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    Re: Piece of SF Bay History in Fresno

    Looks like it's parked down at Bucks Landing, I'll stop by and take a look at it Saturday.
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    Re: 16' Davis Type Cedarstrip Row

    Beautiful boat, it looks like it has finer lines than the Davis boat I rowed at CWB a number of years ago.

    Chequamegon Boatworks is still around, they’re up in Bayfield, WI now
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    Re: I know nothing: Choosing a PFD?

    Based on Roger Barnes's comments I ordered and just received one of the Baltic Sandhamn vests from the above web site, it's a fantastic pice of kit. Really nice quality construction, very flexible,...
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    Re: Party Barge (pontoon boats) thoughts

    Right on. My mother and step-father, both in their 90s, have a big pontoon boat up on a lake in northern Minnesota and the 5 pm cocktail cruise/neighborhood social hour is a longstanding tradition. ...
  5. Re: Educate me on oil bath trailer bearings.

    Thanks, Yeadon and Auto, good info.
  6. Educate me on oil bath trailer bearings.

    I have an offer in on a boat that comes with a newish trailer equipped with oil bath bearings, something I've never worked with before.

    Most of what I've found on the internet so far seems to be...
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    Re: Messing About In Boats Magazine

    too bad, there was a lot of good reading over the years
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    Re: SF Craigslist: 1948 Rangleley Yacht Tender

    Is starting that motor a "break your wrist if you don't pull the hand crank out of the flywheel fast enough" type of thing?
  9. Re: Sleepable, luggable human-powered boats that can sail?

    The Loudon boat by Rossiter Boatworks. They went thru some troubles a few years back and now only produce fiberglass speedboats.

    Here's one I've been looking at a lot lately:
  10. Poll: Re: Boat Choice: Navigator, Walkabout, Sooty Tern or CLC Guider for Baja Trip

    The north end of the Sea of Cortez up by San Felipe or Puerto Penasco has one of the largest tidal ranges on earth, 20 foot swings on a spring tide. Further south around Bahia de Los Angeles it...
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    Re: What is this flush deck design?


    I imagine a heat gun and a scraper would make short work of that gold leaf on the transom.
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    Re: Rowboat confused newby

    I think Bolger's final iteration of that design is Spur II, plans available from WoodenBoat store.
  13. Re: I know nothing: sailboat passenger capacity vs. size

    First boat build, intended for 2 adults and two kids on midwest lakes...
  14. Thread: wave speed?

    by Tom Kremer

    Re: wave speed?

    rough formula... in deep water, the speed (in knots) at which a train or set of waves moves thru the water = 1.5x the wave period (in seconds) so a set of waves with an average period of 10 seconds...
  15. Re: Displacement designs for solar electric river cruiser, 20 - 25 feet

    Rick, you might consider looking around for an inexpensive trashed Dovekie (not mine, thank you) and removing the deck with a sawzall. You'd end up with a nice light easily driven hull to work with.
  16. This is interesting: the US Army is auctioning off its watercraft

    This week for $51,000* on the Government Services Administration (GSA) website, you can purchase a modern US Army 128 ft ocean Tug (LT). These tugs are capable of ocean towing, and port operations....
  17. Re: Sanity Check Needed... is this setup excessively jackleg?

    The trip is over. For the long haul east I walked the boat up onto the roof rack with a set of those pegboards, they worked a charm.
    Here's the boat at its new home on Lake Superior, the bit of...
  18. Re: Sanity Check Needed... is this setup excessively jackleg?

    Over in the Designs/Plans forum there is a thread "First Build, car toppable" that had some links to youtube videos of angled ramps with pegs sticking up, that people have built to walk their boat...
  19. Re: Sanity Check Needed... is this setup excessively jackleg?

    Thanks for the feedback... I have a well used Trailex but it isn't up to a long trip and the boat is too heavy for me to car top by myself.

    Rick, I like your idea of a carpeted support plank,...
  20. Sanity Check Needed... is this setup excessively jackleg?


    14' boat, 8' of which is outside the bed of the truck. I've got trailer lights that mount on the stern and the boat is well supported by the T-extender but is this just too weird to make...
  21. Re: First build, car toppable, learn to sail, Upper Mississippi?

    Yeah, that's a really interesting boat, for me the most all-around practical car topper I've seen

    I built an Eastport pram and it's pretty easy to toss on the roof but there's just no room for my...
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    Re: Need Help Identifying Old Boat

    I believe Fletcher Driscoll who owned and operated the White Bear Boat Yard in the 1960s is alive and kicking, last I heard he was still sailing his A scow at the White Bear Yacht Club.

    Also Jay...
  23. Re: Big Lagoon Messabout this week up in Humboldt

    Hiya Thorne,

    Nice photos, I especially like Annie Wren. Whose design is that?

    Tom K

    P.S. Gunkholing this year?
  24. Re: Runaway containership takes out crane in Busan, South Korea

    Whoops, sorry. I never ever go down there.
  25. Runaway containership takes out crane in Busan, South Korea

    Watching this made me feel a little better about every launch ramp or docking blunder I've ever made.

    No injuries reported.
  26. Re: TSCA Upper Napa River Row & Roister, Sunday March 22, 2020

    Totally understand why you cancelled but I think I'll be getting a bit of rowing in over the next couple weeks provided we get some nice weather... from the site:

    I become anxious when...
  27. Re: TSCA Upper Napa River Row & Roister, Sunday March 22, 2020

    So, as per the guidelines for the Bay Area quarantine, as long as we don't row within 6' of each other we can maintain proper social distancing. :D
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    Re: Interesting high aspect foils

    Tom Blackaller's fore-and-aft rudder USA61 was fast but I don't think it ever got the development time & money needed to work out the bugs and was knocked out in the semi finals by Dennis Connor's...
  29. Re: Eureka CA/Humboldt Bay/Big Lagoon area sailing opportunities?

    If you bring the kayaks and make it as far sough as the town of Mendocino, a paddle up the Big River is highly recommended.
  30. Re: Family of four out crabbing in a small powerboat ventures into the surf zone

    A miracle really, in both 2014 and 2015 there were similar size boats out of Bodega Harbor that flipped in surf with 4 fatalities in each incident. One up towards Salmon Creek, the other down by...
  31. Family of four out crabbing in a small powerboat ventures into the surf zone

    A family of four were found on the southern end of Doran Beach in Bodega Bay on Monday afternoon, after rough waters capsized their boat and pushed them ashore.
    Shortly after 1 p.m., authorities...
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    Re: Schooner ELBE 5 ex-WANDER BIRD Sunk

    Looks like they're not wasting any time on the salvage job:,lotsenschoner172.html
  33. Anyone have the book "The Writings of L Francis Herreshoff"?

    I heard that it's material included in other titles like "Reader" or "Common Sense" which I already have. Can anyone confirm?
  34. Re: Wingo Row, near Sonoma & Schellville CA, Saturday, February 2nd, 2019

    Man, we're having some kind of wet weather this year, huh? Especially on rowing weekends. Sorry about the Wingo cancellation but it's not being on the water that would have been an issue, it would...
  35. Re: Just bought a 2006 Caledonia Yawl, and have a few questions...

    I'd say look at the sail shape and the tension on the luff and the leech, then move the halyard attachment point as needed to balance them out. On my little pram if the halyard attaches to the yard...
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    Re: Tiller lock / clutch suggestions ?

    I'll second that, I have a Tiller Clutch on my Dovekie & really like the instant one-finger ease of use.
  37. Re: boat building program in California, looking for mentors.

    Marshall Beach in September, that would have been the Sacramento chapter of the Traditional Small Craft Assoction.
  38. Thread: Bad Design

    by Tom Kremer

    Re: Bad Design

    Sure... especially with work boats form follows function and we can all think of ugly boats that are ideally fit and functional for their intended purpose. I wouldn't think of such a boat as "bad".
  39. Re: boat ramp newbie seeks some advice for save launch and retrieval

    At a busy ramp you can feel pretty pressured to get things done fast but when you think you're 100% ready to either put in or pull out, just take a calm minute to walk all the way around the rig and...
  40. Re: Open Ocean Regatta, rowing race on SF Bay April 17

    50/50 at best... had a tree fall on my truck so my tow vehicle is currently out of action.
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    Re: Spilling wind on lug sail

    Running dead downwind with a balanced lug in a small boat, it helps the steering and balance of the boat a lot if you heel to weather to keep the sail center of effort more directly over the...
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    Re: Places to keep a boat in Sacramento

    IIRC dry storage is $20 a month. I kept my Dovekie there for a year, great location.
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    Re: Who knows about M-class yachts?

    piece online in Latitude 38, mentions the loss of Windward in Yelapa, MX, with photo of the yacht up on the beach...
  44. Re: Wingo Row - Sonoma County slough exploration, Sunday Feb 7, 2016 10:30am

    Here's a nice article on the Sonoma Valley Prismoidal Railway, which once served the port of Norfolk, later known as Wingo
  45. Re: Oakland Estuary pub crawl row, maybe Saturday (or Sunday)?

    Of course the Wingo Row WILL go on, no matter how hard it rains... but for a Pub Crawl I want a cold beer, not a cold watery beer.
  46. Re: Stitch & glue alternative to the rangeley 15?

    If you like the wineglass wherry, the CLC Chester yawl should have pretty similar capability in a stitch and glue design. I also like their no-fixed-center-thwart layout.
  47. Re: Getting underway single-handed (in a very small boat)

    I use a boat fender for a stretcher, with lines from each end leading to jam cleats on the seat risers. Comfortable on bare feet, easy to adjust & a boat ought to carry a fender or two anyhow
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    Re: What Small Boats for Offshore Passages

    I just purchased and read his book... one very resilient guy. Fully flooded the Drascombe gunnels were above the water but he couldn't recover the boat because water entered in thru the...
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    Re: Narrowing down the list

    No way I'd bother melting/pouring 450 lbs for a Bolger Micro or similar low cost box boat, it seems to me to go contrary to the whole low cost /good function idea.

    For a Micro I'd just fill...
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    Re: What Small Boats for Offshore Passages

    After Captain Bligh, the most remarkable open boat journey I've ever heard of was Web Chiles circumnavigating in a Drascombe lugger. The thing is, it didn't end well... strong argument for a fully...
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