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    Re: Schooner ELBE 5 ex-WANDER BIRD Sunk

    I seem to remember Wander Bird went a ground quite some years back in Quarter Master Harbor, Vashon Is. WA. I'll have to look into this story, but as I recall, vandals untied her moorings. A bit of...
  2. Re: Take over a Blanchard Senior restoration

    Please forgive my ineptitude with posting. I deleted the sideways photos from my initial posting and this messed up the continuity of the thread. Thanks Hugh MacD for suggestion of Toledo. I'll check...
  3. Re: Take over a Blanchard Senior restoration

    She was built in 1946 and is 26 ft long. It has a fractional inboard rig, bulb keel. A survey after a complete restoration of July 1988 by Ed Louchard, Pt Towsend, states hull number is B48. Its...
  4. Re: Take over a Blanchard Senior restoration

    thanks for the interest. I've learned that artificial intelligence cannot tell if an image is sideways. Ah, but I can. I'll post answers to your questions later, but for now, two slightly better...
  5. Re: Take over a Blanchard Senior restoration

    it is sad indeed. I truly hope someone comes along. This boat is in good condition, very sound.
  6. Take over a Blanchard Senior restoration

    I have a Blanchard Senior in an enclosed shed on Vashon Island, WA. undergoing restoration. Its about ready to repaint. The decks are done. I've found I cannot finish project and am looking for...
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    I have back issues

    I have perhaps more than 90% of all WB back issues, all in good condition, and would gladly ship them to anyone who wants them within the continental USA.
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    Re: Northwest Coast Canoe Lines

    Thanks for all the input! And it works! Just before I logged on I found out that it is my old friend Bill Durham who first took the lines off the particular Nootka style canoe I like the best, and...
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    Re: Northwest Coast Canoe Lines

    Paul, thanks for your thoughts. I live on Vashon Island, by the way. I have been googling this question and pursuing dozens of links and images trying to get to the carvers and builders, or a...
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    Northwest Coast Canoe Lines

    I'd like to carve some models to a scale of two or three inches to the foot, of Northwest Coast canoes. I'm looking for sources of lines and offsets taken from historic examples, but I'm not finding...
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