Dear All,

I've just returned from driving to and fro Florida, and had some thoughts on the WOOD Regatta. Now that the economy SEEMS to be improving, I'd like to start planning for spring on 2011. But of course I defer to you.

And I'd like it to take place in the Chesapeake. One kind reader has suggested Rock Hill, with which I am unfamiliar. I am making inquiries. And I did love St. Michaels, when we produced the WoodenBoat Show there. What do you think?

And I'd like to introduce a new set of boats, under a sort of box rule. For 2011, I'll call this the "evens" -- max LOAs (including deployed pole, boomkin, etc.) of 12', 14', 16', 18'.. and maybe 20'?

Plus, separately, the standard WOOD Regatta classes.

I prefer very few design rules. Maybe only the following?:

1. For each max LOA class, max beam -- including wings or racks -- of 40% LOA.
2. And a percentage of max LOA for a measurement from the masthead to bottom of lowered centerboard/daggerboard/leaboard, such percentage yet to be determined.
3. No limits on weight or crew.
4. Wood construction only. Some small % of exotics (Kevlar, carbon) to be determined.
5. No limit on available sail area. Nylon fabric only.

My questions: Please have at the above, but PLEASE let's not make it too complex.

The bigger question: Will you designers/builders have enough time to design, build, modify, and fine-tune your "evens" for a spring 2001 event? (The "odds" will be included in the next WOOD Regatta after 2011.)

Thanks in advance for yor comments and suggestions. Carl