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    Re: Brockway Skiff Plans

    You might also consider Walter Baron's Lumberyard Skiff. A great ( and very similar) design, and he has plans for a 16 and 20-foot model.
  2. Re: How common tare the comparatively narrow flats (or reverse deadrise) at the chine

    Thanks for such a detailed reply. Sounds like 24-28 is the sweet spot, especially holding the 8' beam constant.
  3. Re: How common tare the comparatively narrow flats (or reverse deadrise) at the chine

    So how much shorter could the Lathrop/Bluejacket bottom go and still enjoy the benefits of the design? Is there a reason 24' is the smallest so far?
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    Re: 25 hp Mercury outboard worth buying?

    Great work, Zulu. Every time you fire it up, I'll bet you remember what you put into it to make it work. That will be a nice dividend on top of all the fun you have had along the way.
  5. Re: Semi-V Lumber Yard Skiff (LYS)?

    It has been done, improvisationally. And the results were reportedly good:

    I do think that a set of plans for a design...
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    Re: Meranti

    I'd also consider MDO. That's what I used. It has held up just fine so far. The resin-impregnated outer layer should provide some protection, and it is a joy to paint. Might even be cheaper,...
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    Re: 25 hp Mercury outboard worth buying?

    I think your repair is great. Finding someone to weld it, arranging everything, taking it there, and bringing it home would probably eat up close to the same time. And if it holds, you'll gain a lot...
  8. Poll: Re: Boat Choice: Navigator, Walkabout, Sooty Tern or CLC Guider for Baja Trip

    I'll add another consideration: self-rescue. In my experience, there is a world of difference between sailing, say, a Laser and a Sea Pearl in 'robust' conditions. If the Laser capsizes, I know I can...
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    Re: Wood despair

    You might try calling any local cabinet shops to see if they'll sell you what you need. I've had good luck that way. If you don't need much, they may well have what you need on hand. If not, they can...
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    Re: Tiller skiff leaning post

    Something like this, maybe?

    You can find more pictures and the contact info of the restorer here:...
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    Re: Selway Fisher Clyde 18

    Thanks. I think a 15-knot cruise is just about perfect for this kind of boat.
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    Re: Selway Fisher Clyde 18

    It's looking great! What is the deadrise at the transom? Did the designer offer any predictions about the performance you might expect with the 25-40hp?
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    Re: Building Ninigret

    Thanks for all the updates. It is interesting to hear about the kind of performance you are getting.
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    Re: Building Ninigret

    Well done. Really well done. I've been (likely one of many) following along for the duration without saying anything. It has been great to see the whole process. Ninigret looks fantastic. A creation...
  15. Re: First build and have a couple plans in mind

    I agree. Little Moby looks neat.

    I'd bet spacing out the frames a bit wouldn't cause any problems. It seems like a general rule of thumb for safe stretching is 10%. After you get to about 15'6" or...
  16. Re: First build and have a couple plans in mind

    I'll second (or third, or...) the recommendations for a (moderate) v-bottom and for a Tolman. I built a flat bottom skiff, which we use and like a lot. I am waiting for time to free up to build a...
  17. Re: Building a Strongback with LVL’s?

    And if you don't have them, another option would be wood I-beams / I-joists. I used them for my current strongback. They're great, and probably less expensive than LVLs.
  18. Re: Lumberyard Skiff build -- newbie to boat building -- butt blocks, glue questions

    We built a LYS with MDO, PL Premium, and butt blocks. So far so good. It spends 2-4 months a year in the water, and we use it a lot. I think the MDO saves enough time on the finishing to make it...
  19. Re: Kill Switch Lanyards ( ECOD) To Be Required April 1 2021

    It is also a good idea to have a spare key attached somewhere close to the switch. That way if you go overboard with the key connected to you, your passengers will be able to start the engine to come...
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    Re: vacuum bagging help

    Perhaps this document from the Gougeon brothers / West System will be helpful:
  21. Re: Marine fir vs Meranti vs other options?

    I built a LYS out of MDO, and so far (3 seasons) it has held up well. We keep it on a mooring in Maine for ~3 months (more like 5 months this year!). Painting it was a breeze, and though the...
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    Re: Sam Crocker plans?

    It looks a bit like a predecessor to Graham Byrnes' Outer Banks 20.
  23. Re: One insane englishman trying to rebuild the 1910 gaff cutter Tally Ho, in WA. (VI

    To state the obvious: commercial yards are responding to a very different set of incentives. They are either meeting a quote, or being paid by the hour -- either way, they have a strong incentive to...
  24. Re: New Build consideration: Caledonia Yawl or Calendar Island Yawl

    Outlier or no, I'd bet Tom is right.

    Here is what I would do if I wanted to take a family of four on MIT adventures: build (or buy) two smaller boats.

    It takes a special person to enjoy being...
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    Re: Mercury or Honda

    It is true that the smaller Mercury motors are made by Tohatsu. But the 25s are not exactly the same between the two brands. Tohatsu changed their gear ratio (from 1.9:1 to 2.1:1) several years ago,...
  26. Re: Let's build a Jericho Bay Lobster Skiff

    When we board our similarly-sized skiff from the beach, it is always from the stern, and then just pole/paddle far enough from shore to lower the engine.

    Of course that doesn't bear on the windage...
  27. Re: Let's build a Jericho Bay Lobster Skiff

    Here's another option to consider:

    They have Suzukis that they will send you for a (comparatively) decent price....
  28. Re: Anrew Mellon's launch Floss, by Minnett Sheilds

    It looks like Michael hasn't been on this site in years. If you click on his name, though, you will be able to send him a private message, which should be forwarded to his email address.
  29. Re: Model boat that floats to build with 7yr old during C-19 isolation

    Thanks, Nick. That's the plan sheet we printed out. I couldn't find it earlier. Now my younger daughter wants to give it a try!
  30. Re: Model boat that floats to build with 7yr old during C-19 isolation

    This may not be exactly what you had in mind but:

    When my daughter was about this age, we downloaded the free plans for the Bevins Skiff, printed them out, cut out the major parts, traced them...
  31. Re: rolling and tipping a lapstrake hull ezpoxy

    I recently finished rolling and tipping a lapstrake hull (only 5 planks, though), using a foam roller and an ox-hair brush. I was happy with the results. I think the advantage of the rolling is that...
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    Re: Albury 19-9 runabout build progress

    Congratulations on this milestone! It's a great design, and it's been fun watching you work to bring it into being.
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    Re: V hull skiff designs?

    I am not sure, but this might be a picture of one of these. (They seem pretty hard to come by....)

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    Re: Electric Hand Plane - Which one?

    He also has a video which includes an explaination of why he prefers it to others, and how to set it up / modify it for boatbuilding:
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    Re: 16 lyss #993

    I second the recommendation of the power plane if you don't mind buying a new tool. But a bench plane would also get the job done eventually. If you do decide on the power route, I'd take a look at...
  36. Re: Building side console and seating

    For one way of doing it, check out jim_cricket's great Point Comfort 23 thread:
  37. Re: Macomber 15' Traditional Skiff Build

    Looks like a great project. I'll be following along.
  38. Re: Adding A Forward V-hull To A Lumberyard Skiff

    If you are looking for improvements on the hull, I'd consider adding lift rails for the reason Lou Sauzede explains here:...
  39. Re: Flat-bottom workboat as a family runabout?

    Thought I'd check back in with the answer to my question (at least for my family): Yes.

    We started our LYS this April, and had it in the water by July -- so about 3 months. All in all, a...
  40. Re: 30 Maine Island Trail sites in 24 hours!

    This video lionizes people who use a 500 HP boat with high-tech shock-absorbing seats to traverse the entire Maine coast and bag (by touching with their foot) 36 islands in 13 hours. I don't see how...
  41. Re: 30 Maine Island Trail sites in 24 hours!

    As I watched this I was thinking: well, this is certainly not in the spirit of MITA. Then I got to end and saw that of the four crew members, two are on the MITA Board of Trustees, a third is the...
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    Re: Ninigret pipe dream

    I'm definitely interested, too. After finishing a LYS, I am thinking about the next project, and Ninigret is on the short list.
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    Re: Lumber Yard Skiff Fail

    Front for back is more likely. The bottom edge looks straight along the whole length, which is the way it should be. Front for back would also explain why the stem angle is off.
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    Re: Scarf vs. butt joints

    I see how this could produce a fairer curve -- how would the joint compare in strength to a butt block of equal dimensions but without the 8:1 tapers?
  45. Re: A small, simple, S&G OB skiff design?

    The Glen-L looks like it ticks the boxes.

    And I really like the look of that Bolger/Payson Pointy Skiff. A bit small, maybe, but pretty cute. Some nice pictures of one being built by Walter Baron...
  46. Re: A small, simple, S&G OB skiff design?

    Thanks for the ideas everyone. I'll be taking a look through all these in the next day or two. It looks like some of the older designs might fit the brief well. They don't seem to have the kind of...
  47. A small, simple, S&G OB skiff design?

    Anyone know of a design for something that is basically like a scaled-down lumberyard skiff -- quick, simple, screw-and-glue construction at 12-ish feet? My daughter would like to build (or start) a...
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    Re: A Kurylko Alaska in Georgian Bay

    Thanks, Tom. Putting together these threads must be a lot of work. It is great fun to follow along.
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    Re: Phoenix III OR Walkabout OR ???

    Thanks, everyone, for a great discussion.

    I just went out to the shop and measured. On my nearly complete PIII, the distance between the spot where the centerboard trunk meets the thwart and the...
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    Re: LYS Build Plans #582

    And remember, scarfing uses up material. If you do an 8:1 scarf in 1/2" plywood, you will lose 4 inches when you combine to two 8' long panels. Since the design is premised on the side panels being...
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