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    Re: No lofting required.

    This one too.
    Just so fun to watch.
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    No lofting required.

    I must say those were some nice pieces of lumber.
  3. Re: The art of #boatober2022. Well, my art from boatober…

    I really liked day 2, until day 19, and then came day 23.
    All very nice work!
  4. Re: 8,000,000,000 People on the planet as of yesterday

    So "I only eat the freshest of fresh foods, and GMOs not fit for a dog" looks a little bit different from this angle.
  5. Re: Twitter will become the AM radio of social media.

    Didn't Rush Limbaugh start all this crap on AM radio?
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    Re: Newbie with Lots of Questions

    The only issue you might have is the lofting, myself I have over the years had problems finding a good place to loft. It is really hard to loft outdoors. one of the reasons to loft a boat is not just...
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    Re: My glass is still half empty

    The "red tsunami" caused a "blue riptide". The election deniers have been denied.
    The blue governors are there to insure We have real elections. If you attack our elections you attack our country.
  8. Re: Timber Framers/Furniture Makers/Tool Makers/Hand Tool experts

    I didn't realize that He has a video of his machine being used, so I'll post it too.

    For some reason I can't embed it here but the link...
  9. Re: Timber Framers/Furniture Makers/Tool Makers/Hand Tool experts

    That looks like a beautiful old machine.

    It looks like I pasted the wrong link in my first post. This would be the correct one....
  10. Re: Deciding between Ness Yawl and Sooty Tern

    Ask the experts, but I think a glued Lapstrake will tear itself apart if built out of a non-stable wood.
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    Re: thanksgiving thread

    The Wooden Boat Forum.
    and a whole bunch of other stuff too long to list.
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    Re: Rusty Toolbox Drawers - coating?

    That dirt is actually green sand for my foundry, silica sand, bentonite clay and water. Any rattle can finish that can take 15 years of heat cycles (some times like really really hot) and sits under...
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    Re: Rusty Toolbox Drawers - coating?

    This the inside of a ~1960 gas tank out of a ChrisCraft.
    I cut it open, wire wheeled it and gave it a good coat of Rustoleum, that was maybe 15 years ago.
  14. Timber Framers/Furniture Makers/Tool Makers/Hand Tool experts

    SO I have been working a timber framed version of Steve Schmeck's Treadle Lathe.

    This is what I have come up with so far.
    Hopefully this...
  15. Re: Anecdotal proof that the Renault Dauphine was a crap car.

    Probably shouldn't post this picture.......


    I told you I really like the Ford Cologne V-6.

    Beside the BMC A-series engine is the worst engine one could put in a sports car.
  16. Re: Drones Flying Over Private Property - Can You Stop Them?

    But yet on Tuesday night in the summer during the Duck Dodge they fly right through the airport. To be fair I did not make it to the races this year, (I now work Tuesday nights) but I do plan on...
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    Re: I can't catch a break
    I know I posted this before, but one of the big thing that it suggests is that there is a permanent...
  18. Re: Anecdotal proof that the Renault Dauphine was a crap car.

    For a Bug-eyed (Frog-eyed depending on where you live) not for a Spridget.
    There is one there for 12,000 but this
  19. Re: Anecdotal proof that the Renault Dauphine was a crap car.

    That "big" V-6 is one of my favorite motors. It was a Cologne 60 degree V-6, timing gears, no timing chain. Way over square (big bore short stroke). Mine was yellow.
  20. Re: Anecdotal proof that the Renault Dauphine was a crap car.

    I thought the Yugo was the worst car ever built, but they do sell for more than my AH Sprite.
    The car I haven't seen in years is a VW Thing.
  21. Re: Drones Flying Over Private Property - Can You Stop Them?

    I really have nothing against drones, if somebody is spying on me they must have a really pathetic life. Just thought it was funny.
    But a drone did stop a Seahawk's game a couple of weeks ago........
  22. Re: Drones Flying Over Private Property - Can You Stop Them?

    I must say I really like option two.

    But officer that's not my eagle.
  23. Re: If race isn't a consideration, then what is?

    Ted Cruz
    Rand Paul and the list goes on and on....
    They all deserve to be educated while the masses don't.
    I never said anything about dropping or lowering the requirements to graduate, just...
  24. Re: If race isn't a consideration, then what is?

    Um, a school that only takes the smartest of the smart is not a very good 'school'.
    A good school would be rated by what they start with compared with where their students end up.
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    Re: ShopSmith. Curious.

    I have never used the ShopSmith but I did have the other ultimate universal wood working machine, the radial arm saw, mine was a late '70s model. What a worthless machine. Not only did it do...
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    Re: Children use litter boxes at school?

    Maybe if we dealt with the real problems fake news wouldn't have a place....
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    Re: Micro jig splitter

    So I picked this up awhile ago, ('76 Craftsman model 113.xx) like a week before there was a nice JET saw on CL. It came without the riving knife/blade guard, so I picked a set but it also has a...
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    Re: food and water

    I do think that it's a lot harder to lace the water system with LSD than anyone might think. The possibility of a disgruntled employee lacing bottled water with something is much more likely. It...
  29. Thread: Arizona

    by ShorelineJohn

    Re: Arizona

    Here's another one for Arizona sports....
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    Re: Joe Biden does 118mph

    OH this is just going to crush my son-in-law!
    Hee hee hee, ho ho ho, haw haw haw.
    This is going to be fun!
  31. Re: credited with killing more people than any other

    And then there is this...
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    Re: When You Think You Have Seen It All

    So this seems to answer my first question, what ever the number it's far too many, and it does make me question my belief voting rights.
    But I did hear that If you step inside a voting booth the...
  33. Re: Spotted on an Audi at the Foss Marina:

    I don't think I agree, a 5 speed automatic with a slap stick is a better transmission,(like in my Magnum) I do also own a 5 speed manual in the truck. I am on car number 67, the truck is car number...
  34. Re: Sacheen LittleFeather's sisters say she was a fraud

    So really this is an issue? At a time when Hollywood casted David Carradine as a Kung Fu master.
  35. Re: Why do Republicans want to destroy Social Security?

    I have paid into this system for 48 years, have collected nothing. There was a time when the Republicans were the first to say, a deal is a deal. To steal in now is criminal.
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    Re: food and water

    I don't want to come off as preachy, people should eat whatever they want or need to. I not against vegetarians, vegans or anybody else.
    I don't eat Veal just because I don't like that head pinning...
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    Re: Tablesaw can get you

    First and foremost THANK-YOU for posting this including those pictures!!!!
    We all need to see, and understand how fast and gut wrenching these thing are.
    To tell the truth, I am really at loss for...
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    Re: food and water

    well I am glad somebody will stick up for the rest of us non purest!
    The most important super power humans have is that we eat what other animals can't. We do it feed our big brains, and we have...
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    Re: When You Think You Have Seen It All

    So do one third of the voting population believe this?

    And who's tougher, These giants or the demonic blood drinking lizard people in our Democratic party?

    And why didn't Captain CooK just use...
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    Re: holy ****!

    Ok much easier to identify when you can see the grill. The Miget is a much smaller car, but size is really hard to judge from the first video.
    It does make me want to get my Sprite going, but it's...
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    Re: holy ****!

    Those look like MG Migets not MGBs, same car as the Austin Healy Sprite?
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    Re: Rear Main Seal leak

    If you can see it on the ground where you park, and you are confident that's where it is coming from, is should be replaced. The job is almost all labor so I would expect to get a break doing both at...
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    Re: Uncle Joe, comes out swinging

    Won't even ask "how proud you are of that statement", just really don't give a manure.

    There must be something in the water, today I seem to be able to stand behind both "Joes"
    Check the...
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    Re: What am I not understanding?

    As I have said before I try to view this as an "Expression of the Human Condition" .
    Maybe a statement about the universe, or geometry or mathematics?
    I do think that once some artists "make it...
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    Re: It's About Time...

    Please try to explain how her sitting in jail for 14 years does any good for anybody. (If She had stayed that's what She was facing)

    She has never denied anything.
    I have said before the idea of...
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    Re: It's About Time...

    Are You really proud of that statement?
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    Re: Hard on crime but soft on guns

    This is a sad comparison on the top of the Olympic Peninsula, what is shows is the suicided rate in Native American Communities.
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    Re: Learn to sail at 75?

    As an kinda of old guy my only advise is to separate the two.
    Don't wait to learn to sail until you have built a boat and don't wait to build a boat until you have learned to sail.
    They really...
  49. Re: an entirely appropriate yacht for a bond villain

    I have seen more than one article on the many superyacht coming through the locks, corporations are using them for in city accommodations for executives. Lake Union, provides them with what they see...
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    Re: It's About Time...

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