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    I heard there were some tornado warnings down there. It'd be good to hear all y'all are ok. Will?


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    Lots of bad, bad weather. We are kind of in 'don't really know how to handle it' mode around here. Schools are letting out and they are sending kids home in droves, but we will not shut the plant down unless it shuts itself down (as it did around 3am this morning).

    I know that the 25-plus deaths because of these storms are all tragedies, but my heart goes out to the family of the guy on the University of Alabama swim team who died because of injuries from the storm. Sunday was the 3rd anniversary of the tornadoes that tore through central Alabama and demolished a large section of Tuscaloosa. I took a truckload of supplies up there the following weekend, and even having lived through many, many hurricanes over the years, I had never seen the kind of things that a tornado can do. We are right to be very afraid of them.

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