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  1. Re: What is the function of this boat from Iceland?

    Looks like an old lifeboat of a fishing boat, that has been adapted for use as a pleasure fishing boat.
    She would have been setup originally for sail and oar - see hole in forward thwart and long...
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    Re: Truant wooden sailboat?

    John do take the boat sailing as built. Many dinghy classes have low to deck booms - OK, Laser, Finn and Europe and they all require the low 'duck' to clear the head from the boom. Mastering the...
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    Re: Truant wooden sailboat?

    Looks to be nice sailing dinghy and whoever built it did a very good job.

    For sailing it is definitely a sit on the deck and the cockpit is a large foot well.
    Note that the surrounds to the...
  4. Re: HELP - Calling Diesel engine experts on WBF

    Did you check that both propellors are exactly the same?
    The lower rpm engine may have a coarser pitch than the higher rpm engine.
  5. Re: Why are inboard engine shafts angled down ?

    Not a correct assumption. The marine gearbox will be designed so that the shaft coupling is lower than the engine crankshaft. Some gearboxes are also angled - the engine stays horizontal and the...
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    Re: Hull Design for Choppy Water

    Lee, I suggest you spend sometime with the local yacht clubs, especially those sailing dinghies.
    They will have had years sailing in the same circumstances you wish to tame at sea.
    The boats they...
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    Re: More Hartley

    Fish, my only observation is that the rudder cheeks are too low on the stern.
    What you should avoid is having them drag through the water. I would raise the lower pintle and the cheeks and build a...
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    Re: Another Hartley TS16 restore.

    If you remove and replace the transom make sure that the hull is secured.
    Have heard of problems with hull springing out wide and it is tough job to pull it back into shape and ensure the hull is...
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    Re: Saving Ipacia (hopefully)

    Gee whiz, you Aussies have your timbers mixed up.

    Lupussonic is correct Macrocarpa is a Cypress not a pine -Cupressus macrocarpa, originally from Monterey in California.
    Family Cupressacae...
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    Re: Alden 28' "Ulysses" motorsailer

    I think she would make a great day tripper.
    Leave the dinghy on the mooring or tow it - and you will have tiller steering and a large lounging deck aft of the storm cockpit.
    Great for a mid summers...
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    Re: First step toward legality

    I am beginning to understand why US citizens are against socialism - that is a system where someone in some part of the Government system wants to know what you own!
    That is what I am hearing above...
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    Re: Devlin Oolichan 13

    I am with Rich Jones.
    Just why would you change the build specified by the designer? Are you a naval architect?
    The designer goes to a lot of work to specify the construction of his design to...
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    Re: Built up stem questio

    You have some Sikaflex, use that in the hole.
    This boat is not going to spend lots of time in the water, and will presumably be on trailer and hauled out regularly to dry out.
  14. Re: New to this club. Looking for chrysler inboard info. Circa 1947.

    I am a woodie boat owner from down under who also restores on old tractors.
    My oldest is a 1945 Minneapolis Moline RTU.
    And we get all our engine parts from the US.

    First tip; If those engines...
  15. Thread: Zoom

    by Don MacLeod

    Re: Zoom

    Gussets should be the same thickness of the frame, and epoxied and screwed into place. They are not the same as ply either side of the joint. Gussets will prevent the entry of any water and dampness...
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    Re: Plan Pointers?

    Benha, I am a keen diver and sailor.
    Had exactly the same challenge so went to a reputable designer here in New Zealand - Owen Woolley, now deceased.
    And he drew up what I wanted. That was in 2001,...
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    Re: Well boat performance Dis/advantages?

    Sleek, we have designed and built larger deep vee hulls in New Zealand with the engine moved forward to enable a walk around cockpit for fishing.

    White Pointer alloy hulls have been built with...
  18. Re: largest open boat that can be rowed for any distance solo

    Paul, do a Google search for Solo ocean rowing boat designs. You will get lots of information on long distant ocean rowing boats.
    They tend to be 6 to 7.5 metres long, approx 1.5 metres beam. And...
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    Re: More Hartley

    This is the easiest product to apply for a non skid deck and I believe it is available in the US.
    Worked well on my Hartley.

    On my launch we used clean white...
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    Re: Transom height

    Before you cut the transom down talk to your chosen outboard supplier.
    Talk to them to determine what engine you are going to purchase and what shaft length you require.
    The Atkins Walter Piel V...
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    Re: 1949 Monk Varnish prep! epoxy?

    Down under where we are exposed to high UV light - aliphatic polyurethane coating is the way to go.
    It is widely used on our wood finish classic yachts and launches. they have 3 different primers...
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    Re: Hartley 18 keelbox HELP!!!!

    Richard, thank you for the extra photos.
    That would be the strongest keel I have seen on a Hartley centreboard boat.
    I wonder of the builder, copied the structure for the keel version and then cut...
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    Re: Hartley 18 keelbox HELP!!!!

    Can you take a photo from the bow looking aft along the keel and one from the stern looking towards the bow.
    It looks like you have a non standard external keel construction, to a standard Hartley....
  24. Re: Strengthening a sailing dinghy to convert to a motor boat

    It looks like an early John Welsford build, the frames and hull lines suggest that.
    It has been designed as a yacht, so its performance under power is not going to be flash.
    The more HP you put on...
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    Re: Hartley 18 keelbox HELP!!!!

    I have built a 16. You should be able to scarf in new sections of the keel.
    You will note that the centreboard slot is cut through the keelson and the keel is two pieces on each side.
  26. Re: Repair advice - delamination of a Hartley 16's outside hull centreboard casing ar

    I would undo the screws, grind the wood of and make a new keel section and splice in.
    Ensure that the inside ply of the centre case is well glued to it. Sand down the lifting fibre glass and epoxy...
  27. Re: Asking for ideas about 13-14 ft boat design

    Suggest that you take a look at the Hartley range of hulls.
    They all have v hulls ideal for that afternoon choppy trip home.
    Construction is plywood over frame and well suited for home builders....
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    Re: More Hartley

    We just make sure the bolt was a tight fit and then coated it with a sealant such as Sikaflex.
    If it has a drip leak then...
  29. Re: quickest long range cruising sailboat to build

    I believe that plywood construction over sawn frames has been under rated in this discussion.
    Take a look at Ragtime (still sailing). Designed by John Spencer in 1963, two years until launching ( as...
  30. Re: quickest long range cruising sailboat to build

    Do it once and do it right.
    You want blue water capability, then go for it.
    Your comfort and the dog's comfort require a decent amount of room and space.
    The Gartside Design #174 12.9 metre...
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    Re: Closing seacocks

    I always close my seacocks when leaving the boat in its Marina berth. When I built her I ensured I had only two inlets below waterline - engine and toilet, both have nylon fittings and valves. The...
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    Re: Can't sell home-built boat in Pennsylvania?

    I can only think you now have a socialist government in the USA that controls everything in favour of the factory worker.
    That is what gave birth to Karl Marx and his views......
    Someone in your...
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    Re: More Hartley

    Eric, with respect to the plate thickness, think metric mate.
    5/16th is equivalent to 8mm.
    According to Wikipedia the US went metric about 1867, except no one made it mandatory!!!

    On Facebook...
  34. Re: How to install a flat sliding window in a curved coach? Or other options...

    Your best ventilation will come from that roof top hatch. It will be open most of the time.
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    Re: Designs re-using PWC power

    If you wish to beat the noise and two stroke engine smoke, suggest a Mercury Fourstroke Jet Drive.
    You can attach it to an outboard shallow draft hull and you are on your way.......
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    Re: Easy Sailing Pram designs

    It appears a 10 foot Mirror dinghy might do the job for you. It is a very popular sailing dinghy world wide.
    The boat has been around for 50+ years and has just about sailed everywhere....
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    Re: Boat building timbers in New Zealand

    When I built my launch I used Lawsoniana (also know as Lawsons cypress, Port Orford Cedar) and marcrocapa.
    The Lawsons was from hedgerows milled near Ohakune - had a few knots in it, but they have...
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    Re: Modify a dory

    I favour a well, which in your Dory can be placed dead centre as it has no keel.
    And that 3.5 hp Merc will have plenty of will make the Dory squat at full throttle, but it will be more...
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    Re: Engine noise abatement

    Have you steel or SS fuel tanks each side of the engine room?
    I found to reduce engine noise in the pilot station directly above the engine, I had to cover the inside surface facing the engine with...
  40. Re: Delignification around propeller stern tube in shaft log

    No one has mentioned bonding in this discussion.
    There is very good evidence that bonding between metal components on or in the hull cam also contribute to delignification.
    The Cheoy Lee has...
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    Re: how to lift a trailered boat for painting

    The Glen L Kingfisher is a centre consol boat. Have you got an outboard?
    If Yes then first make the boat lighter. Remove the outboard.
    Then push the boat of the trailer on to some old tyres...
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    Re: More Hartley

    Eric, you are doing a great job.
    Just needed some more cartons under the boat when it flick rolled the last few feet.
    Two of us rolled this 9.4 metre hull using a rope to the ceiling...
  43. Re: Very old New Zealand built Speedboat/Speedster restoration

    Wow I can hear the roar now across the Bay. This project should be fun.
    Most older fuel tank breathers drained over the side where they could not get any water spray and the pipe had a riser in it,...
  44. Re: Very old New Zealand built Speedboat/Speedster restoration

    Gavin a foredeck anchor well will be completely out of character with the age and original form of this neat runabout.
    Go to Lake Rotoiti's annual parade and no boat of this size and this vintage...
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    Re: New Guy With '56 Torpedo 14

    Freebird, nothing wrong with the Awlgrip Clear range of urethane finishes.
    This is the go to product for clear wood exterior finishes and our sun is to tough on varnishes.
  46. Re: Design history of a 9ft row/sail wooden dinghy, pre-1980

    Nice dinghy Trish.
    Those photos suggest it is unlikely to be a Hartley or Pelin.
    It looks as if it could be longer than 9 ft. Have you any recent exact measurements?
    Best of luck in your search
  47. Re: Very old New Zealand built Speedboat/Speedster restoration

    Gavin, this is a great project and I will follow it with interest.
    Peter Murton recently rebuilt a similar hull and fitted it with a flat head V8 -...
  48. Re: Design history of a 9ft row/sail wooden dinghy, pre-1980

    There is another dinghy that has a centreboard casing, mast step and inboard decking and taht is the Mirror Sailing dinghy.
    Your rig is a look alike to the Mirror dinghy....
  49. Re: Design history of a 9ft row/sail wooden dinghy, pre-1980

    As it is a NZ build I think it could be a Hartley or Pelin praam dinghy enlarged to 9 foot.
    It was not uncommon to add to a hull during construction.
    The construction is ply on frame, and that...
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    Re: Outboard runabout designs for young kids

    My advice, do not build it to small.
    Those kids of yours will grow up faster than you can imagine.
    I would suggest a 12 foot minimum......and a hull that can be up powered as they grow older and...
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