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  1. Re: Staysail boom pedestal position aft of the stay

    I'm not sure it's worth obsessing about. Dial it in so that it's damned near perfect on the wind. On a beam reach it is not critical. further off the wind almost irrelevant.
  2. Thread: Sextants

    by Binnacle Bat

    Re: Sextants

    My one experience in celestial was with a Tamaya, and I wouldn't hesitate to go that way again.

    Sight reduction tables and The American Practical Navigator are available from Uncle Sam as free...
  3. Re: Do NOAA web charts replace old ones or are printed charts more accurate for secur

    I believe that Uncle Sam no longer prints charts, but relies on a number of "Print on demand" vendors.

    One can download, for free, PDFs of charts. THese are updated regularly (like weekly). ...
  4. Thread: H12 Gaff

    by Binnacle Bat

    Re: H12 Gaff

    My recollection is they are dainty little things, not hard to break, and that original ones in usable condition are most likely to be attached to a boat.
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    Re: Sooty Tern..Gunter or Yawl

    My impression is that reefing a gunter rig is similar to reefing a marconi rig, except you have to lower the sail completely and reattach the halyard an appropriate distance up the yard for the...
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    Re: 17' Trailer Boat in 18' Garage?

    I'd go with the folding tongue. While it is possible to set up the boat on the trailer so that the stem is directly above the trailer hitch, it makes getting into the truck/boot/back of the car...
  7. Re: Trysail vs. a fourth mainsail reefing point

    I'm not the the same league as most of you, but I have a trysail on my Thistle.

    I took an old jib, cut off the hanks, and replaced them with slugs that fit in the slot in the mainmast. Spinnaker...
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    Re: Don't see quite how this would work:

    My guess is that it was let into the side of the CB trunk of a low wide boat, with a wire pennant. Pivoting CB was weighted enough so that negative buoyancy was assured in all conditions. Pennant...
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    Re: Designs for old codgers

    She looks close to perfect.

    As I slide into codgerdom I feel that several things are important.

    Ease of launch and retrieval, assuming you don't have a dock suitable to tie up a H 12 1/2.
  10. Thread: MV Paloma

    by Binnacle Bat

    MV Paloma

    MV Paloma, built by Murray and Tregurtha, South Boston in 1914. 85' LOA, 14' beam, draft 5', powered by...
  11. Re: Foam Sandwich Composite for Cooler/Ice Box

    I believe XPS will take up much less water if leaks develop.

    That's why it it often used for flotation.

  12. Re: Pros and cons of a boom preventer on a 15 ft dinghy

    I tend to favor tacking downwind. Instead of going straight before the wind, head up 20° or so. Then gybe to the other tack. You gain speed, and significantly reduce the risk of an accidental gybe....
  13. Re: Mommy, a Baby Thistle followed me home. Can I keep it?

    Yes, I have more free time than I used to, but the honeydo list has gotten pretty long over the last 35 years, and I do not have a heated work space.

    Also my regular SRR crew has grown to two,...
  14. Re: Mommy, a Baby Thistle followed me home. Can I keep it?

    Just to keep folks up to date, my hot molded I-14 hull is safely nested in the rafters above the wood shed. No progress made, no damage done. My current thought is toss in the rig of a Goat Island...
  15. Re: Moving a boat to and from/up and down the boat launch, without a vehicle

    I use lawn tractor mower to move a 17' dinghy around the yard and back it into the barn. 22 HP Craftsman with fat tires and a geared transmission/differential. Would probably handle ramp duty...
  16. Re: Is anyone sailing classic dinghies in the Boston area?

    If you are interesting in racing, look for a boat that is sailed in your area that home built boats are still competitive. In that case better to buy a used boat to play with, upgrade and maintain,...
  17. Re: Changing to a different sail rig on old fiberglass sailboats... anyone doing this

    Going with an unstayed rig of equivalent power will require major structural reinforcement at the partners and the step, as both will be subject to far greater horizontal forces with an unstayed rig...
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    Re: Boat Houses

    As time goes on, different jurisdictions have gotten very strict about what can be done at or near the edge of the water. Existing structures are grandfathered. New construction may be a nightmare....
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    Re: Open vs closed cruisers

    Like JW said above.

    I'd like to add that for a small trailerable boat crew weight is an important part of fore and aft trim. A 16 footer with a comfortable cuddy cabin and no ballast is going...
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    Re: Securing My Tiller

    If the tiller projects far enough aft of the rudder, cut a square hole in the tiller, and cut a wedge of hardwood to fill the hole, and prevent the tiller from sliding forward. Leave a bulge in the...
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    Re: Valentining Halyards

    This must be a technique used on coasters and river sloops. I can't imagine that one of those coils would stand up to a week's worth of pounding to windward, sometimes with blue water streaming in...
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    Re: Why are most rowing seats so high?

    I always thought that the distance below the oarlocks was the most important dimension, and that height above the floorboards, bottom or whatever was secondary.

    Important thing is that the oars...
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    Re: Small Reach Regatta


    I was tidebound a mile to leeward.

  24. Re: 140 yr old Trans-Atlantic shoal draft (trailer sailer)

    I have my doubts about traditional dory construction for a trailer sailor. Stacked up on the deck of a fishing schooner is one thing, sitting on a trailer under a tarp through a New England Winter...
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    Re: Add a Boom to a Jib? Your Experience

    Professors McColgen and Bradshaw hit the major points.

    Other details that help:

    If there is a bowsprit or a long narrow foredeck, a downhaul line is a good thing to have, as the added friction...
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    Re: Ebay sextants

    Yes, Annapolis has just started teaching celestial navigation again. They stopped for a while, thinking that technology would solve all problems. Recently they realized that GPS satellites could...
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    Re: A Decked Thistle?

    Definitely not class legal for racing, because of the deck, and the fore and aft gratings not being exposed. The old "gold" mast is class legal, but too stiff for serious racing.

    For that price...
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    Re: should i convert my jib back to hank on?

    I agree with Ian.

    I sailed a bit on an old Alden yawl with a hanked on boomed jib, down haul and lazy jacks. Zig-zag shock cord furling. Topping lift. Furled boom end supported by a lanyard...
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    Re: Ebay sextants

    Run away from the replicas, for all the reasons mentioned above. I bought a replica gimballed cabin lamp from India that is OK as a dim oil lamp, but the gimbals were so out of true that the lamp...
  30. Re: HOW CHEAP CAN A MICRO CRUISER BE BUILT? Let's find out...

    The proof, of course, is in the sailing.

    In the mean time, let's see some pictures.

    You have to post them on a site like Photobucket and link to them here. Thorne has a tutorial floating...
  31. Re: Would you prefer a faster or stouter boat at sea?

    There are good heavy boats that go where they are pointed in most any conditions, and then there are under-canvassed, poorly designed pigs. Competent sailors of the former know when to set the...
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    Re: Mast tangs

    That's how blacksmiths used to put tires (of the wrought iron/steel variety) on wood wagon wheels. Heat it up red hot, or close to that, and slide it on the wheel (preferably bone dry). Iron cools...
  33. Re: Would you prefer a faster or stouter boat at sea?

    The thing no one has mentioned is comfort. A light fast boat will bounce around and exhaust its crew much faster than a heavy slow one.

    There are good heavy slow ones and bad. A boat that goes...
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    Re: PFDs for sail and oar use

    I hand sewed some webbing to the front of my inflatable, for VHF, GPS and emergency knife. A whistle came tucked inside. Easy to do a neat job of as the inflatable case opens up along velcro seams to...
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    Re: PFDs for sail and oar use

    I use a manual inflatable. Having sailed a number of boats that capsize easily and often, I don't want one that pops off every time I get wet. I'm not a strong swimmer, but a vaguely competent one...
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    Re: WW II _ Pacific Theater

    A certain number of Americans served in various British and Brit colonies, and other services before (and after) the US entered the war. US pilots served in RAF during the Battle of Britain. Then...
  37. Re: An interesting afternoon with the Skerry -capsising and flotation

    In my experience there are several factors relating to buoyancy quantities and location:

    1. You don't want the boat to sink.
    2. You don't want the boat to turtle.
    3. You want the boat to be...
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    Re: Looking for Raid Style Events in USA

    Small Reach Regatta in Maine is an almost raid. No racing, in spite of the name, and you return to the same campsite each night.
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    Re: Foundry for SS chocks

    Have your foundry cast them in bronze, polish them up, then take them to a chrome shop?

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    Re: Whassssis?

    Kind of like a cam cleat, but working on the angle of pull, like a Venetian blind cord. Probably used for a jib sheet, in pairs, so that someone sitting to windward could lock and unlock the...
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    Re: one foresail only?

    The one I sailed on had a topping lift and lazy jacks. There was also a lanyard with a snaphook lashed to the port shrouds. Let go the sheet and the halyard, snap the end of the boom with the...
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    Re: one foresail only?

    My temptation for mostly single handed work would be a self tending jib with a boom, and cut high enough that you have a clear view forward.

    Nothing like tacking up a narrow channel single handed...
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    Re: flotation for Buzzards Bay14

    Lots of room for extruded polystyrene under the decks without being unsightly. No centerboard to flood. It would take a while to bail her out, but that is way better than bobbing about in life...
  44. Re: Boy drowns as car slides off launching ramp.

    At the age of three, his chances wouldn't have been good with no seat belt on and the windows all rolled down.

  45. Re: Choosing a cold-molded build method for a 60' classic schooner

    My temptation is to go with Ian, and build her traditionally as drawn. Cold molding is great for certain kinds of boat, especially where weight is a concern. Alden was into reasonably heavy...
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    Re: What's at the top of your mast?

    Yes wood cleats are the way to go, just to provide a shoulder for the rope shroud to bear on. the Racelite fittings shown are designed for wire rigging and aluminum spars. The drill holes may not be...
  47. Re: Will I end up tipped over onto my side-height to beam question.

    Yup. Stay off the roof. All too often you hear about a boat coming back from the fireworks with half a dozen folks on the fly bridge and eight more on the cabin roof, and some one runs to the rail...
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    Re: Master & Commander, the true story

    If the original movie had made buckets of money, a sequel would have happened post haste.

    According to IMDB, the first movie cost 150 million± to make, and earned 93 million...
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    Re: Canvas bucket

    I carry two bailers of cut down liquid laundry soap containers (usually Arm and Hammer, a nice yellow color, not unlike Caterpillar tractors.) Each is on a lanyard, which I loop around the spinnaker...
  50. Re: Will I end up tipped over onto my side-height to beam question.

    Windows ate a long reply I wrote, the gist of which was framing and sheathing above the gunnel should be a third the size of what's below the waterline.

    Roof: 2x4 @ 24" OC, cut to an arc on top,...
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