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  1. Re: Contingencies For When Trump Is Arrested

    Cuff his ankles and drag the bloated POS to the paddy wagon, with his mop of hair dusting the stairs on the way down.
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    Re: Lumber-some good news

    We won't hear the good news in the mass media. According to them Biden is still responsible for "out-of-control inflation".
  3. Re: My sister is visiting her friend in Kaua段. They went to Costco

    I'll have the spam, spam, spam, ad infinatum - - -
  4. Re: For all who are cheering the Mar-a-Lago raid

    Sam Donaldson says the Mar-a Largo episode will likely be the case that ends up with Trump in an orange jumpsuit. He tells about how following all the serious crimes Al Capone committed, it was tax...
  5. Re: Do you foreign folks eat a pigs ass?

    I don't see an orifice in the OP.
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    Re: Mar a Largo

    Now that we are afforded opportunities to actually see arial views of Mara Largo several times each day on the news it occurs to me that the architectural values it conveys is singularly childish,...
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    Re: 2+2, the son of a b*tch is four.

    Hey, the kid is coming up with the correct answers.
  8. Re: Essex county NJ recent water problems

    People don't ride the streetcar?
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    Re: TSA Pre Check

    Here in Rockford we had to show up BEFORE the office doors opened in order to accomplish the objective that day. it was well worth it.
  10. Re: A guy who already own 3 P-51s and a Corsair

    The JN4 mentioned above was built from scratch over the last five years and is powered by a Curtis OX5 engine.
  11. Re: A guy who already own 3 P-51s and a Corsair

    Was the Jenny from Rockford there? I saw the maiden flight here at Poplar Grove Airport several months ago but have been away on a cruise for a couple of weeks.
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    Re: Trump and Hitler's generals

    Of course you're not just thinking about Trump here, right? Almost half of the US electorate endorse Trump's whims, which would include that of admiring Hitler. The USA is toast; we are getting...
  13. Re: Just returned from a cruise circumnavigating Isle Royale on Lk Superior in the Du

    Isle Royale is a closely guarded ecosystem. Pets might bring disease or parasites. One is not supposed to bring in firewood from outside, either. The NPS website details ALL of the regulations. ...
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    Re: Trump and Hitler's generals

    The ignorant pigs in various armed militia groups very likely admire that about their fellow ignorant pig named Trump. If body mass index means anything, Trump may have a thing about whales, eh?
  15. Re: How far can a boat hang off of a trailer?

    Peter Duff at Edey & Duff thoug 4' was the limit, which is why he euipped all Dovekie's with a light and license bar secured to the aft deck. Dovekie's special trailer terminated well ahead of the...
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    Re: Karen, Your Entitlement Is Showing

    Their radius ends at the lot line.
  17. Just returned from a cruise circumnavigating Isle Royale on Lk Superior in the DuNORD

    So WI-Tom advises I should tell y'awl about our wonderful adventure around Isle Royale instead of posting in the Bilge. We towed from Rockford to Grand Portage, MN (Hochunk rez), then launched for...
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    Re: POLITICAL Cartoons.

    Talk about "political"! I thought the "Trudeau" thing above was about the Canadian PM.
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    Re: I must have missed the memo:

    Looks like something promoted by people who haven't sense enough to NOT vote for Trump. I use Sensodyne on my teeth because it has even MORE abrasive.
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    Re: Why have a Checklist ?

    Took my 30 YR-OLD truck to a different place for a lube job, after dealing with the former place (where wife has been having repairs done for 40 years) for 12 years. Like everyone, they use a...
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    Re: Sculling oar length

    I sculled my 21' Dovekie very well with the 10' Ash oar furnished for rowing.
  22. When is it time to quit the Bilge?

    I keep thinking that when an armed revolution by neo-nazis begins, posting on the WBFB will become dangerous to the one posting. It may already be too late.
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    Re: A gentleman's pocket knife

    I like my Opinel, but I've been carrying a Victorinox "Leatherman" ever since one of my daughters gave it to me for Christmas a couple of years ago. Absolute top-quality tools.
  24. Re: Time to sack the chief of the Secret Service, no?

    Headline yesterday said 28% favor an armed uprising against the gov. Of course, were that to happen, and the uprisers were to win, they would have zero ability or inclination to establish a decent...
  25. Poll: Re: Summer Vacation! Who is planning a vacation this summer?

    Towing the DuNORD up to Grand Portage, MN later this morning, thence on for a week around Isle Royale. High Diesel prices are holding us back from the Bras d'Or.
  26. Time to sack the chief of the Secret Service, no?

    Breaths there a soul here who still supports him? Missing tapes, how ridiculous can a top government security official get?
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    Re: Steve Bannon's bad day.

    The orange jumpsuit will go nicely with the raggedy-a-- hair.
  28. Re: Sprinkle SW lawns with Midwest water? BULL DOOKEY!

    Might've preceded those folks you mention with "some", as in "some people". I for one, wouldn't live in a desert no matter what the salary increase was, nor would I move to a blood-red state, nor...
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    Re: Garland derelict in his duty?

    "Even more conservative than Obama"? I would not apply the "C" word to Obama, ever.
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    Re: Garland derelict in his duty?

    Garland was not too "conservative" for Obama to nominate him for SCJ. And he was not sufficiently "conservative" for the a-holes in the Senate to confirm the nomination. "conservative" indeed.
  31. Re: Sprinkle SW lawns with Midwest water? BULL DOOKEY!

    For lots of folks long-range planning does not extend beyond next month.
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    Garland derelict in his duty?

    It would seem Merrick Garland himself is derelict in his duty if he cannot find a reason to indict Trump for dereliction of duty on Jan 6.
  33. Re: Sprinkle SW lawns with Midwest water? BULL DOOKEY!

    Well and good, figment. However, the great huddled masses of us, yearning to breathe free, have our toilet water flow into a municipal sewer system, whence it flows onward into the watershed, which...
  34. Sprinkle SW lawns with Midwest water? BULL DOOKEY!

    Two news flashes on my google phone news this morning, "Lk Mead at 25% capacity" and "the dry SW needs to figure out a way to get Midwest water". I have zero sympathy for folks who moved west in...
  35. Re: Secret Service deleted text messages from Jan5-Jan6 after IG asked for them.

    I'd bet a room-full of SS agents have been listening to tapes for a week trying to find one that wouldn't send someone to jail. Lying c--ks--kers.
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    Re: Green Crab Flavored Whiskey

    Are Green Crabs edible, like Blue Crabs? NH might be missing a bet if so.
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    Re: wood boat insurance again

    DAMM! I may have to go back to State Farm. I used to have State Farm back when my employer moved from Superior, WI to Rockford, IL and a coworker had a "no fuss" experience insuring his new home...
  38. Re: Tip o' the Hat to Michael Mason (mmd)

    There are a lot of facets to like about mmd's posts. The continuing photos of the Nova Scotia coast stand out, along with his observations concerning boats, of course.
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    Re: Daily Drivers

    Ever see any Studebaker Larks? Best cars I ever had (way over half a million mi in the pair) were a Plym Horizon and Dodge Omni with 1.7L and 1.6L small engines
  40. Re: Anybody installed a mini split system?

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    Re: Mixing metaphors

    Good to know immagination is not dead.
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    Poll: Re: Poll: Life after Behr Spar Varnish


    QUOTE=Andrew Craig-Bennett;6695778]

    Epifanes. Always rub down between coats. That’s 14 coats.[/QUOTE]
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    Poll: Re: Poll: Life after Behr Spar Varnish

    Deks is easier for patching a ding because it's a softer finish. For #1 it's just a case of rubbing on more 1. For bright #2 all you have to do is lightly sand, rub in a couple of coats of #1, then...
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    Re: Those Lovable Losers

    They didn't get to the World Series by losing. Son took whole family to one of the games at the friendly confines.
  45. Re: Stolen valor. Sort of. Kind of. But technically

    Also credit the Trump Dictum, "one can get away with almost any lie one might dream up". It's called "alternate truth".
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    Poll: Re: Poll: Life after Behr Spar Varnish

    Deks Olje #1 and #2 are what I like. The products you listed mean nothing to me.
  47. Everything Trump touched in the WH turned into a stinking pile f excrement

    Did the same thing that happened to the DOJ happen to the Secret Service?
  48. Re: Tip o' the Hat to Michael Mason (mmd)

    mmd Posted stuff I most liked to read, usually sound marine information. He could make a bit of change selling those hats to WBF inmates.
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    Re: Video - and commentary

    Heads should roll, many heads, starting at the top and working down through the ranks.
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    Re: Willys Aero Wing

    Nice! At least it has a hinged trunk lid. Apparently (from what I've read here on the WBF) the Henry-J did not; only access was by removing the back seat.
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