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  1. Re: Should I build an Adirondack Guideboat?

    Not those oarlocks for a guideboat, straps on the outside of the gunwales and pinned oars.
  2. Re: I had this toy boat when I was a kid

    Mare a few of these as Christmas gifts about 8 years ago.
    Motor is a 3/4 inch copper pipe cap with brass shim stock soldered on and a two thin copper pipes out through the stern. Fill with water...
  3. Re: Interested in doing a Vancouver Mini EBS on May 4th

    Want to go for a row? I'm not far from Vancouver, and could slip my new boat on the van and you could row False Creek. There is a rowing dock a block from the hotel. 133797
    then you can bend elbows...
  4. Re: Super Glue Gel for butt joints on strip planking?

    I tried superglue and accelerator building a cedar strip kayak deck. it was too fragile, did not hold together when I hit it with the orbital sander. the solution I found was to use titebond, and...
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    Re: New Boat for the BROTM?

    I actually shipped a pair of wee lassie canoes to Germany once....
    It entailed a 500 lb crate (which arrived damaged), 8 weeks of no information, and cost almost as much as the boats.
    So NO
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    Re: New Boat for the BROTM?

    My new project
    It is 18 ft LOA 34 inch beam and while I haven't weighed it yet, I believe it will be in the 80 lb range. I did lift it onto the roof of my westfalia van yesterday by...
  7. Re: Fast, slide-seat, open transom wooden rowboat designs

    I'm a long way from offering plans, I only built the one so far, and had to fiddle around a bit to get everything to work. Are you an experienced builder in cedar strip? I could send you what I have...
  8. Re: Fast, slide-seat, open transom wooden rowboat designs

    Hi Wayne
    She is a new design, built in cedar strip except for the floor deck which is doorskin.
    I don't know the weight yet, but after moving her around, I suspect about 80 llbs or under. My open...
  9. Re: Fast, slide-seat, open transom wooden rowboat designs

    I just built this.
    I have only had it out a couple of times, and it is just in epoxy, will bring it in for varnish now that I'm satisfied it works. It's only 18 feet, so may be a touch...
  10. Re: Drake/Dory/Wherry? Good rowing???

    I just finished drawing and building this sliding seat rowboat. It's 18 feet, 34 inch beam and I think under 80 lbs. I can average 4 knots with it on my hour long rows, and it will peak out...
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    Re: The Leisure Seeker
    This is my westfalia with subaru power on the way from BC to Newfoundland about 5 years ago. No shower but you...
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    Re: Copper nails,roves,Canada?

    Lee Valley has some.
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    Re: Seaford Skiff Hull Thickness?

    As a data point, cosine wherries are 14 LOA 54 inch beam, and use 1/4 inch strips and 3 pieces of glass in and out. plenty strong enough and hundreds have been built over 50+ years. the glass inside...
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    Re: before cold molding

    Just picked up this Davidson. Stamped with "Moulded Plastic Boat" built in Vancouver in the 50's. It's in great shape, no rot al all, but de-lamination bubbles in the surface veneer that have...
  15. Re: Varnish on Epoxy - How fine should I sand?

    I've used clear anti-slip stair tread tape on the inside of some of my cedar strip rowboats. It shows the wood and has a rough rubbery texture. Seems to hold up well.
  16. Re: Inserts for Carbon Fiber oar outriggers

    I have built aluminum riggers for my boat that is similar in size to the Annapolis wherry. I cut and bend the components, and have them welded locally. You want the rigger to be very rigid, and...
  17. Re: Cosine Wherry - Major tree damage

    I had a cosine wherry crushed by a tree too! Are they sorta like hurricanes and trailer parks? In the end I couldn't see repairing it, one side was flat. Saved the hardware, some of the seats, to...
  18. Re: Use of open water rowing wherries--Ruth, Annapolis Wherry, Firefly, etc.

    I take my boat "Fine" out year round in Pender Harbour. Fine is a direct descendant of Ruth, built in cedar strip. For me the worry is not falling out of the boat, but taking water over the gunwales...
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    Re: Smart dog

    Our local bear has figured out lever type door handles... and refrigerators, now we have to lock our doors.
  20. Re: Attaching brass half oval strips (to the Beg-Meil)

    Brass work hardens, so gets more brittle as you try to straighten it. I have formed half oval over the top of the stem on some of my boats, heat it and it becomes soft again don't heat it and it...
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    Re: Gunwale snapped during install

    I don't think that can just be glued back together. if the gunwhale is overlength, you might be able to cut a scarf behind the block on the right so there is no bending force on the scarf.The safest...
  22. Re: Leaf blower recommendations please

    Mine did too, and I replaced it with the 18V Makita; the single battery one, not the 36V double. Chose that one because I already had Makita drill/impact driver combo with extra large batteries and a...
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    Re: Cheeky Bear

    I live up the coast from Vancouver, BC and we have a local bear that has started opening lever style door handles... It has been inside two neighbors homes, and for the first time since I moved up...
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    Re: Moving to electric cars

    We just bought a Bolt. Got both federal and provincial rebates (5 and 3 thousand) and I scrapped my little JDM truck for 6000.00 from the "scrap-it" program. It is outside, but this is coast of bc so...
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    Re: Most expensive duck?

    So, a couple of years ago, we had laying hens. My wife Pat came in carrying one of them that had been attacked by a coyote(we think). It had a big gash on it's back and she decided that the local vet...
  26. Re: Cosine Wherry Construction questions

    I've always done the full length thwart cleats, the last two boats I got smart and laminated them on the forms after the hull is taken off to finish the inside. Two laminations, epoxied, and it's a...
  27. Re: Cosine Wherry Construction questions

    Ive only ever seen one cosine with floorboards. I'm pretty sure that the boat doesn't need frames. I put a bit of anti-skid in the bottom to help getting in and out, and good stretchers for the...
  28. Re: Cosine Wherry Construction questions

    I've built a few cosine wherries, have never stretched one but have seen some 16 footers on the internet... 15 feet sounds perfect, a bit more room inside and a bit of extra space between rowing...
  29. Re: Heresy I once thought, a blue Ferrari?

    That may not be heresy, the sparkly pink one I saw on the streets of vancouver last week absolutely was. I'm pretty sure the prancing horse was a unicorn.
  30. Re: Lightweight construction method advice
    This is "Fine" 1/4inch cedar strip 4 oz cloth in and out. Beech trim, sliding seat rack and aluminum rigger. 18...
  31. Re: Clear finish for not-really-a-boat?

    I would second the test first! I use Endura clear coat and noticed that if it is put on over regular varnish it softens and wrinkles. I'm using it on new construction over epoxy and good results...
  32. Re: Best tender sheerstrake padding products?
    Rope,set in groove with PL premium. Stern end copper nails and leather cover.
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    Re: Craftsmen WOW!
  34. Re: Dave Gentry's "Ruth" Skin on Frame

    I made Ruth with built up frames, out of 5/16 X 2 inch cedar, double layer with the corners lapped. That was 5 years ago, and the boat is still in use. It has a place where the keel stringer was...
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    Re: Where is your boat now?

    back on the dock but an hour ago....
    It was 10 degrees c here, rowing in my shirtsleeves in the sliding seat boat.

  36. Re: Another thing to do on a snowy day.

    We used elevator bolts through well worn summer tires, Fender washers on the outside with nylock nuts and cut the bolts to a point and grind them sharp. Liners and tubes if it was really cold (-20...
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    Re: British Car Buffs

    One of the problems was "false air" getting by worn throttle shafts. every time you open the throttle, it closes with a different amount of leakage. new oversize shafts would fix the problem.
  38. Re: 110 HP electric crate motor, where do you put it?

    Just swap the whole car...
    there is a guy from Quebec who has put the drivetrain, battery and even the dash controls from a Chevy Bolt into a Westfalia. He is doing a tour of north america right now...
  39. Re: I may never play it, but I think I'll buy it anyway. The (pseudo) Saxophone editi

    wooden boat forum, you should at least use an organic material.
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    Re: Skin on frame rowing boats

    The cedar strip version comes in at 60lbs when the rig and sliding seat are out for transport. I can easily put it on the roof of my van by myself.

  41. Re: 2019 Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival

    I have the sliding seat rowboat on the roof of the westfalia, and will hit the road a 6:45 tomorrow. want to enter the race... last year was passed before the finish by some of the long course...
  42. Re: don't know where it is but it's effing close; kinda want to find it, kinda don't

    We had one under the cabin (and in the cabin, but that's another story...) and learned that that owls are a predator. We played a tape of owl calls every night at dusk, and the skunks moved on. ...
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    Re: Wheel Hub

    There is one for sale in the classifieds in Small Boats Monthly (online). Not sure if it is suitable but 20 bucks.

  44. Re: Book-Matching Cedar Strips for a Guideboat: How to Prevent Madness?

    I really like the look of wider bands of colour, as opposed to the random light and dark strips you get if you don't sort them. Just keep strips from each board together as you process them. I bundle...
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    Re: Rowing Machines.

    Yeah, do the boat, I'm probably about 100 miles north of you as the crow flies, and I've been out 3 times this month. There are very few weeks that you can't row in victoria, That's one of the...
  46. Re: Restoring classic wooden canoe with fibreglass showing through

    That looks like a stress mark to me. I've never successfully made one disappear. Would love to know how (short of heat -gunning off the glass and replacing it).
    I have been able to make them less...
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    Re: Tweaking a sliding seat

    Hi Tony
    I really interested that you fitted a sliding seat to your cosine wherry. I've built a number of cosine wherries, but never with a slider - I always believed that they were too short. It...
  48. Re: Simple, quick to build, row-only boat

    Quick simple and row-only... I would suggest Dave's "Ruth". It is a flyer when outfitted with a sliding seat and rigger, or can be rowed fixed seat with slightly shorter oars. It won't row two, but...
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    Re: what's your workout look like?
    sliding seat rowboat.
    row to Madeira Park over to garden bay and home. 4 miles, 58 minutes average 3.8 knots peak at 6.
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    Re: EcoPoxy?

    I'm still using EcoPoxy for my builds. Still happy, and have started using their clear coat to fill the weave of the cloth before varnish. It's considerably thicker, so it tends to stay on the boat...
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