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Thread: First boating weekend of the season...

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    Ah, glad to hear it. I see a removable hard dodger in Masina's future too.


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    Good to hear everything is working well and you guys having a great time.
    Also I strongly belief in doing your own navigation always with the sun in the right position ,while moving around inside the lagoons and around the reefs.

    While using a local guide may be offered and tempting at times when conditions are not perfect, an extra degree of caution might be advisable.
    I still recall the close call the lead boat had with a corral head in the Tuomotus when the guide turned out to be a visitor from another Atoll.
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    Great to hear from you JB, I enjoyed your photos on FB too. Im reminded of a few things from back when we were there. For one passage we took on a guide, to get us into the very tricky passage through the reef where we were going. When we got there it turned out he'd never been there at all, just wanted to visit his sister. My dad had a colleague in Pacific History, called Bruce. He was really looking forward to visiting Fiji, and hearing his name pronounced MMMBroothay. Devastated when everyone called him Brucy. And finally, a coastal overnight race off Moresby when we were there. Running completely blind, flat out, tacking our way up a passage between reefs. Completely reliant on GPS and wanting to get the most out of every tack. I was on the helm for a while, mostly just focused on indicated boatspeed with half an eye on the telltales on the sails, tacking when called to do so, and sometimes I'd hear but not see the waves breaking what seemed like only a couple of metres away as we came around. Puckering moments.
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