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  1. Re: Election Denier Denies She Lost Election.

    Merely a dress rehearsal for all Republicans who may loose on election day 2024. Note to repugnicans, "KMA".
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    Re: A car.

    I remember news media photos about that car when new.
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    Re: Top of mast painted white?

    I've heard it started on the Chesapeake.
  4. Re: AP says the Democrats are losing voters

    Everyone jumping onto the right to life band wagon? I think not. Maybe tomorrow's AP headline will differ. It takes some of these current "journalists a day or so to get all the words spelled...
  5. Re: AOC: "Impeachment should be considered if Supreme Court justices lied during - -

    ^^^ Often the case with me, too. However, in this case she may be pushing an interesting button. (^^^ arrows refer to Gerarddm's post)
  6. AOC: "Impeachment should be considered if Supreme Court justices lied during - - -

    confirmation". For once I agree with her. Turn up the heat! Ask Kavanaugh how he likes warm beer.
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    Re: The #&@$! New York Times.

    We do it sans bots. It's only five letters; geesh.
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    Re: What is at stake.

    Thomas was better (if indeed that is possible) all those years when he never said anything publicly.
  9. Re: Perjury is a crime, is it not, even for Supreme Court nominees?

    They are, however, lying sacks of excrement.
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    Re: CLC wowsers again!

    The sailing canoe I'm putting together combining an old Old Town rig and a refurbished, almost equally old, fiberglass canoe will have an outboard push-pull rudder linked to an inboard tiller. ...
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    Re: Clarence Thomas...

    What's Thomas gon'na do when they reverse inter-racial marriage? Go whiteface? Or will she go black-face?
  12. Re: If someone handed you a million dollars...

    Have a Bluejacket-28 built and learn to fly a helicopter. Of course there would be some distribution among relatives.
  13. Re: i think i might survive the day now

    And the Tabernacle is inscribed "Dunkin Donut".
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    Re: At the WBS!

    My fav outboard motor cruiser design.
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    Re: Can you touch your toes?

    I can do it, sometimes, with a bit of warmup stretching. I take an exercise class at the Y twice most weeks.
  16. Re: Religion ins schools; taxpayer money

    Even Liberal Catholics who favor Vatican II will be highly suspect. (my methodist wife says I'm the most liberal catholic she's ever met)
  17. Re: Religion ins schools; taxpayer money

    Said Theocracy sure as hell doesn't include the Muslims, eh?
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    Re: Who here thinks...

    Second this
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    Re: Anybody from Chicago?

    The Bean is 1" thick chromium. Duh!
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    Re: The Tragedy of Elon Musk

    He was tolerable back when he was busy keeping Tesla afloat, and before his head got two sizes too large with his rocket to the Moon. But now that he thinks everyone is waiting breathlessly for his...
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    Re: headed to test drive one of these

    Anything I have to bend WAY over to get into, like my wife's Camry, will NEVER find its way even to the BOTTOM of my list of prospects. My Kia Soul 5-speed manual has the cab height of a full-size...
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    Re: should liberals

    Liberals HAVE guns.
  23. Re: All You Bilge Rats Could Have Been Here Last Week

    North Channel?
  24. Ever dumber than launching without the drain plug.

    Make that EVEN dumber (don't know how to correct a thread title). Disconnected freshwater inlet hose. Of course, I might have closed the valve last Fall when I disconnected the hose to pump...
  25. Re: Whose got some oldies in their music collection

    I've got Burl Ives, Eddy Albert, Tenn Ernie Ford, Kingston Trio, and Julie Andrews with the original cast of My Fair Lady, on vinyl, not CD.
  26. Re: Always double check those lug nuts

    Another vote for checking lug nuts shortly after tire work. I once took my Dodge Diesel in to have the tires rotated. I had bought a complete set of tires there a year earlier. From the customers'...
  27. Re: Can someone explain the hatred of goats?

    I ask again, do goats eat beets?
  28. Re: Can someone explain the hatred of science?

    Do goats eat beets?
  29. Re: Vehicles Most Likely to Reach 200,000 Miles

    Several years ago, when I was thinking about a Jeep (got the Kia Soul instead) I remember someone here posted that if you lay real still in bed at night you could hear a Jeep rusting in your garage. ...
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    Re: Biden is not my president

    Speak for yourself.
  31. Re: Vehicles Most Likely to Reach 200,000 Miles

    I drove a Plymouth Horizon 350,000 miles, and a Dodge Omni just short of 300,000 miles. Both of them were assembled nearby in Belvedere, IL. Like Lee Iacocca used to say, if you can find a better...
  32. Re: Can someone explain the hatred of goats?

    I keep telling my wife we should get a goat to keep the lawn trimmed. Free fertilizer, too!
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    Re: mike muther******* pence

    Word here in Illinois is that our Gov Pritzker might run. His record as Gov is actually pretty good. He's to be keynote speaker at an upcoming convention in New Hampshire, a traditional place...
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    Re: Grilling Contraptions

    Two-burner propane Webber. It replaced a succession of Char broil grills and is more satisfactory.
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    Re: Biden 2024.

    Agree with all but your last point. I believe Dems realize Biden would get smoked, and so will make a more dynamic choice.
  36. Re: Can someone explain the hatred of gays?

    On my first flight to San Francisco (boss used to reserve all the trips to California for himself, but we now had a new boss) I sat beside a woman who told me two things, try the calamari, and that...
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    Re: Goodbye to flat tires?

    And "hello wildly unbalanced wheels". May be fine for Fla and Ca, but in our cold N Illinois winters it would be all too easy for slush to freeze in the spaces close to the ground, making the wheel...
  38. Re: Soliciting advice for a lateen rig on a canoe

    I appreciate your advice, Todd. My spars which don't seem to fit the sail are just straight dowels. I plan to taper everything. The illustration of the Morris is noteworthy here because my old...
  39. Re: Soliciting advice for a lateen rig on a canoe

    Thanks for the sail area comparison, Benson. I like traditional stuff, like canoe leeboards mounted on a clamp-on thwart, however, at my age of 82 I believe I'd be more comfortable with a pair of...
  40. Soliciting advice for a lateen rig on a canoe

    I have an Old Town sailing canoe rig from the 1950's that I' adapting to a fiberglass canoe. I got the rig years ago along with a derelict wood and canvas sponson canoe. the leeboards and clamp-on...
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    Re: Thinkin' About Ink?

    ^^^^ My son is thinking about opening a Tattoo Removal bidnez. That "38%" figure mentioned above is absolutely NUTS!
  42. Re: Watch the first 4 minutes. Would you be contacting the mechanics they mention?

    I agree, very possibly this. We once had the last of the RWD Olds Cutlasses, bought new as a leftover from the previous year. It was mostly the Wife's car unless driving cross country to visit...
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    Re: American values?

    The majority of Americans don't have any values worth mentioning. Biden's approval being lower than Trump"s is proof. The so-called "greatest country on Earth" is going down the drain due to lack...
  44. Re: Favorite sitcom from the golden days of TV

    Mary Tyler Moore & Cheers
  45. Re: 44 years of accumulated junk in the basement

    Is this like "I'll show you mine if you show me yours"?
  46. Re: Top Gun (Spoiler Alert for those that haven't seen it)

    Not very excited by anything Tom Cruise does.
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    Re: Kick Them While They're Down

    Our county park trails have refuse containers positioned right beside dispensers for plastic doggie bags.
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    Re: Kick Them While They're Down

    So why don't you want to tell us "how you know"? Got something to hide? The only thing that concerns me is the disregard for decent waste treatment.
  49. Re: Midwest boat trailers. Anyone heard of them?

    Nice! What was the price? I am adapting a decrepit old, cheap folding trailer (like Harbor Freight or Northern Tool) to haul a 17' canoe. Of course lengthening the tongue to be like that shown in...
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    Re: Trump is Toast

    I wan'na see Trump in an orange suit. But first I wan'na see him resist arrest and ten be put in leg irons. Then I wan'na see him kicking and screaming on the floor in a tantrum resisting being...
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