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Thread: Home Depot gives 10% discount to Veterans

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    Default Home Depot gives 10% discount to Veterans

    So I was in the checkout line at HD, and clerk notices my airborne tattoo on right wrist. She asked if I was a veteran- which I confirmed. She said HD offers a 10 % off to all veterans- ALL the time-Nice thing to know since most of us probably shop there a lot. Lowes probably does the same- but I don't know.

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    Default Re: Home Depot gives 10% discount to Veterans

    Home Depot here, (yes, since the free trade agreement everything is up here too,) will beat any competitor's price by 10%. I bought a Wack & Pecker drill once. One place had a flyer out with it at 40% off, so I took the flyer to HD and they took another 10% off that. If you get a few offering 10% off every one else's price and bounce back and forth enough, someone will pay you to take it away.
    Also, an advertised price doesn't have to be in a flyer, the price on the sticker is an advertisement. When I bought my thickness planer way back when, I found the best price at store A, went to store B and told them. The guy said come back tomorrow, he went to the store after work, noted the price and gave me his at 10% off theirs.
    Lots of times I get a 10 to 20% discount just for asking.
    Some places, like Lee Valley Tools won't give any discount, they won't even price match. But we love 'em anyway.

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    Default Re: Home Depot gives 10% discount to Veterans

    Lowes gives the 10% discount. It is like most others, you have to be either actrive (i.e. active duty, National Guard or Reserve) or retired with an retired ID Card.

    I use my 10% at Lowes all the time. I ask just about everywhere. McCallisters (a deli) will give you a 25% discount. It used to be 40% but they changed it a couple of years back.

    The other day we went to Lowes needing a new riding mower. They had a returned Husqvarna in which they had replaced the baffle in the mower deck. Regular price was $1599 and they had it marked at $1200. They gave me 10% off of that which brought it down to $1080 and than in the final ring up they took another 10% off of my entire purchase so another $108 came of the price of the mower making the mower final price $972 which was an overall savings of $627. Of course they were extra nice to me being as I was just returned from Iraq and I also bought a new washer at the same time (also deep discounted), but yeah Lowes does give a veterans discount.

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