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    Re: what about naps

    I do an hour-long nap pretty much every afternoon, when my wife has had her 2 PM medication and I'm reasonably sure she won't need personal attention for the next hour. It is my only opportunity.
  2. Re: Anyone with experience with PCMover, Zinstall, or EaseUS Todo PCtransfer?

    I was surprised to see this ancient thread reappear!

    As I recall, I ended up manually reinstalling the specialized applications... thankfully, I had saved the install packages for the minor...
  3. Thread: Ultra

    by Norman Bernstein

    Re: Ultra

    Uhhh…. I wouldn’t be so sure about that. I suspect the clips were largely voice actors, for dramatic effect.

    I listened to the whole podcast… the story was fantastic… Maddox’s presentation, sadly,...
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    Re: Pothole F&$@

    I was successful, back in 1976 or so. A pothole crunched one of the stamped steel rims on my 1970 MGB... the city fully reimbursed me for it.
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    Re: Modern cars are way too complicated.

    Do they still make Lucas electrical harness replacement smoke? You’ll need some…
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    Re: talk about pigs

    I once had a one day consulting gig at a hog processing factory in Iowa. Yes, I could smell it a mile away, and when I got there, it seemed that every surface, both outside as well as inside, was...
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    Re: HiFi connundrum. Boffins welcome.

    I would start with a logical plan, where each element in the system is independently tested. If this can be proven not to be a cable or speaker problem, then it could be a circuit problem inside the...
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    Re: dinner

    I love to eat… but even the idea of ‘competitive eating’ nauseates me.
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    Re: West Wing

    Search YouTube for ‘Sorkinisms’…. He shamelessly reuses dialog over and over again.

    (Regardless, I agree that WW was a fantastic show… I liked it so much, I actually bought the full DVD set.)
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    Re: Klaatu Barada Nicto

    This corresponds well with my own view of science fiction. Good science fiction isn’t about science at all… the science is merely a vehicle to express some sociological, moral, or ethical perspective...
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    Re: Happy birthday to Lew Barrett…

    Have a happy birthday, Lew :)
  12. Re: Shetland fans: Tosh didn’t get promoted.

    I’m just delighted that the series will continue, and hope it maintains its quality… although it’s a bit hard to think of it without Jimmy Perez. Anyone know when the next season will drop?
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    Re: The Photo Most Unlike Us

    Are there people who actually consider that sort of thing ‘fun’?
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    Re: Klaatu Barada Nicto

    It sucked, big time.
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    Klaatu Barada Nicto

    Watched it last night. Still one of the best of its kind.
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    Re: top this

    I was spared. No political talk at the table, even though my son-in-law’s brother is known to be one of ‘them’ :)
  17. Re: What were your favorite cars from your younger days

    I bought an RX7 GSL in 1984... very hot car:
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    Re: Thanksgiving

    They can. At night, they roost. In the trees. I have seen it… not very graceful or powerful, but somehow they make it.

    Here in eastern MA, we are overloaded with wild turkeys; dozens of them...
  19. Re: Bought a new phone - after seven years

    Apple is the company I love to hate… but I have to grudgingly admit that the Apple ecosystem works flawlessly. I’m a huge iPad user, along with the Apple Watch, AirPod Pros, and iPhone 13 Pro Max....
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    Re: Chartering a Sailboat in Greece

    Wife and I have chartered bareboat many times… mostly out of Tortola, but also out of St. Martin and St. Lucia. Call me if you want to get a practical overview.
  21. Re: I’m old. I’m about to make reference to “the good old days”.

    I definitely agree about the color selections. When I was coming of age, my biggest wish was to own an orange (or was it ‘pumpkin’) MGB. I also was very fond of the original Porsche 914, in the same...
  22. Re: So now we have another special council?

    I'm perfectly happy to see Hunter Biden investigated. Of course, the famous laptop has been around a while, and I have yet to see a single piece of information that would lead me to believe that he's...
  23. Re: So now we have another special council?

    What is a 'quasi-impeachment'? Trump is an ordinary citizen... not the President.

    DeSantis is the perfect candidate, if what you want is a theocratic autocracy. Personally, I prefer democracy....
  24. Re: Trolling for Pless: Is there anything more disappointing…

    Schwartz’s in Toronto, where they don’t call it ‘pastrami’, they just call it ‘smoked meat’.
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    Re: Crypto currency

    I ain’t jumpin’
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    Re: Time to Reinvent Myself

    Paul told me about the layoff via text yesterday.

    In my reply, I suggested that this could be your opportunity to escape hell (phx) and return to Hell (Michigan) :)
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    Re: Home burial

    When my parents died, I followed the Jewish tradition; they were buried in a plain casket with no finish, just bare wood, in a Jewish cemetery. It is only a couple of miles from my home.

    It is...
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    Re: My glass is still half empty

    Interesting post on
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    My glass is still half empty

    Well, the widely touted 'red wave' turned out to be something of a ripple on a pond, despite the fact that the races for House and Senate are still up in the air. In the most notorious individual...
  30. TV alternatives to watching the mind-numbing election coverage

    Spouse and I will be watching “Enola Holmes 2” on Netflix.

    Later, I’ll be watching season 4 of ‘Bosch’, an Amazon Prime crime series… very intense, but you need to watch it from season 1 on,...
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    Re: Predictions for this week.

    My fervent wish: Garland indicts Trump on Wednesday morning, to head off any false claims that being a candidate forestalls any legal actions.

    Probably won’t happen… but a guy can dream, can’t he?
  32. Just to brighten everyone's day....

    I'm not a fan of Bill Maher, but his latest clip lays it out.
  33. Re: How to get kids interested in electronics:

    Nature abhors a vacuum tube. :)
  34. Re: Why do Republicans want to destroy Social Security?

    I can only presume that you do not follow much of any news, because numerous GOP politicians have stated their desire to do things which can destroy Social Security, ranging from requiring the...
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    Re: Political side of inflation

    I have no problem with people collecting big dividends… and I have no problem with companies making huge profits.

    I DO have a problem with companies making whopping profits in the face of a...
  36. Re: Why do Republicans want to destroy Social Security?

    Tom, it should be obvious that the yield on a dividend-based portfolio will not match what you might do by investing in a growth stock… if, and only if, you got lucky. I’m not denying that it takes a...
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    Re: Political side of inflation

    So, *I* am responsible for inflation? :)

    Here is a clue: I have owned many of my stocks for decades… some, for 4 decades. I held them through numerous bear markets, and virtually all of them never...
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    Re: Windows 7 and 11

    I have several old laptops; one is of the Windows 8 variety, but the other one automatically upgraded to Windows 11… and frankly, for most things, I have no difficulty using it… most functions are...
  39. Re: Why do Republicans want to destroy Social Security?

    I would agree. It does not change the fact, however, that a -17.54% drop in the value of one’s assets is a tough hit, if those assets were not invested for dividends. When the set-aside for short...
  40. Re: Why should running for office stop investigation?

    other laws that, as far as I know, have not been ruled unconstitutional, define circumstances in which a person can be barred from holding office…. Such as the laws that Trump is most likely to be...
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    Re: Political side of inflation

    ABSOLUTELY. I have listened to recordings of perhaps a half dozen CEO’s of large corporations, openly and unashamedly acknowledging that they are taking advantage of inflation to raise prices. On top...
  42. Re: Why should running for office stop investigation?

    I’m hoping Garland indicts Trump on November 9th… to eliminate any fantasies that the GOP may have, that a presidential candidate is immune from prosecution.
  43. Re: If race isn't a consideration, then what is?

    Regardless of how one feels about the use of race as a factor in college admissions, only the blind, stupid, or malevolent people in our society would try to contend that racism no longer exists in...
  44. Re: Yet another ID this airplane thread.

    Only one was ever built, according to the wiki... the factory was dedicated to building the far more famous Catalina PBY.
  45. Re: Why do Republicans want to destroy Social Security?

    Provide links.

    The only people who got those returns were people who didn't need the money to live.

    Maybe this will enlighten you: people invest for retirement with the expectation that...
  46. Re: Why do Republicans want to destroy Social Security?

    Of course, virtually none of this is true. It is NOT a 'second house', it is a new, smaller house that we will be moving to, just before I sell our current house. My wife and I have had exactly ONE...
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    Re: This should scare you

    It’s more frightening than that. The ‘independent state legislator’ fraudulent theory circulating among far right wing Republicans implies that a state legislature could, or should, be free to...
  48. If race isn't a consideration, then what is?

    Gotta laugh at Clarence Thomas asking what 'diversity' means.

    It seems pretty clear that affirmative action, with regard to college admissions, will soon be a thing of the past.

    But if race...
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    Re: details

    It’s very pretty…. But…

    Kinda reminds me of the criticisms of the OCC choppers….. ‘decorating a wedding cake’
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    Re: I just can’t take it anymore…

    I still am… but there’s a difference between being a political junkie… and just plain junk :)
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