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  1. Re: Autumn Boating Photos--What Have You Got?

    Fabulous photos all! Am most envious of all the little backwaters, creeks, and inlets pictured. I live in the California Delta area and we like to think we have a swell place for rowing,...
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    A few more Meadows pictures

    Here are a few more pics from the TSCA Meadows row:
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    Meadows Slough row 2019

    The annual T.S.C.A., (Traditional Small Craft Association,Sacramento/San Francisco Chapter),Meadows Slough Row, took place this year on October 26 in the California delta starting at New Hope...
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    Re: Lindsey Slough row

    Rich, you obviously spotted the rudder, with control lines, in the picture. I only use oars for steering when rowing, the continuous loop rudder control line is locked up with a small line stopper,...
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    Lindsey Slough row


    Lindsey Slough is in the Sacramento Delta just north of the small town of Rio Vista, California, and I am including a few pics from a very nice row from Rio Vista launching...
  6. Wooden Boat Classic, South End Rowing Club

    The South End Rowing Club, (SERC), is inviting all owners of non-motorized wooden boats to the Wooden Boat Classic event in San Francisco on August 29/30, 2015. This a celebration of small wooden...
  7. Re: Sacramento Delta cruise on a camping rowboat

    Looks like you had a fabulous row/cruise with every type of weather possible on different days. Puddles has become somewhat of an engineering marvel with all her various devices and...
  8. Re: Back by popular demand... 2015 (not quite) Wingo Row

    To the guy who was in the yellow Hobie, (I think), sail/peddle/etc. 'kayak' on the Wingo/Skaggs row, can you please contact me via this forum? I really wanted to talk to you after our brief 'gam' on...
  9. Re: Back by popular demand... 2015 (not quite) Wingo Row

    Tom, a wonderful row through the sloughs and channels of the Napa River Delta. This area is even more fun now that so many levees and wetlands have been opened again to active tidal flow. For readers...
  10. Re: South End Rowing Bridge to Bridge Regatta this Sunday, 9/21

    Rick and fellow wooden boaters,

    A really good row/race from Aquatic Park, S.F., to Bay Bridge, Bravo tower and back. We bettered our time compared to the SERC Wooden Boat Regatta in August but...
  11. Re: Hudeman Slough Row, Saturday, February 23rd, Sonoma County CA

    Sleaulane is not a dory but rather a 'bateau' and is not 'shrunken down' but rather was lofted by me and a buddy on old newspaper end-rolls to the full dimensions given in the offsets for the...
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