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  1. Cuyahoga Chuck has returned from the dead

    TA DAAA! At least that's what my family says. And the old ladies here in the old-folks home say"oh Charlie you look so much better than when you came here".
    I'm going to read some to see where this...
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    Re: NRA sues Florida

    The NRA has to show standing to sue. I don't see how it can be seen as an aggrieved party. Maybe it's just a shot over the governor's bow.
  3. Re: What will Trump do if asked to testify?

    Ach boz'e moi! The meeting was only hours old and you got it wrong. The meeting involved rep's from both parties and Trump, as
    usual, agreed with the last person who spoke so in the end both sides...
  4. Re: What will Trump do if asked to testify?

    Trump was a habitual litigant in his prior occupation so he knows the drill. But shading the truth in a civil suite does not have the danger inherent in a criminal investigation. His attorneys are...
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    Trump: Chieftain of Spite

    Charles Blow describes the situation perfectly.
  6. Re: on the outside chance that I may be banned over B&W photos of the dead in the civ

    Do you remember the integration of that high school in Little Rock? I do. It wasn't a pretty picture.
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    Re: Source for Honda Trail 90 Parts

    The latest "Motorcycle Classics" did a segment on the Honda S 90. They were built from '64-69 and as such have reached the status as collectibles. That means the demand for parts still available is...
  8. Re: Fact Check? Lefty ANTIFA protester beat Disabled Man?

    those internet guys really know which dog whistles will get a rise out of you, Danny! must play hell with your blood pressure!
  9. White House Aide Forced Out After Claim of Leftist Conspiracy

    The craziness never stops in Trump's White House.
  10. Scott Pruitt Is Carrying Out His E.P.A. Agenda in Secret

    Scott is a busy boy. He's probably trying to accomplish his dirty work before Trump gets dumped.
  11. Re: Will Sessions accept a new position?

    Sessions has a lot of important supporters who are not likely to remain silent if their guy gets uprooted from Justice. Sessions as AG is the ideal weapon the Left needs. His presents can keep...
  12. Re: The Marine has landed. The Mooch is gone.

    Dumping a loudmouth like "the Mooch" was easy. The real test comes when Kelly tries to pry the cell phone from the president's little fingers.
  13. Re: Greetings fellow citizens, denizens, miscreants et al.

    Welcome back from the spirits of the Mighty Cuyahoga. It ain't been the same without you. You missed a lot of good chat.
  14. Re: The Trumpcare bill is dead... two more R senators bail

    For the life of me I can't figure out why McConnell is driving this campaign so long and so hard. Trumpcare could mean the early demise of thousands of his mostly poor Kentucky constituents.
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    Re: He Won! He Won! He Won!!!!!!!

    You are living in a dream world. No good will come to America and it's friends with a brazen huckster at the top of the heap. Your good intentions will be wasted effort trying to squeeze some good...
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    Re: Do you think you can walk 10K?

    Your level of fitness would best be tested by measuring off a valid 2 mile course (modern cars odometers are fairly accurate) and then timing yourself over the course at an ever increasing pace over...
  17. Re: This would be nothing but good for Ducati

    Look you at the motor. It has two identical cylinder and two Mikunis facing the rear. It's an XR750/1000 cc racing motor good for about 105 HP.When Harley came out with the 1000 cc street version...
  18. Assassin Hunted Putin Foes in Ukraine
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    David Brooks: Axis of Selfishness
  20. Re: Just fo kicks, does Trump believe in Global Warming?

    The New York Times just did an article saying the folks in Trump's White House have no idea what the boss believes regarding climate or anything else for that matter. The ship of state could be...
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    Re: aviation art and photography

    From what little can be seen it looks like a Bleriot XI. A very forward looking design. Bleriot piled up about a dozen Voisans before he took matters into his own hands and developed his own designs.
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    Re: Why are experts so wrong?

  23. Re: Trump unites europe, finally a success….

    We enforce the First Amendment here, Ray. Everybody gets to spew. If they aren't twanging your favorite tune you are invited to challenge them. But, no ad hominem attacks are allowed. Reliance on...
  24. Re: Do you think people who leak sensitive information should be fired?

    It depends on what you mean by "sensitive". If what you mean are leaks of the Trump White House I say God love 'em.
  25. President Trump’s disjointed speaking style could indicate cognitive decline

    Trump is going to be 71 soon.
  26. Trump's Loyalty Test; Michael Scherer,Alex Altman May 18, 2017
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    Re: what did peasants in europe eat

    Polenta is made from corn which is not indigenous to Eurasia. But the end result is similar. High carbohydrate mush for people who worked a lot of hours each day.
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    Re: what did peasants in europe eat

    Tom Montgomery was a close to correct as you can get because different grain are associated with different geography.
    The Slovaks are pretty much a Pure peasant nation. The war and 40 years of...
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    When the World Is Led by a Child

  30. Fingerprints of London Tabloids All Over Brexit

    It looks like Murdoch and Company are still calling the tune in Britain. I thought parliament had tamed that old devil back in 2011.
  31. Re: any body here use a hatchet for woodworking?

    Don't you watch Roy Underhill?
    There are two categories of hatchets and axes used in woodwrighting, felling, where both sides of the edge are beveled and a broad which is flat on one side and...
  32. Re: Sorry Jimmy, your sad story doesn't obligate me to pay for your kids healthcare

    Kimmel was overcome with emotion so his intent may not have been clear. I saw a replay and I didn't get him beating a drum to get his son's medical bills covered by federal insurance. People at his...
  33. Re: Do you think the Dems are starting to work with the President?

    Are you trying to paint the Democrats as dummies? They have a prime seat to watch Repugnican ignorance feed the inevitable melt down. All the Dems have to do is sit on their hands or laugh when that...
  34. Re: Do you think some Dems will boycott the WH this week?

    A lot of what is known about North Korea is probably classified and only a few senators have the clearance to be shown all the intelligence so what is Trump trying to proove?
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    Re: Do you Hate Donald Trump?

    I don't hate him. I watch Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers and Trevor Noah chop Donald Trump every night.
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    Re: Is Trump going completely ga-ga?

    We have laws against garden variety nepotism. What you are suggesting is an impossibility because of our constitution. The trump organization is into unknown territory at the moment but may not be...
  37. Re: Do you think the US should make it harder for foreigners to get work visas?

    Only for country club owners who who are too cheap to hire Americans.
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    Re: Is Trump going completely ga-ga?

    Trump is an old man. He'll be 71 in a couple of months. Dementia is as common as prostate trouble among old men. Ya' can't out run father time no matter how high you have risen.
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    Re: Bill O'Reilly

    O'Reilly would still be a money maker if Fox let him go. Here's the poop from Friday's NY Times.

  40. The Coming Incompetence Crisis by David Brookes
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    Re: Looks like Susie is in heap big do do

    I doubt it. It will flame out lllike the "telephone tapp" story and will be replaced by a different baseless Trump tweet or a war.
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    Re: Looks like Susie is in heap big do do

    Susan Rice was a national security advisor to a sitting president. That's very high up on the ladder. I suspect that there was little on the intell front she could not get her hands on legally. If...
  43. Re: America is 'waking up to walking catastrophe' of Donald Trump

    I watched the talking heads on TV today. Most of them have been watching the White house for decades. The chatter was about new presidents showing their expertise and desire to get off on a the right...
  44. Report: Aides installed in Cabinet agencies to monitor loyalty to Trump
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    Re: The Nazi in the White House

    If you are an American why don't you know Nazis are usually denied entrance to the US? And those that have gotten here under the radar have all been deported when discovered.
    When Werner von Braun...
  46. Re: The GCHQ wiretapping thing just got even funnier

    Monday is the day that FBI director Comey is supposed to testify on the existance or lack thereof of the Obama wire tapp.
    I wonder what Trump is dreaming up at the moment.
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    Re: 63 Russians...

    Russia is a kleptocracy and in order to be a kleptocrat there you have to have the OK of the Big Kahuna , Vladimir Putin. All those "young billionaires" know there is a cup of radioactive polonium...
  48. Russian elite invested nearly $100 million in Trump buildings, records show

    Has Donald lied?
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    Re: Early flight video

    Sorry but you don't get a prize for would'a, should'a, could'a.
    The Wright Flier was a stroke of unadulterated genius. The Wrights developed the Flier in their spare time. They put a machine in the...
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    Re: Obama has wiretapped in the past.

    Keep it up, geng, there's a pony in there somewhere.
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