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    Re: Dug out canoe building, finland 1936

    They mostly harvested cattle fodder I think. There weren't fields enough to feed enough cattle to feed all the people so fertile marchlands were very economically important.

    Those boats were...
  2. Thread: Large Prams

    by heimlaga

    Re: Large Prams

    In the book Robåter Og Små Seilbåter by Torgny Knutson one can find drawings and building instructions for a 14 foot traditional Arendal pram. According to the text the 15 footers were similar so a...
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    Re: Kate LK 126. A Zulu Herring Drifter...

    That's a nice boat!
    I like her hull shape and the no nonsence way she is built. For me being accustomed to traditional Scandinavian double enders and having learned what a good boat is supposed to...
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    Re: In search of a caulking wheel

    Can't you just make one yourself like generations of boatwrights have done before?
  5. Re: Hello! ...and what happens to clinker boats built too large?

    I am a bit late to this discussion but I might have something to add.

    Pretty large clinker built vessels did not disappear in medieval times. In the Nordic countries people continued building them...
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    Re: Steelframed wooden hull

    I did not know this despite quite a bit of welding experience and a Batchelor's degree in structural engineering. Thanks for telling me before I ended up in an accident. I knew about the high slag...
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    Re: I'm beginning to really think

    Well..... when looking at the USA through an imaginary telescope from across the Atlantic it all looks like an old steamer slowly sinking in an icy sea. Sinking because the the owners did not allow...
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    Re: Danish double-ender project in Gloucester, MA

    Congratulations to both of you on the wedding.

    As I have said before I like the hull shape of Jette. She just looks right from all angles to my eyes. I cannot read a boat drawing but I have spent...
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    Re: Steelframed wooden hull

    I have read somewhere that British shipbuilders developed composite construction because they could not attach copper sheathing to an iron plated hull without having some serious galvanic coorosion....
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    Re: Is a Cargo Schooner right for me?

    Just a thought from a little knowing mostly landlubbing carpenter.........

    Most boats that appear in this thread are actually more or less based on pleasure boat designs as far as i can see. Cut...
  11. Re: Monster of a Band Saw on Craigs in Oakland, CA

    The only problem I can see is the missing table if it cannot be found in a corner of the shop. Is there some kind of design fault or quality problems with this particular model of saw when you sound...
  12. Re: Thicknesser advice - European side of the ditch

    In the old days there were a a multitude of high quality woodworking machinery manufacturers in Germany and Austria. Some of them made some fairly small yet rigid surfacer/thicknesser combinations...
  13. Thread: Rolling boats

    by heimlaga

    Re: Rolling boats

    The oldtimers did regularly turn sailing coasters upside down for the winter. The biggest ones that were turned over for the winter were fully decked carvel built boats that could load up to 80 tons...
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    Re: Danish double-ender project in Gloucester, MA

    Great to see her afloat!
    I have followed this thread for a long time. Jette has to be one of the most beautiful boats I have ever seen. There is something special with her lines. They just look...
  15. Re: Need advice concerning an old canvas kayak

    Today I have checked out the old kayak toghether with my 75 years old uncle who rebuilt it in 1958 and has built several wooden boats later in his life. I did also take some photos. Unfortuanately I...
  16. Re: Need advice concerning an old canvas kayak

    Wow...... if you could make such a fine boat out of that wreck I should not worry too much....... Suddenly a rebuild started feeling a good bit easier.

    Thanks for your advice. I had never heard of...
  17. Re: Need advice concerning an old canvas kayak


    I will go and take a look at the kayak maybe next week. It is 100km away from where I live. Last time I had a closer look at it was several years ago.

    The waters I will be paddling is...
  18. Re: Need advice concerning an old canvas kayak

    Thanks according to you my main worry should be if there is any pre-1958 rot damage still left in the frame. The kayak had been left outside unprotected for a few years in the 50-ies and...
  19. Need advice concerning an old canvas kayak

    Hello again

    Since 10 years I have some muscular trouble in my back which I am trying to sort out through some rather intense training. Most likely I must continue training for the rest of my life...
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    Re: Cost of birth control

    It is starting to become pretty much a proven fakt beyond debate here in Northern Europe that for the society as a whole birth control is much cheaper that taking care of single mothers and destitute...
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    Re: Do you think the EU will survive?

    The huge influx of underpaid (often unpaid) Bulgarian or Romanian labour and the EU politic of breaking down welfare makes a lot of working class people worried. Getting a job gets harder and hardet...
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    Re: I saw these and thught of yole

    Are the boats fron Orkney and the Hebrides really fuller aft than forward? Is there a reason for this?

    To me this looks very strange. Otherwise I do really like their hull shapes.
  23. Re: Looking for historical information about the paddle steamer Newcastle built in 18

    Thanks for your help Nick.

    That would be great Andrew!
    That slek hull makes sence if she was built as a packet. Great to get that part explained.
  24. Re: Looking for historical information about the paddle steamer Newcastle built in 18

    That would be great if you could Andrew!

    She looks like she could have been built as a steam packet.
    I have scanned the photo but cannot post it on the forum since I do not have access to a...
  25. Re: Looking for historical information about the paddle steamer Newcastle built in 18

    I will send them an e-mail and ask.
  26. Re: Looking for historical information about the paddle steamer Newcastle built in 18

    I looked at the link Nick posted. They would probably have the kind of information I am looking for but they would charge me a fee for looking it up if I underatood the text correctly. Suck fees are...
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    Re: Santa Maria found?

    Very interresting if it is true........ but I bet someone will consider it less cool when finding all the empty hootch bottles left behind in what once was the admiral's cabin.....
    Things like that...
  28. Looking for historical information about the paddle steamer Newcastle built in 1855

    My great great grandfather's sisters husband was the capitain of that steamer in the late 1880-ies. Since then we have a photograph of her that has been passed down from generation to generation and...
  29. Re: Show off your shop/garages. What is yours like??

    Nice little jointer you have there Tom. Not too heavy to move yet big enough for some rather serious work.
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    Re: What constitutes a "Replica"?

    In my humble oppinion a replica would have to be built as close to the original as practical with due considerations to the intended use. That would mean at a minimum that the hull shape and...
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    Re: For the Climate Change Realists

    Around here farmers are harrowing their fields on the 22 of April. To my knowledge this hasn't happened in several centuries. Something has to be wrong when such things happen.
  32. Re: I once had a..(Fill in the Blank)..Man, I loved that car!!

    My only car since 14 years is a 1984 model Opel Kadett E with 1.2 litre OHV engine. I love that car..... but sadly they aren't made any more.......
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    Re: I think I'm a luddite.

    I get all phones I need secondhand cheap or free. When the supply runs out there are still low cost phones on the market. Phones that can handle a call or a text message. I neither need nor want...
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    Re: Valeria Lukyanova ! ! !

    If you ask me that Valeria has brough ugliness to a completely new level......

    To me there is nothing as beautiful as a healthy woman with her natural body shape intact and her natural hair...
  35. Re: "The Gospel of Jesus' Wife" is determined to be ancient, not a fake.

    Does it matter if Jesus ben Joseph the carpenter from Nasareth was married?

    I only wish that if he was married they had a great relationship and were happy together and got healthy kids. Maybe...
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    Re: Your dream bandsaw for your home workshop??

    My dream bandsaw would be an old cast iron monster. Ultimately a Jonsered but many others would do just as well. That Barker bandsaw looks wonderful and Kudzu's American band saw may turn out even...
  37. Re: Can You Build a Sailboat Interior Out of Alaska Birch?

    I live in Finland at roundabout the same latitude as Anchorage in Alaska. We have a lot of birches here too. Ours are another species but closely related to yours.

    Tradition dictates that birch...
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    Re: Real old school trad boat references?!!

    There are a somw very brief but fairly good instructions on building a Norwegian pram of the Arendal variety in the book Robåter Og Små Seilbåter by Torgny Knutson. The book was first published in...
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    Re: Tablesaw Accident

    Best wishes and thanks for telling us theese words of warning. I think you might have saved us a finger or two.
  40. Thread: security

    by heimlaga

    Re: security

    Then my then employer tried to steal my tools I loudly announced it to all other employess and subcontractors and even to some customers. This was followed with the announcement that everything...
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    Re: how much would you pay for these?

    I would pay between 1 and 8 euros apiece for those chisels as that is what secondhand high quality chisels normally cost............
  42. Re: Charles W Morgan Restoration; A Volunteer's Perspective-1

    I suppose that the Mystic Seaport crew has found out this already but for readers of the thread it might be interresting to know that the Marstal boat engines were manufactured by Motorfabriken...
  43. Re: The Shetland Boat: History; Folklore & Construction - a blog by Marc Chivers

    I really like the hull shape of the Shetland boats..........
    It is facinating to compare their hull shape with traditional boats from my area and find excactly the differenses that I expect to...
  44. Re: Scots pine (p. sylvestris) for boatbuilding

    Yes it is.
  45. Re: Scots pine (p. sylvestris) for boatbuilding

    People in southern Scandinavia have used it for clinker built workboats since the viking age at least and it makes very good boats though it is heavier and more brittle than the spruce that is used...
  46. Re: What thickness planer for strip boats/projects?

    Yep that's right.......those Parks planers and other similar sized cast iron ones look like a good choice in the small segment of the market. Heavy for their size yet small.
  47. Re: Grinder for sharpening planes and drawknives - suggestions

    I could do that but I already have two grinders that can take slightly smaller wheels. One of them is home made from an industrial washing mashine. I keep the big wheel in store for future needs.
  48. Re: What thickness planer for strip boats/projects?

    I would never ever buy a planer that uses disposable knives just because that makes you use too dull knives all the time. Planer knives get dull very rapidly so that would mean a lot of running back...
  49. Re: Grinder for sharpening planes and drawknives - suggestions

    I mostly use a waterstone grinder and sometimes a band grinder. If I had to make do with one of them that would be the waterstone grinder. There is a huge difference between a good wheel and a bad...
  50. Re: Mainer Straps Helium Balloons on and Heads for Ireland

    Is there a mental hospital in Newfoundland? In that case he missed it.
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