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    Re: Steam and water

    Well if you didn't build on the flood plain, none of this would be necessary. :rolleyes:
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    Re: Culinary Advice

    I'm interested in the cast iron pepper mill. My ideal mill is:
    - easily adjustable to fine/medium/coarse
    - has a crank handle for serious volume grinding, not just a twist top
    - bonus points if...
  3. Re: Time for Martin Luther King Day again . .

    The Church committee may have been the best investigation by the US government of anything. Brought to light, among other things, Operation Ajax (Iran coup 1953) and Project MKUltra (experiments in...
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    Re: The RAF goes green

    IIRC, and this is a couple years old already, the US Navy applied for a patent on a process to produce jet fuel from sea water aboard aircraft carriers (using nuclear energy to power the process). It...
  5. Re: Frustrating intermittent engine starting issue (2009 Colorado pickup)

    If not already mentioned: Worn starter motor brushes. Try turning key with someone tapping on the starter motor with a rubber mallet. If remedies, replace starter.
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    Re: 1980 Time Capsule House

    OP: The stainless steel appliances are not period correct, they need to be avocado enamel.

    Even for 1980, carpet seems way off for the kitchen. My guess is it's a cheap way to cover hard floors...
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    Re: Frank about to get the push?

    The Dulles brothers equated christianity with capitalism in their foreign policy, and nothing could be more absurd with regard to the true beliefs of JC, however distorted those beliefs became when...
  8. Re: Hoover Institution discussion ... about God?

    OP: All this means, is that while Holland rejects Christ as a deity, he agrees with him as a philosopher, which is also my view, as a non-christian, non-other-organized religion athiest/agnostic. And...
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    Re: Brit car: what is it?

    And the engine in the wrong end. Air-cooled V8 no less.
  10. Re: Why buy pencils when you can make your own.

    When I was in high school and vocational metal shop was the only thing I was good at, I took the guts from a drafting lead gripper, and machined a new body for it from stainless steel, section being...
  11. Re: My new e-bike - Grin Tech hub motor first impressions

    re various above:

    Serious trailers:

    Rohloff hubs: Superb quality and design, but...
    - expensive to buy
    - expensive to maintain (if ridden in rain a lot, annual...
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    Re: Meanwhile, at the Dakar!

    Are those support vehicles or fellow competitors? My guess is the latter in their own vehicle class, but maybe not.
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    Re: A Fast Cadillac?

    I agree, but I wouldn't underestimate GM at this point, they're on a performance roll. They have the tech to assist a dedicated and creative team. I think the big hurdle is the hybrid(?) powerplant...
  14. Re: First Norwegian cycling team to enter Tour de France

    I used to do hot-melt in the '90s on my never-wet (recreational) road race bike. I reveled in the tedium. The previous great stuff a year or two ago was wax with some molybdenum disulfide added, I...
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    Re: found a happy place

    That's primo stuff! The closest I have come is about ten years ago, the local subsidiary of Kroger had strip steaks like you see on the left above on sale for $6/lb, willing to cut to order. I got...
  16. Re: virgin to launch satellites from a 747 today

    Usually these sorts of things are done via an old 747-100, but I can see that is a -400, I guess leftover fleet from Virgin, unless it's still in the passenger fleet, which would be quite intresting...
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    Re: Quasicrystals

    ... because all the phase transformations of steel are insufficiently complex to be challenging...
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    Re: How about these?

  19. Re: Harry in court after egg thrown at King Charles

    IMO, Charles is a better and wiser person now than he was decades ago. And more comfortable in his own skin.
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    Re: Ben Sasse resigns from Senate

    They're already working on a new generation of hitler youth via Joe Rogan, Andrew Tate (article today about 11 and 12 year olds listening to him and then being totally unmanageable in classrooms),...
  21. Re: 8 Fast-Food Chains That Use Pure Ground Beef for Their Burgers.

    Wow, you're right. I had heard about it, perhaps 10 years ago on public radio, thought it had been quashed, but not, not only still used in the USA but able to be labeled as "ground beef", according...
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    Re: Vegan Tires??

    This may be truly amazing news. Not just because renewable. IF and ONLY IF, the dust from these tires wearing is not toxic like current tire dust, which causes fish deaths under bridges and puts...
  23. Re: First Norwegian cycling team to enter Tour de France

    Re the top link, looks like more sportswashing.
  24. Re: Down Side of Owning a Tesla in SoCal

    Depends on how much energy it takes to mine and manufacture the batteries, and whether they are constructed to be 100% recyclable. I've wondered about all these things as E vehicles scale up.
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    Re: Butter:Happiness?

    Once understood, would just get derided as "book learnin' ". Plus I can't copyright it.

    When someone mentions the band "Guns and Roses", I always say that I think Guns and Butter would have been a...
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    Re: predator 3500 inverter won't start

    Notably, Honda outboard motors had a screw on the carb that could be removed to easily do that. Was very helpful to flush the bowl of dirt and clear jelly that was kind of an emulsion of condensation...
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    Re: Butter:Happiness?

    Original Post: I don't see as much correlation at the high end of butter supply, life satisfaction is all over the map, more at the low end for lack of satisfaction equating with lack of butter, but...
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    Re: predator 3500 inverter won't start

    !!!!! Make sure it has sufficient OIL. They usually come shipped with no oil, and often have a switch that shuts off the ignition if not sufficient oil. Figured this out on a neighbor's new gen that...
  29. Re: 8 Fast-Food Chains That Use Pure Ground Beef for Their Burgers.

    Many years ago on the road I stopped at a burger place, I *think* it was Steak and Shake, it was superb, had to wait for it cooked to order; Was thicker than the average but most of all was *really...
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    Re: Basic design app?

    Many, many years ago I did solid modeling animations in SolidWorks I think, man it's been so long I can't remember. But for a one-shot deal, I would either make a small scale model from strips of...
  31. Re: Four survive after Tesla plunges 250 feet off Claif. cliff: ‘Absolute miracle’

    1934 Chrysler Airflow, the first modern steel unibody car, immensely stronger than contemporaries and far better balance and thus ride and handling. From wiki, I recall seeing this film, IIRC, it...
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    Re: Southwest Airlines


    I mentioned the above to a friend, smart guy, he said Southwest was also hampered by their different system (not hub and spoke), planes out of positions, blah-blah. I responded:

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    Re: Nostalgia

    Truly a match made in heaven.

    My favorite cartoon of hers, which I can't find online, is when they moved overseas in the early '00s I think; If I recall, she was shown ranting about the violence...
  34. Re: My new e-bike - Grin Tech hub motor first impressions

    I like the torque mount. Frame axle slots are just not designed for that, very short bearing area and moment arm.

    I like that the spokes have a cross pattern; I've seen a lot of large e-hubs that...
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    Re: What's the fascination with trucks?

    Yeah, IIRC, it used to be or still is easier to do that if GVW over 6000 lbs(?) Government actually subsidizing fuel wasting. Suddenly execs were all driving Suburbans.
  36. Re: Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD)

    Ya need to watch... article I read recently said a lot of chocolate and some spices, including turmeric, are contaminated with cadmium (chocolate trees pull it from soil) and lead (from environment...
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    Re: San Francisco weather mid week.

    "... cats and dogs living together... mass hysteria!"
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    Re: Outdoor winter work clothes

    I have lots of fancy wools and a Filson jacket that I would never wear for actual work. :) What I do wear for activities that I am able:

    - Base layer of cotton long-sleeve T, or if gonna sweat, a...
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    Re: Two questions about the weather

    1) 99.9% of time, no. But because I have seen signs here up long after the need, if there was no way around, I would try to determine (via map) how far ahead was expected flood, and only if not far,...
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    Re: Damar Hamlin

    I hope for the best. I wasn't watching but I'm sure med personnel were on him within 60 seconds, in terms of O2 deprivation that's fast in a case like this, plus he's young and in good shape. Depends...
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    Re: Ken Block

    And after all the seriously hazardous racing he did, no guardrails, big drops, trees, etc.

    Snowmobiling can be surprisingly hazardous, given the power, speed, no protection. I was on one once at a...
  42. Re: Airline ramp worker ingested into jet engine

    No cause of death listed the other day but that was my guess. There was case in navy, deck crew survived due to helmet shattering all the fan blades and I'm sure blown out the cold section and not...
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    Re: Southwest Airlines

    I know what Southwest should have done. My brain is slow these days so took a few days to come to me.

    The computer reservation system was locked up. Bypass it.

    At each airport, one person,...
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    Re: RIP Barbara Wawa!

    ^ The above is why I don't consider her among the top journalists, and certainly not because she is female, as my admiration of Woodruff shows. Jane Ferguson has recently caught my eye in her...
  45. Re: Police shows where someone related to victim gets involved

    It's as old as Deus Ex Machina.

    BTW, unobtainium was a joke among engineers; Example: "The efficiency of Wankel engines will be solved when we invent unobtainum 253 so they can run adiabatically."
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    Re: Mars sample return

    Reminds me of the time decades ago I went to the ER and remarked, "Just like ER on TV" and the doctor said calmly, "Yes, but with less yelling."
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    Re: RIP Barbara Wawa!

    No disrespect, but overhsadowed by the retirement of Judy Woodruff from the anchor chair of the PBS Newshour. Trusted.
  48. Re: I’m getting a definite Ted Bundy vibe.

    We haven't heard the slightest shred of evidence, and people are rushing to judgment. A prosecutor's dream. His opening statement will probably be that this is satan incarnate, and the grizzly nature...
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    Re: Maga

    Correct. The fins reached their zenith on the '59, after which they started to tone down.
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    Re: I need a drill press

    Last I looked not that many years ago, used Bridgeport vertical mills were selling dirt cheap, I mean less than a grand, and that's both a drill press and way more.
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