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    Buy or rent mooring

    Iíve looking at options for mooring my 28ft Keeler. Iíve been renting a walk on mooring at my local marina, from the marina operators. I could buy the lease to a mooring at the same marina, for...
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    Antifouling carvel after longish haul out

    I've had my carvel planked boat out of the water for about 18 months and am about to relaunch her. Her hull has dried out a bit and we have filled the seams with soft putty. My boatbuilder has...
  3. Re: Ply ok to replace small part of inner carvel plank?

    Any ideas on how to bend a relatively short length (500mm) of 3/8ths Kauri, to use it as a replacement section for an inner carvel plank?. Across that short a length it's pretty stiff. I could...
  4. Re: Ply ok to replace small part of inner carvel plank?

    Thanks. It's riveted. I can recut the inner plank square (I cut it vertically because of access issues, and thinking it would be good to leave as many fastenings untouched as possible, but I think a...
  5. Ply ok to replace small part of inner carvel plank?

    Hi, I have discovered a bit of rot behind one of the chain plates on my 1950's twin planked keeler. Fresh water has obviously run down the chainplate, which comes down the inside of the hull, and...
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    Re: Building an anchor well

    Thanks for all of this: very helpful. I don't think this year's budget does run to a capstan - though I do yearn for one. I'll leave the hawse pipe till near the end of the current project and see...
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    Building an anchor well

    I own a 'Val Boat', a 28ft keeler designed by Col Wild in New Zealand in the late 1940s. I would like to build a well to get the anchor chain and rope off the foredeck. (I have on-deck chocks for...
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