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    Re: Daughter

    I'm with you all the way on this, Rob. The U.S. approach to health care is criminally stupid. But the actual hands-on care, in my experience, is superb.
    Focus on that for now. The rest can be dealt...
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    Re: Just Wondering

    If the backward plug is on a stationary tool or appliance, you could just flip the corresponding receptical over to suit the plug.
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    Re: Just Wondering

    Having one of each allows you to put two of them into one duplex outlet.
  4. Re: Looking for sources to fabricate a steel centerboard

    If the chosen material is ordinary low carbon steel, the perimeter can be quickly and easily cut on pretty much any metal-cutting band saw. At 12mm thick, the board only weighs about 90 pounds minus...
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    Re: Weak stream

    900 feet ls a long way for a 5/8" hose. The 1" would be a lot better.
    But, as sp_clark says above, at 900 feet the 1 1/4" would be a lot better still. Luckily, that coiled poly tubing is not...
  6. Re: Pix of my '84 Buick I bought in '99

    As said above, the K-car came from Chrysler; the Dodge Aries and the Plymouth Reliant. I recall them being rather well regarded within their size and price class. They sold a lot of them. We had one,...
  7. Re: Washington State Derelict Vessel Post-Sale Liability

    The difference, of course, is that Woodwind has not been inspected and deemed unseaworthy.
    This law seems aimed at those unscrupulous owners who, upon realizing that their neglect has turned their...
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    Re: Rhine River level

    Is it the towboats or the barges themselves that have too much draft?
    If it's the barges, perhaps they could just run them with partial loads.
    Not efficient, but better than losing the grid.
  9. Re: 1961 Thompson with Volvo Penta stern drive

    Looks great. And wearing the classic Lemonade Yellow paint. Was that still the standard color in '61?
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    Re: Some Common Sense from England...

    If it's really just a size-equals-safety thing, then why don't they just declare a minimum weight? If she's big enough she's big enough.
    And what about the men? Do they not care if small-framed men...
  11. Re: In 1981, at age 35, I watched “On Golden Pond”.

    Yes, I think they did.
    But back when the movie was made, those old Chrises had barely achieved classic status. They were dime-a-dozen around here (Detroit area) and were viewed by many as obsolete...
  12. Re: Antique Brass Fitting ID Threaded Flange

    Whatever it is, it is almost certainly meant to apply force in one direction only; against the flat face.
    That's a pretty substantial screw diameter, maybe three or four inches. If used to pull...
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    Re: Charlie Noble, yes or no?

    I guess without the stove, it's just a less-than-ideal vent. I would take advantage of the opportunity to easily eliminate the penetration or replace it with a more efficient vent.
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    Re: Wife passed this AM

    So sorry to hear this, John.
    My wife and I were just talking/wondering about her this morning. Please accept our condolences.
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    Re: Ode To Creeping Charlie

    I'm with the "green is good" crowd. My largish lawn has to fend for itself. No fertilizer or chemicals. No water other than what falls from the sky. Right now, with this dry heat wave, the turf grass...
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    Re: Rivian electric pickup

    I, too, just saw one for the first time. It caught my eye because it looked so different.
    My first impression, though, was that the bed looked tiny. In fairness, though, it seems to me that most of...
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    Re: Decking thickness for small boats

    I have 4 sneak boats for duck hunting, ranging from 16 to 21 feet in length.
    All are decked with 1/4" fir ply.
    I sit on the decks routinely, and occasionally stand on them, such as for poling in...
  18. Re: Any suggestions as to who designed this yacht?

    You're right. Your brother's wrong. You can tell him I said so.
    Here's a question:
    The bulwarks appear to add significant windage to the hull. Once that amount of windage has been deemed...
  19. Re: It's always something—plumbing query

    Like Nicholas says above, that's a lot of water. About 1.5 gallons per minute, all day, everyday. I see two possibilities as most likely:

    A) A bad meter. That would be nice.

    B) An underground...
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    Re: Update on wife:

    I'm so sorry to hear of this, John. Hoping things go as well as possible.
    Like others have said, don't forget to take care of yourself.
  21. Re: Trailer ball mount, attaching at an angle

    Standard practice around here is to put a clevis pin or a padlock through the hole in the lever so it can't open unintentionally.
    Sadly, I still occasionally see a rig with really rinky dink safety...
  22. Re: One insane englishman trying to rebuild the 1910 gaff cutter Tally Ho, in WA. (VI

    Seems I've already forgotten; what species did Leo end up using for planking?
    And what was used originally?
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    Re: RIP Glen Longino

    So sad to hear this. I liked Glen. Condolences to those he left behind.
  24. Re: Problen with frames lining up. Built in Whitehall tradition

    Chippie's response back in post #13 mentioned a laser level. That's probably the easiest solution. They can be had in all sorts of styles nowadays and can be quite inexpensive.
    Just be sure to get...
  25. Re: Problen with frames lining up. Built in Whitehall tradition

    Those small frames make me think the screws are rather tiny, maybe #8?
    If the boat is to be painted, I'd be inclined to just fill the hole entirely with epoxy and skip the wood plug altogether.
  26. Re: USS Samuel B Roberts: World's deepest shipwreck discovered

    Yes, the linked article says he found the Johnston last year in 6460 meters of water (21,180 ft.).
  27. Re: USS Samuel B Roberts: World's deepest shipwreck discovered

    Wow. I recognized that ship's name instantly.
    For those not familiar, I highly recommend the book "The Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors" by James D. Hornfischer.
    It is an extreme example of a...
  28. Re: What Rock or Pop Music LP do you think is perfect?

    Hard to beat Dark Side of the Moon.

    Miles' "Kind of Blue" is the awesomest of awesome jazz albums, but I wouldn't call it rock or pop.
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    Re: Costco Hearing Aids: Review

    There are different kinds of domes you can use. Some are open and allow air and sound to pass by them. Those are great if your hearing loss is not too bad. If your loss is as bad as mine, the aid's...
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    Re: Do you know the correct answer?

    I'm not happy with this equation because it does not reflect that the opened door was purposefully chosen to reveal a goat, and only a goat.
    If the door was opened randomly and happened to reveal a...
  31. Re: Can someone explain the hatred of goats?

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    Re: Do you know the correct answer?

    Too many people are ignoring the difference between a randomly opened door vs a selectively opened door. That's the key to the whole thing.
    Randomly opened door = even odds.
    Selectively opened door...
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    Re: Do you know the correct answer?

    This is 100% correct.
    If Monty randomly flung open either of his two doors, the two remaining doors would have identical odds. That would be 50/50 if the door revealed a goat, and 0/0 if the door...
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    Re: Do you know the correct answer?

    At this point, I think it might be better called "stubbornness". "Best of two" has better odds than "One of three."

    p.s. I'd really like to see a comment from you or CWSmith about Peb's...
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    Re: Do you know the correct answer?

    I thought this was a very compelling argument made by peb way back at post #123. It seems to have gone unnoticed. I would sure like to see one of the 50/50 guys comment on it.
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    Re: Limit guns or limit ammo?

    It was with this post that you lost me. Clearly you are not familiar with deer rifles.
    The 60 minutes test compared the AR to a (relatively) puny 9mm hand gun round, not a "traditional deer rifle"....
  37. Re: Two people paddling vs one person rowing

    One person can easily row that boat with oars. Better than two with paddles. On a nice day, you could row it for miles.
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    Re: Another Texas school shooting

    What a bizarre post. No other purpose than to kill US citizens?
    Around here, semi-automatics are probably the most common hunting guns in use these days. Almost certainly so for waterfowl.
    It's one...
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    Re: 12v irrigation pump

    Don't suck the water; push it. Put the pump down by the creek.
    What's the vertical drop on the 300' downhill run? If you keep the pipe filled with water, it will create a siphon so the downhill run...
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    Re: Another Texas school shooting

    I forgot where I saw this one:

    "If guns aren't the problem, and people are the problem, then why would you want the problem to have guns?"
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    Re: Epoxy fairing filler

    Are glass bubbles the same thing as "micro balloons"?
    If so, I have used them and they make a really great fairing filler.
    That's a super price on fillers compared to what I found last time I...
  42. Re: Thank You for/about my missing post re. PT 11 mast Dimensions

    Good to hear it's working for you. Your original post is still there. It is in Building and Repair; just scroll down a bit.
    Sorry, I know nothing of the design so I can't help with the mast...
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    Re: DIY home security

    It happens from time to time. I've read about such incidents in news reports. But not often.
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    Re: Dumb and dumber

    I have never seen a residential main breaker that didn't simultaneously open both hot service conductors. This leaves only the grounded conductor (commonly called the "neutral") connected.
  45. Re: When doe EVs and hybrids show up as less demand?

    Here's another possibility:
    As the ICE car fleet shrinks, there won't be enough business to support the huge number of gas stations in the country. As the gas stations get scarcer, gas might just...
  46. Re: Fastening bronze fairlead to gunwhale

    I, too, would call them chocks. Just another name for that style of fairlead. Personally, I think they look great on a boat,and they minimize chaffeing. I have added them to any boat of mine that...
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    Re: Finding Tufnol

    I'm certainly no expert, but the stuff we always called Micarta in die shops and stamping plants was the cotton cloth variety. I googled the name "Micarta" and it returned a description that included...
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    Re: Finding Tufnol

    It appears that Tufnol is equivalent to what is called "Micarta" here in the U.S.
    Those are trade names.
    Either one is made with layers of fibrous material (cotton cloth, linen, paper, fiberglass,...
  49. Poll: Re: Now that masks are no longer required

    I voted no, although I haven't flown lately.
    I stopped concerning myself much over COVID after I got double vaxxed and boosted.
    The poll result so far is completely at odds with what I see here in...
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    Re: Tesla. Recall

    Plenty of recalls have involved multiple models/platforms. How many models has Tesla sold?
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