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    Re: Best Boat... For This Specific Scenario

    Texas, plywood, shallow, sub-14’, how about the Welsford Saturday Night Special which was literally designed for tat scenario:...
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    Re: Sail Area Differences

    Putting a different sail rig on an existing design is not trivial. The geometry of the sail determines the location of its “center of effort” which needs to have a specific relationship with the hull...
  3. Re: Looking for sources to fabricate a steel centerboard

    As the aspect ratio of the cross-section goes up (it gets thinner relative to its chord) then the lift and drag benefits of a better profile go down. is a nice...
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    Re: Creating 2 piece oars

    I was just looking at these for making a breakdown double paddle. In case you are thinking of looking around for a better deal, don’t bother. Everything similar that I saw was double the price. $30...
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    Re: Deciding between Ness Yawl and Sooty Tern

    Can you say more about “expensive and difficult to work”?

    Every wood working tool I own has cut plywood as effectively as it has cut timber. What is it about plywood that is difficult to work?
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    Re: NZers circumnavigate in a wooden boat

    Great article. For general purpose writing about sailing, the reporter did a very nice job.
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    Re: Why is a lug rig called a lug rig?

    When I get my boat Bristol fashion, it’s usually in that sense of the word.
  8. Re: Sources for solid wood planking stock in US Midwest: Northern white cedar, pine,

    Just a status update, my local hardwood place only has SYP for pine, got a number to call for the right person at Endeavor Hardwoods. And heavens to Betsy I’ve got two, not one, count ‘em two leads...
  9. Re: Sources for solid wood planking stock in US Midwest: Northern white cedar, pine,

    My friends and I have dealt with lots of Amish sawmills for various projects, but the issue is that none of them saw for grade, and usually they are selling wood green right out of the woods, through...
  10. Sources for solid wood planking stock in US Midwest: Northern white cedar, pine, ???

    For my second boat, I am excited to try something more traditional than a plywood flatiron skiff. I bought the plans for Harry Bryan’s 12 foot Fiddlehead and I have been enjoying reading the...
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    Re: ​DART tacking outrigger canoe

    So happy to see this boat in the water before the end of the year. For three sheets of plywood, it’s a pretty fabulous creation. Lots of fun in a tiny bit of materials and simple construction...
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    Re: Roger Barnes Latest Videos

    Same here. We sailed on the Castle Rock flowage at Buckhorn State Park this weekend following Tom’s suggestion and it was exceptional. That part of the Wisconsin down to the Dells would be a fun...
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    Re: Sitting comfortably in very small boats

    I use the same sort of thing in a 15’ skiff that has no internal furniture, so everyone has to sit on the floor. If you need a plan, Jim Michalak has suggestions...
  14. Re: Carnell Nutmeg: an MVB, a “minimum viable boat”

    One of the post-launch tweaks still left is to paint the gunwales their accent color. My daughter the 6th grade artist picked the color scheme and it sure looks dramatic. Nobody Is going to mistake...
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    Re: Building the CoPogy 18

    Thats very interesting, I remember reading a boat designer (can’t remember who right now) who used weight to estimate build time. I think his theory was that you could put 2 or 3 pounds of wood on in...
  16. Re: One insane englishman trying to rebuild the 1910 gaff cutter Tally Ho, in WA. (VI

    My recollection from the motor episode is that he has the main engine coupled to a motor-generator for hybrid propulsion, and also charging. I don’t think that we’ve seen any of those parts yet?
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    Re: Flush trimming deck - need advice

    I would be out there with a hand plane for sure, but that’s much more familiar to me than a router. If you have a lot of material, more than you want to plane off, then you probably have enough to...
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    Re: How to attach the tiller to the rudder?

    Another vote for this. Jim Michalak and Dave Carnell, two highly simplifying boat designers both make them this way.


    Carnell mentions in his plans that the 1/4” bolt through the tiller...
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    Re: Inscribing an HIN on a little plywood skiff?

    This is my plan right now. I am visiting my 3D printer friend in a couple of weeks and I figured I could easily design a flat plate with raised numbers that could be glued and screwed down. I...
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    Re: Inscribing an HIN on a little plywood skiff?

    Thanks for mentioning the federal requirement. USCG has this nicely detailed document on the subject. I’ll think about metal plates...
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    Inscribing an HIN on a little plywood skiff?

    When I registered my boat at the County Recorder (so easy, just check the “homemade” box on the form!) they assigned me an HIN and said that I would need to carve it into the boat somewhere.

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    Re: I know nothing: Choosing a PFD?

    Thanks for that encouragement, Dave, but I’m afraid I probably already have overthought it. But I did make a decision finally and got one of the MTI paddling foam vests. Thanks to everyone for the...
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    I know nothing: Choosing a PFD?

    Now that my boat is done and going out sailing and rowing, I’d like to treat myself to a new, more functional PFD to replace the basic one-strap, blue-light-special that has been kicking around our...
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    Re: Minimal sailing dink for two?

    Yes. You need another boat. Good luck with that!
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    Re: Minimal sailing dink for two?

    Jim Michalak's Piccup Pram is a classic two-person, back-of-pickup boat.
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    Re: Pedal Cat design

    Rick Willoughby is one of the masters of this type of design. has some of his ideas. He has also designed pedal drives for a number of the Race to Alaska teams. You could...
  27. Re: Carnell Nutmeg: an MVB, a “minimum viable boat”

    Not too many good pictures from today, but here's Clementine enjoying her time on the water very much.


    She's part poodle, so maybe it's in her bloodline.


    A great day was...
  28. Re: Carnell Nutmeg: an MVB, a “minimum viable boat”

    Launch day today. I've got a backlog of pictures from the last few projects to get ready, but here's what really matters.


    Sailing 4-up plus a dog in a home-built boat with a Sunfish...
  29. Re: Carnell Nutmeg: an MVB, a “minimum viable boat”

    Hung the rudder hardware back on with caulk to plug up the remaining holes in the transom and finished putting the oars and their “locks” on.



    Launch date is set for Labor Day...
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    Re: North country dinghy cruising resources?

    And history repeats itself every decade or so here:
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    Re: North country dinghy cruising resources?

    Tom already went there, according to Small Boats:
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    Re: North country dinghy cruising resources?

    Or how about this thing? Lake Nipigon, Ontario, north of Thunder Bay and Lake Superior.


    How big do you figure the mosquitos are in July when the snow finally melts? ;)
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    North country dinghy cruising resources?

    I’ve been cruising the charts on the C-MAP app on my iPad (it’s free to just look!), searching for medium-sized puddles in the upper Midwest that could support some beginning sail camping adventures....
  34. Re: Introduction: Newbie to sail & oar, and building in central Texas

    I’m a middle-age non-sailor in the middle of the country too and I’m nearing the end of my first flat-bottom plywood on frames boat. Welcome to an engaging and delightful process of building the boat...
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    Re: Yards and weight aloft on sail & row skiffs

    Jim Michalak has an easy way to remember that one. With the wind blowing 14 knots, one square foot of sail catches one pound of force. For different speeds, scale the force as the square of the wind...
  36. Re: Carnell Nutmeg: an MVB, a “minimum viable boat”

    It was shades of Huck Finn in here today, I had three helpers from age 7 to 11 putting on the first coat of the inside paint. I snuck out after their bed time and put the second coat on.

  37. Thread: Skookum Maru

    by NeilMB

    Re: Skookum Maru

    I think that a mechanical solution will be more robust to fuel than any adhesive. Four little stainless hose clamps? Double constrictor knots in a suitable cord?
  38. Re: Carnell Nutmeg: an MVB, a “minimum viable boat”

    Lots of boat work this Sunday, not too much to show for it in pictures though.

    The final leeboard lamination is clamped up now. I did end up doing all of the joints pairwise, but they were fine...
  39. Dinghy cruising sailing schools? Guided dinghy cruising trips?

    I’ve been watching lots of sailing YouTube and now I’m getting ads for these fancy learn-to-sail offshore schools that I imagine you give a couple kilo bucks and they take you sailing with them for a...
  40. Re: Carnell Nutmeg: an MVB, a “minimum viable boat”

    One small step each day. It was a busy Saturday for the family, but this evening after the kids went to bed I got to glue up my first pair of staves for the leeboard.


    The joint closed up...
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    Re: Any tips on using magnets in boat carpentry?

    Fixed magnets should have no effect whatsoever on GPS reception.

    Unless you use a mountain of them to make a Faraday cage around your antenna, then maybe.
  42. Re: Carnell Nutmeg: an MVB, a “minimum viable boat”

    Also painting the rudder head and the rudder blade today. They’ve been sealed and lightly sanded with 60 grit.


    First thin coat of porch paint. The paint manufacturer suggests using the...
  43. Re: Carnell Nutmeg: an MVB, a “minimum viable boat”

    Thanks everyone. I did find the stainless T-nuts in my local Ace hardware. I used two for attaching the wheels rather than one, somehow couldn’t get my mind around the single point thing. I did...
  44. Re: Carnell Nutmeg: an MVB, a “minimum viable boat”

    I filled screw heads on the inside of the hull, no pictures of that, and another random job to get ready for launching is making a bar with wheels for the transom so the boat can be loaded and...
  45. Re: Carnell Nutmeg: an MVB, a “minimum viable boat”

    Lots of summer travel means slow boat progress. The hull did get painted on the outside before we left, my 7 year old had a blast slapping on latex porch paint while I followed him brushing out the...
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    Re: Adventures in New Jersey

    What a lovely day in a small boat on some lovely water. The Atlantic coast sure looks magical for little trailable sail and oar boats. Thanks for the write-up. It helps get me out into the shop when...
  47. Thread: Oars

    by NeilMB

    Re: Oars

    If you want something to leave on the dinghy rack, how about a pair of Mik Storer’s Goat Island Skiff oars?
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    Re: Marine Plywood Patching and Bungs

    I also used Famowood to fill above screw heads in a plywood boat based on recommendations that I saw on this forum. It definitely worked, but the resulting surface is more like wood than a plastic,...
  49. Re: Class Globe 5.80 DIY kit boat and race thoughts

    There has been recent interest online in a new boat design with a similar numeric name in the same size range that is junk rigged, The Wave Rover 650...
  50. Re: Carnell Nutmeg: an MVB, a “minimum viable boat”

    Just a few in-progress pics from today.

    The rudder head is roughed in enough to mount the pintles.


    Which then let me locate the lower gudgeon and drill its mounting holes before I...
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