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  1. Re: what caulk to use for open seams in dried out mahogany planks, below water line ?

    There used to be something called "Slick Seam", a waxy substance that came in a cardboard can that I used in the seams of my tight-seamed Dragon sloop. It was stiff enough to stay put in the seams...
  2. Re: Windshield Material Selection - Polycarbonate "Lexan" or Other?

    What you want is laminated safety glass, two layers of heat-strenthened glass separated by a thin plastic invisible layer that keeps the glass together when it is broken, just like the windshield of...
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    Re: Epoxy then varnish or just varnish?

    Skip the epoxy. It's glue. If you don't need to glue or laminate something it only means extra work, expense and trouble when refinishing time arrives (unless you have a wooden boat that will not...
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    Re: Wooden sheaves

    Use teak for the cheeks, bronze for the structural parts and bronze sheaves and ball bearings. The teak will get along nicely with with the ropes that pass through the block, the bronze structural...
  5. Re: putting a WEST fiberglass - epoxy layer to the full hull on a 1964 boat

    What you are missing is a good reason. Covering a planked hull with fiberglass increases the weight of the boat and degrades its performance. The fiberglass coating will not be able to prevent...
  6. Thread: Free

    by Roger Cumming


    I have WoodenBoat issues 5-present, Nautical Quarterly 3-41, 43-50, some old Small Boat Journal, Practical Sailor. In NYC, must be picked up. Take all, FREE. 212-874-2510, 917-348-2570.
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    Re: Nancy Donít Care

    It's the Democratic party, note that it is capitalized. Saying "dimocrat party" is just a way of showing disrespect when you have nothing of substance to say.
  8. Re: Once again - Sheating Carvel planked Sailboat options

    Get the boat out of the weather to an indoor shelter or building. Forget about sheathing the hull. Think restore the hull. Teak is a durable wood, she may only have to be refastened. This...
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    Re: Do serious cyclists hate e-bikes?

    I hate them because messengers and food delivery people use them on the Hudson River Bikeway in Manhattan where I ride and where they are prohibited. They go very fast, much faster than I, on this...
  10. Re: Fake Diploma: the Republican candidate

    If she lied and then vows to "lead by example from now on", the inescapable conclusion is that she intends to continue lying. I assume the degree she lied about earning was not in English.
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    Re: Stainless Steel Fasteners

    I think he means don't use stainless steel, use bronze.
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    Re: The 'Vette is stupendous

    Are they still made out of fiberglass?
  13. Re: If Stormy Daniels wasn't a porn star....

    I think she is attractive. And Stormy is the best name to come along in decades.
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    Re: Pressure treated planking

    Pressure-treated lumber is not recommended by the manufacturers for use inside a dwelling because of its toxicity, only for exterior use such as for decks. Common sense would suggest its use for...
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    Re: Winter Storage Strip Planked

    I agree with #4 that a good cover is important. Canvas is best. Avoid parking the boat on concrete pavement which reflects the sun upward on to the boat. Gravel or grass is best. Avoid windy...
  16. Re: 18' 1946 "Putt Putt"...Gloss or Matt Varnish? Oil Maybe?

  17. Re: Silicon Bronze Slotted Flat Head Wood Screws #18 x 1 1/2'' SOURCE??

    Jamestown Distributors in Rhode Island. They will sell you one if that's all you want.
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    Re: Bow shed for storage

    Why not just build a wooden extension to the garage? It wouldn't be as ugly as a plastic sheet arched structure and it would be supported by the existing garage. Perhaps a lean-to with wood framed...
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    Re: Gaff or Bermudan for a Atkin Ingrid

    For coastwise sailing, not passage making, I would opt for the gaff rig with solid stick and laced on sail. You may be able to omit backstays altogether. With a short cable loop from the mizzen...
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    Re: What to see near San Diego

    One of the masterpieces of modern architecture is in La Jolla: Louis Kahn's Salk Institute.
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    Re: Windshield glazing, what to use?

    Laminated safety glass (2 layers of glass with a clear plastic sheet in between) as used in auto windshields can be cut to fit in the field (unlike tempered glass). There is a wide selection of...
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    Re: The 25 worst cars ever made

    My brother had a Studebaker Lark Station Wagon in the sixties. It was seriously rusted out including the rear hatch. It's v8 motor mounts were worn out and loose so that turning at an intersection...
  23. Re: Psychiatrist: Trump is just a bad guy, not necessarily mentally ill

    In the Feb. 9 issue of the New York Review of Books there is an essay by Elizabeth Drew ("Terrifying Trump") which in its last 2 paragraphs states that his "narcissistic personality" and "limited...
  24. Re: Interlux Brightside as bottom paint?????

    I did not read the post carefully enough to note that this was a fresh water lake situation, not salt water, which I have no experience with. I'll retract my comment.
  25. Re: Priming / Sealing bottom before painting

    I seem to be missing something here. The boat will be happier in salt water - it's a wood preservative. The bottom will be happier swelled up. The bottom paint can go on soon after the boat comes...
  26. Re: Interlux Brightside as bottom paint?????

    Why would anyone ever use a non-antifouling paint on the bottom of a boat that that will spend the summer in the water?
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    Re: An unusual mast support.

    Tapering the mast slightly from the deck partners down to the mast step is customary. The metal clamp at deck level avoids introducing stress into the cabin trunk and the need for reinforcing it. ...
  28. Re: How often do you really need to haul out a carvel boat?

    Except for painting the bottom and renewing zincs (and inspecting the hull), wood boats are happiest in the water.
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    Re: Cummings B Series

    I believe his name is Cumming.
  30. Re: Trump calls Obamacare 'lie from the beginning,' calls for bipartisan fix

    Obamacare IS the Republican plan, like Romneycare in MA, which includes the insurance and pharmaceutical companies. Why would they object to a plan that brought in 20 million or more new customers...
  31. Re: sheathing a centerboard with lead sheet

    The thin grey metal may be lead coated copper, a common roofing material.
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    Re: Material for new ounter tops?

    Butcher block suppliers warn against using it near sinks. I think an undermount sink in a laminated maple counter top regardless of wood finish is tempting fate. Corian is more practical. Real...
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    Re: Nothing Burger

    This isn't true. Comey's appointment is for 10 years. It may be difficult for him to stay in his job if the president loses confidence in him but if he doesn't want to go he does not have to go.
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    Re: Why do you own a wooden boat?

    I like the clicking sound made by the roller bearings in the wood blocks when I ease the mainsheet.....
  35. Re: Galvanic Series: a dangerous diversity of opinion

    The book is still available from Amazon for less than $2.
  36. Re: Galvanic Series: a dangerous diversity of opinion

    I recommend "Marine Metals Manual" by Roger Pretzer (International Marine Publishing Co., 1975), a slim handbook with much valuable info for boatmen.
  37. Re: Oh... and that lingering Supreme Court vacancy...

    The Congress convenes in the beginning of January. If the Senate has a Democratic majority it could act on the President's Supreme Court nominee and confirm him before the next president is...
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    Re: Farenthold on the Trumped Up Foundation

    You missed Lawrence O'Donnell on MSNBC.
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    Re: Preventing Leaky Garboards

    The tie rod you propose is a feature of larger boats. It connects the mast step with the deck beams at the mast. Its purpose is to prevent the deck from moving upward under the influence of the...
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    Re: What kind of wood for my floor?

    Teak is the traditional wood of choice for the cabin sole. It is non skid and looks good with an occasional bit of oil finish.
  41. Re: Accepting the Obama administration's take on terrorism and transparency.

    It reminds me of the big snow storm many years ago in New York, when Mayor Lindsay neglected to plow the streets in the outer boroughs of the City. For years after, people in Queens and Brooklyn...
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    Re: We are all alike

    We're not represented - they all have all their fingers.
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    Re: Bronze piano hinge

    Piano hinges, bronze and stainless, are architectural items and readily available from architectural hardware suppliers.
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    Re: Shootings. What can cities do?

    Cities can do what New York City has done: treat gun possession as a serious crime, as other cities do not. Gun deaths have declined since the 60s in most if not all areas of the city. In some...
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    Re: Care for old plans

    Take them to a reproduction company that does work for architects and engineers. Have them scanned and then have them make a set of prints which you can use for construction. With the digital scans...
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    Re: Paul Ryan: the 'democratic fallacy'

    It is logical for Paul Ryan to disdain scholars and intellectuals as he himself has never achieved expertise in any discipline. His views on economics are not taken seriously by anyone in the field....
  47. Re: Oliver Stone Views Clinton As a War Monger

    Oliver Stone should stick to making third-rate movies based on conspiracy theories.
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    Re: Boat randomly took two feet of water??

    Is there a bilge pump with a discharge hose over the side of the boat? If so, and if the hose is allowed to slide down so that its end in underwater, it will siphon water back into the boat. Don't...
  49. Re: 50 yearold boat needs planks and repair, yard carpenter or hire independent guy?

    When you say "it appears it isn't systemic rot" is that based on an examination by someone experienced in wooden boat repair and surveying, or is it wishful thinking? You should be aware that wooden...
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    Re: Holding tank install

    Check out Kracor tanks at I installed both a water tank and a holding tank from them in my sailboat and it worked out well.
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