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Thread: Jeff Gilbert design #117, “Cartaphylla,”

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    Default Jeff Gilbert design #117, “Cartaphylla,”

    Does anyone have information on this? I came across her by chance in what appears to be one of two pages on the WWW dedicated to her, and she's just what I'm looking for in a long term project.

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    Default Re: Jeff Gilbert design #117, “Cartaphylla,”

    Was that the catamaran, or one of his other designs? I am sure there was a series on of articles on Duckworks about building one, but I dont recall ever seeing it get to completion. The articles would have been at least two years ago IIRC.

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    Default Re: Jeff Gilbert design #117, “Cartaphylla,”

    I Googled it..comes right up. 27ft Schooner with a very expensive rig.

    I was taught not to look for boats with complicated rigs.
    One turnbuckle could cost $200.00!!!
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    Default Re: Jeff Gilbert design #117, “Cartaphylla,”

    I am also curious about this design looks fantastic and I like the idea behind it even more. Did you find him or anyone who have plans for her?

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