The boat balances well with main and foresail. The jib is on a retractable bowsprit, which makes tacking easier. The main staysil is a good addition in light to moderate air. The bronze plates on bottom and lead internal ballast make a total of 2000 lbs. This makes the boat adequately stiff. 2nd reef in each of sails make comfortable rig in 25-30 kt breeze. Boat built to specs except addition of bowsprit designed by Phil Bolger for me and permanently mounted footwell to avoid leaks.

Position of masts and booms no more a problem in tacking than in any of the other many cruising boats I've had. Comfortable cruising for 2 people. Despite the flat bottom, pounding in a chop is not really a problem as long as the boat is heeled 10 degrees or more. With the outboard the boat can be motored in 2 ft of water and sailed in 3 feet.

Happy sailing to you!