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    Re: Scot Bell

    Scot, thanks for everything over many years and especially doing a favor for me back in 2004 when my wife died.......take good care of yourself..........and tell the folks in The Store to start...
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    Re: Wife passed this AM

    John, I lost my wife of 45 years in March of 2004 and a loss like that is a hard thing to deal with. I will give you this piece of advice ....."Follow your grief for a period of time (for me it was...
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    Poll: Re: Age of members poll

    I'm 83.5 and got two boats a-building........Billy Atkins' 11-4" "Newt" and Mr. Hacker's 14'3" "Slippery" that damn neuropathy in my feet and lower legs which makes shuffelling around in my...
  4. Re: We're getting old. This is going to happen more.

    An excellent writing there, David.........brings a bit of cheer and encouragement to these old neuropathy laden bones.....brought home a small load of 2 x 6 x 14' yellow pine to build strongback...
  5. Re: Tip o' the Hat to Michael Mason (mmd)

    Michael's contributions to this Forum will be sorely missed........he was a valuable asset and surely there is a way to correct this grievous FIX it QUICKLY.
  6. Re: Building Two Boats..."Slippery" (Hacker) and "Newt"(Atkin)

    Andrew, I thought about the electric reverse method and have used it at one time on a gas powered Hacker model. And as for using the little transmission rated at 13 hp with the 31 hp engine, I have...
  7. Building Two Boats..."Slippery" (Hacker) and "Newt"(Atkin)

    I've built the frames for both boats....have not yet erected 14'3" Slippery's frames however 11'4" "Newt's" are on her strongback and stringers and keel w/stem are complete. I'm 83 years old and...
  8. White House Contradicts President Biden

    I just now saw where President Biden said, in so many words, that Putin needed to be removed from office and shortly after that, some idiot in the White House issued a statement denying it. Anybody...
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    Re: model boat kit coming

    I built many of Octura's model boat kits such as Wing Ding, White Heat 460, and others.....all were excellent kits with first class materials. Tom Perzentka was the owner of Octura Models which is...
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    Re: William Atkins "Newt" Inboard Dingy

    Foe my "Newt", I'm planning for a steel scimitar shaped device that would be thin, bolted to the keel, and extend down below the prop..........I don't want to alter her bottom to the extent of...
  11. Re: Understanding or determine stability?

    Okay, now I'm awake.....BWL = Breadth Water Line.......BOA = Breadth Over All..........! ! ! Need more coffee!
  12. Re: Understanding or determine stability?

    Many thanks to Ian and Wayne for your response.......must confess that I don't know the meaning of BWL or BOA (have never heard those terms)......anyway, my frames are now ready to mount on my...
  13. Re: Understanding or determine stability?

    I've now started construction of the Atkins "Newt" inboard motor dinghy to be powered with 6.5 hp Honda commercial horizontal shaft engine. Engine will be equipped with centrifugal clutch which...
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    Re: William Atkins "Newt" Inboard Dingy

    Weston Farmer's "Irrriducible" has a skeg shaped to protect the prop and I think I'll go that route or at least a strut shaped as you suggested.........and throttle and shift lever will be located...
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    William Atkins "Newt" Inboard Dingy

    Has anybody out there ever built subject boat?...I'm lofting her now and at first thought about "Irriducible" but "Newt" is a bit larger and looks a bit safer for this old man with his foot...
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    Weston Farmer's "Irriducible"

    Was wondering if anyone out there in Forumland had ever built subject craft. I've got her single sheet drawing and am starting lofting her today. I really love lofting and building large scale...
  17. Re: Source for small complete new inboard power

    The engine and transmission I'm thinking about is for my Hacker "Slippery", a 1920 design of a 14'3" X 4'9" step bottom hydroplane that, as far as I can find, was originally powered with a 40 hp...
  18. Re: Source for small complete new inboard power

    Inboard and traditional 10 degree shaft and propeller. I was "thinking" that one of the people that run those little 1.5 liter inboard hydroplanes might have an idea.
  19. Source for small complete new inboard power

    I am into a project, at least for now, that will require a gasoline engine of 80 - 100 hp coupled to a suitable F/N/R marine transmission. I'm looking for a 100% COMPLETE NEW power plant for a "drop...
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    Re: Who replaces Trump?

    Tucker Carlson is the creepiest SOAB of all of them with possible exception of Louie Gohmert from Texas.
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    Re: texas declines

    The embarassment continues......
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    Re: A Sleepless Night re Immigration

    I like to hear from you, Garret, you are a man of few words but they carry much meaning.........I think 5 days and nights of ice storm with no electricity and no way to travel on ice covered roads,...
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    A Sleepless Night re Immigration

    Got a call from a Republican yesterday afternoon giving me (a Democrat) a hard time about President Biden's current situation with immigration. I don't usually watch Fox Noise but during the...
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    Re: Texas to open up 100% come Wednesday

    Stupid Abbott and all the other political snakes in Austin (Paxton and several others)(and don't forget that a##hole Louie Gohmert from Tyler)........more and more I see it as an embarrassment to...
  25. Re: Happy birthday to John A. Campbell...

    Thanks, Guys, all of're the best!

  26. Re: Ted Cruz taps into the treasonous hysteria

    I did the same thing (Cruz email) and included Gohmert as well........Gohmert is one of the most hateful of all of the pigs.......
  27. Re: Dumbest member of Congress sues VP Mike Pence

    Gohmert is yet another reason why Texans should hang their heads in shame........he is a total embarrassment.....and a hateful SOAB
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    Re: Is Tesla going to fail?

    I think he's just a crochety old shuthead and deserves no attention whatsoever
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    Re: Trump threatens to veto Covid bill

    I don't know about the rest of you mo-------thrf------s but as for me, I'm gonna take my $2000 and add about $2000 to it and run down to Houston to Clark Hardwood Lumber Co. to buy some real fine...
  30. Re: I don't even know where to start with this

    Chad, all the best to you and yours and Rich, I am so sorry to hear of your loss is so totally unfair for a 33 year old man to die and leave a very young son and a pregnant...
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    Re: McTurtle and Reality.

    Typical repukelikan woman.......Adams apple, leering gouch eyed, cold hearted broad......easy to spot them anywhere......there is quite often a definite coldness about them.
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    Re: Happy birthday to Mmd....

    Happy Birthday, sorry for the delay.....and many thanks for all the fine advice regarding my project "Slippery".
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    Re: BMW Mini 'Urbanaut' -- a concept

    What a pathetic excuse for an automobile!.......a piece of sh!t if I ever saw one......first time its idiot owner took it for a spin out on IH 35, one of those big Volvo 18 wheelers would literally...
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    Re: The World’s Best Candy???

    I called their headquarters during summer month last year and told the lady how much I loved their product.....she said "it's too hot down there in Texas to send it now but this winter, look for a...
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    Re: The World’s Best Candy???

    I 100% agree with this.....can always get it at Cracker Barrel.....wonderful stuff from the best of times.....1920s.
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    Re: texas derangement syndrome

    Well, My Goodness, Paul......You should have called me and I could have saved you that trip! I was born & lived in Texas (except 5 years) and my 76 years in this state could have provided you...
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    Re: Hughesnet Internet Service

    Fiber out here where I live ain't gonna happen........I live on Campbell Hill Road (named after my dad and grandpa) and my side of the road is within AT&T's E.A.B. (Exchange Area Boundary) and there...
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    Hughesnet Internet Service

    Does anyone out there in Forumland have Hughesnet as an internet provider? I've had them for many years with excellent service but for several days I have been unable to log on for email service ....
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    Re: Where is Barr?

    He went to sh!t and the hogs ate him........
  40. Re: What would McConnell's role be in a balanced Senate?

    McConnell's role?.........manage the toilet paper rolls
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    Re: To Build Reduced Size "Slippery"

    I have dropped the idea of building her reduced by 20%......she will be full size at 14'3" X 4'9" and the frames you see are full size for no. 1 through 6/7 with 8, 9, 10, 11, and transom to be...
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    Re: Mitch McConnell is a happy man.

  43. Re: Ms Barrett seems to have nailed her colours to the mast already

    I agree 100% and let the three replacements. all under age 50 (! !) come straight out of the San Francisco 9th Judicial District......Yea! There is the sweet smell of political victory in the...
  44. Re: Watch out, I am returning sooner than you think

    Welcome back......I really missed your writings!
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    Re: welcome back brother ozna

    So very glad you're back, Oz, have been worried to death about you.....didn't know how to get in touch.....been busy as Hell building frames for my little Hacker hydroplane "Slippery" have...
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    Re: Why repeal the ACA?

    I believe that Trump's hatred for Obama extends back to the night of one of those "roasts" that. as I recall, are sponsored by news organizations and in this case, Obama was on the "hot seat". Trump...
  47. Re: Even some millionaires want higher taxes

    I would like to see Federal income tax at the same levels as pre - Idiot Reagan days. Additionally, establish a wealth tax that would put a BIG hole in Bezos' wealth right now not to mention MANY...
  48. Re: Happy birthday to Norman Bernstein...

    Have a Very Happy Birthday, Norm, with many more to come .....and, I always enjoy your writings

    John C.
  49. Re: Why Trump Might Be Scaring Off Older Voters

    I'm an "older voter of 81 years of age"..........there's no way I would ever vote for that s.o.a.b............I've got 2 or 3 armadillos in my front yard digging for grubs every night and I would ...
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    Re: He is going to succeed

    Norm, I think you are a good man and probably very intelligent but to spend 2 - 3 hours every day reading "the news" is got to be the most depressing G-------d thing I can imagine.
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