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Thread: Skin on frame dinghy.

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    Default Skin on frame dinghy.

    Having plenty of time on my hands, and after a look around, much of the required materials, find page 22 in WB 273.
    Now I'm not the craftsman Steve Mcmahon is, and I've looked at Aerolite boats before, but I put a reasonable swing at it on the possible scale.

    Steves variation on the Classic 10 frame is such a thing of beauty that it is almost a crime to apply the membrane to keep water out.

    Classic 10

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    Default Re: Skin on frame dinghy.

    So what are you going to build?

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    Default Re: Skin on frame dinghy.

    I built one of these. She's in her second season, and I am doing some minor upgrades to water tightness and finish. I broke the mast, so I am making another. Most of the build was a couple 2x8s that looked good from a box store. My wife and I can car-top the boat on our Volkswagen. 9/10 would recommend.

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