but relaxing presentation.

    Sunday March 20th 2011:

    11:00-12:00 Chuck Paine will speak and show slides of his Maine built designs. Roughly one-quarter of the over 1000 yachts built during the past four decades to Paine designs were built right here in Maine. Eight of his favorite Maine boatbuilders will be present at the show, and Chuck will point out the whys and wherefores of both his power and sailing yachts built by Artisan Boatworks, Classic Boat Shop, French and Webb, Lyman Morse Boatbuilding , Morris Yachts, Norseboat, Robinhood Marine, York Marine, and other Maine builders. Paine designs continue to hold the high ground of custom quality yachts- come and learn why they are such highly valued designs. Chuck will answer any questions you may have, show you slides of some of the most beautiful yachts ever built, and give you some hints of his upcoming enterprises â€oeonce the economy recoversââ€?. He will have a few copies of his lavish book on yacht design available for purchase. For further information see

    12:00-1:00pm Rob Benson, Portland Yacht Services Service Manager, Show and Tell. We take the strangest things out of boats. An interactive examination of the present collection.

    1:00-2;00pm Medical Preparedness for the Recreational Boater
    (A PowerPoint presentation of ~ 50 minutes, complete with informative handout. )
    A presentation by Denny Emory of Emory / Yachting Services and co-founder of LLC.
    "On most recreational boats, there is no doctor. Even on home waters, getting outside professional medical assistance or direct intervention on a timely basis may not be possible. This seminar addresses an overview of the sources of medical information, equipment, and resources available to the recreational boater... a variety of topics that will contribute to making one more confident and self-sufficient; thereby, better prepared for almost any medical emergency. He will cover: information resources, first aid kits; medical manuals; medical equipment and supplies; prescription medications; and, automatic defibrillators and CPR."

    2:00-3:00pm Cruising the Wild Islands of Maine: Two Dozen Years of Growth of the Maine Island Trail

    ... a look at high points in the concept, history and geography of the Maine Island Trail. Recognized as the first recreational water trail in North America, the Maine Island Trail has become an important feature of the Maine Coast for Mainers and visitors alike. A simple idea, The Trail makes both public and private islands open for daytime and overnight exploration in exchange for stewardship of the islands themselves and has proven successful over the past 24 years. Starting with 40 islands, it has grown over time to include 190 islands and mainland sites. Come prepared to learn about peoples favorite gunkholes and to tell a Maine Coast boating tale of your own!

    3;00-4:00PM The rescue of TOUCH WOOD, a wooden boat love story from someone who should know better? Gordon Laco, R&W Traditional Rigging and Outfitting,...


    PYS Fiberglass and Paint Shop Building # 7
    Shop open for walk ins. Demonstration: carbon fiber canoe is being built during the show. Discussion about calculating required floatation according to ABYC standards. A number of projects underway. Hours Friday- Saturday 9 am-6 pm Sunday 9am to 4pm. (One hour before the doors to the show open)

    PYS Rigging Shop, Building #6
    PYS- Rigging shop open for walk ins. Friday- Saturday 9 am-6 pm Sunday 9am to 4pm. (One hour before the doors to the show open)
    Demonstrations daily:
    -11:00 am Splicing
    -2:00 pm Mechanical Fittings rebuilding and servicing winches. 207-774-1067 Call to place a rigging order for pickup at the Show.

    PYS's "Higgins" Wood Working Shop (east end of Building #4 under Tarbaby’s bow.

    Steam box project making mast hoops. 11AM 1PM 3PM 5 PM Friday and Saturday.
    Details on stitch and glue Kinney Dories.


    *Maine Island Trail Association (MITA) Open House Party * Saturday 3/19 5PM-7PM

    MITA Offices, Building 30, 3rd Floor.

    All welcome; 2011 MITA Members free! (Memberships available at the door)

    Before leaving the Show on Saturday evening, come meet the staff and Trustees of the Maine Island Trail Association at this casual gathering. Come have a drink, connect with boating friends old and new, and plan your 2011 exploits in good company.
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    Default Re: Maine Boat Builders Show: seminar and event schedule

    Looks like it's going to be Sunday for me. Who else is going?

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    Default Re: Maine Boat Builders Show: seminar and event schedule

    Friday and Saturday for me....
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    Default Re: Maine Boat Builders Show: seminar and event schedule

    I'll be there Friday.

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