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Thread: Folkboat plans

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    Default Folkboat plans

    Hi all ,

    I am contemplating the renovation of a wooden Nordic Folkboat (1949) .I wonder if someone could let me know where could I get a copy of the original plans. In addition to that, any additional information or links about Folkboat restoration projects would be very welcome.


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    I restored a folkboat in northern california. I was never able to track down an actual set of plans. I usually just copied the dimensions of pieces that i replaced. Here is a link to some photos of the process feel free to send me a PM if you have anymore questions.

    good luck

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    There was a very nice book published about Folkboats a few years ago. I'm sure the plans are published in it.
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    I believe you can get the plans from the Nordic Folkboat International Association,, check it out.

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    The "plan plans" are not in the book but you should be able to find them on here somewhere...use the search function.
    PS Kerry's thread ("A Folkboat Found Me") is an unreal source of information/inspiration.
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    We had some correspondence with Peter Ament, Secretary Nordic folkboat international Association at some five years ago.

    If Peter's still Secretary, he can supply you with an authentic copy of original Folk Boat plans, first drawn in 1942, or direct you to where you can get them.

    The only 'upgrade' in plans is translation into English; the originals, of course, are in Swedish. Otherwise, every line drawn is exactly the same as the first FB ever built.

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    Hi everyone. I could not find plans anywhere when building the folkboat that mysteriously found me a few years back, until, a gentleman from the East sent me a full set. I still have them. They are in Danish. Is there a way to post them online, from which they can be copied somehow into a useful and totally functioning set of plans from which to use as one would the set I have, I am not sure but I am looking into it. Anyone know if this is possible, please, let us know. Surely...
    I have been looking into copying some out at a local printers and between the price and availability of adequate machinery and the people to operate it, I have so far amounted to much of nothing. But I have not exhausted all the possible avenues of resource just yet.
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    Have a chat with Charlie Hussey - he's worked on a couple of them - major re planking etc and advised me and worked on Border Maid - built 1948 - albeit just reinforcing and renewing chain plates. The owner of Scimater (see the above website) had a complete set of plans he got from the nordic folkboat plans in a3 size.

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    When I was looking a while ago I found this source:
    Harald Koglin - NFIA <>
    Good day,

    thank you for being interested in the construction plans of the Nordic Folkboat.

    The set of plans consists out of 15 detailled drawings with the following headings:

    1_Lines of hull
    2_Frame section 1 + 2
    4_Keel Plan and transom
    5_Construction plan wood Danish + English
    6_Deck beam with mast on deck
    7_Sail and rigging plan
    11_Spar and rigg diagram
    12_Alloy mast
    13_Keel Trailing Edge
    Arrangement of reinforcements of GRP decks
    Chain plates
    Detail for hull_deck
    Keel Reinforcement Diagram
    Longitudinal arrangements

    The price is at 180 Euro incl. carriage and admin.

    Payment should be easily done in the internat by unsing PayPal: .Recipient is

    Once the money has been received, the plans will get on their way to you.

    For the shipment please provide the shipping address.

    If you have more questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

    I look forward to your order.

    Best regards from Germany!

    Harald Koglin - Treasurer / Secretary of NFIA
    Neuwerker Weg 22a
    14167 Berlin
    Phone: +49 30 817 77 33
    Mobile: +49 175 822 82 18

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