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Thread: John Henry... Easy scarfing and glueup

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    Default John Henry... Easy scarfing and glueup

    A good friend is starting a new build with my help.... and I thought photos of the John Henry scarfer attachment for a power planer might be of interest to those who have not had the chance to see one. I originally bought this sweet jig/tool for my first boat several years ago. The particular unit I have fits the smallest Makita power planer and scarfs plywood up to 3/8" thick. John Henry also has a larger scarfer jig that fits the next size up Makita power planer (4 3/8" width) and will scarf ply up to 1/2" thick. THIS THREAD WILL DOCUMENT THE ENTIRE BUILD OF A MAVERICK STYLE FLATS SKIFF OVER 6 PAGES ...

    Heres the John Henry scarfer attachment installed on the smaller Makita power planer. All you have to do is remove the metal base of the planer and replace it with the scarfer attachment. Its drilled and ready to screw on.

    Heres the basic setup for using the JHS attachment, two sheets of the stock to be scarfed, clamped down. The scarfer attachment only cuts the top sheet resulting in a 3" scarf cut to a fine feather edge at the top of the bottom ply panel. The bottom panel is just a guide for the jig.

    Heres the bottom of the scarfer attachment, showing the basic jig and how it works.

    The power planer and attachment set up ready for the first pass...

    Ply edge after one pass of the planer....

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