I'm searching for 14' wooden sailing & rowing dinghies called "Class B Boats" or "B-Jolle". More
than 800 units were built from 1908 - 1962 at the famous shipyard Abeking and Rasmussen in
Lemwerder near Bremen / Germany. About 230 were delivered to the US but also to England,
Netherlands, Australia and Countries in Afrika and South-America. I'm grateful for any indication!
For Photos and more information about the Class B Boats please see my homepage www.b-jolle.org
I have also a list from the shipyard, containing all Class B Boats with the year and number of construction and (partly) the ship's name and owner. Following some owner of B-Boats (from the US, Sweden and the Netherlands); maybe some of you already heard from one of them and can tell me more:
M.E.G. Jameson (1962)
G.B. Newell, New York (1959)B-Boat: "Audrey"
Mr. T.T. Trippe (1958)
M. Tom B. Gates (1958)
A.W. Laytham (1956) 5 boats
L. Mitchell (1953)
Cochran, New York (1949)B-Boat: "Little Vigilant"
Brig. Thomsen (1948)
Com Brewer (1947)B-Boat: "Dart II"
Maj. Rolt (1946)
Lt. Simon (1946)
J. Morgan (1936)
de Groot, Warmond (1921-1930) B-Boat: "de Groot", 12 boats
Kester & Co., Göteborg(1923) 5 boats
L. Gäbel, Groningen (1920)

So, now I think you've deserved a small photo of a Class B Boat