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    Re: A 2022 Ig-Nobel winner

    But...but...does this study answer the all-important question, "Does your chewing gum lose its flavor on the bedpost overnight?"
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    Re: Rappahannock Road Trip

    Thanks, Skip. It's always nice to know the location of a new boat ramp.

    The topo map shows a big marsh directly across the river. Do you know if it contains any wild rice? I have a crazy idea...
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    Re: Really bad Joke of the Day

    A friend of mine has one of those low-anxiety banjos. It's fretless.
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    Re: Alexseal Acrylioc vs Total Boat wet edge

    I am painting my boat with Total Boat Wet Edge one part urethane.

    Primer and flat white went on easily with brush and roller. There was some orange peel texture which was not objectionable to...
  5. Texas law against banks ‘discriminating’ against gun companies cost state $300 M

    Unintended consequences strike again.

    A 2021 Texas law barring municipalities from working with banks that “discriminate” against the gun business has cost the state more upwards of $300m so...
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    Re: Wife passed this AM

    John, I am so sorry for your loss. You and your family will have many good memories to sustain you.
  7. Thread: Daily Drivers

    by UCanoe_2

    Re: Daily Drivers

    Since 22 year old cars have entered into this discussion, here is a 2000 Honda CR-V, 289,000 miles, that was a daily driver until last summer:

  8. Re: Stambaugh Sailing Skiff Build in Virginia Mountains

    Another coat and the painter's tape comes off! Looking sharp now.


  9. Re: Stambaugh Sailing Skiff Build in Virginia Mountains

    Once again, life interferes with boatbuilding. Monday afternoon was spent at the home improvement store figuring out how to pay for the new dishwasher and get it installed on time. While the...
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    Re: Update on wife:

    John, I am so sorry to hear this.
  11. Re: Stambaugh Sailing Skiff Build in Virginia Mountains

    Thanks, Dale. For those who want to try this at home, the solution to the ultra-sticky carpet tape was as follows:

    Use an old toothbrush to saturate the tape with Dawn dish detergent. I applied...
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    Driving in the HOV lane, post Roe

    Texas woman given traffic ticket says unborn child counts as second passenger
    A pregnant woman in Texas told police that her unborn child counted as an additional passenger after being cited for...
  13. Re: Stambaugh Sailing Skiff Build in Virginia Mountains

    Roberts Max Grip double sided carpet tape is a great product!

    Don't put it on your...
  14. Re: Stambaugh Sailing Skiff Build in Virginia Mountains

    The water level in use. It required a helper to sight the forward level mark as I moved along the side of the boat.


    PVC trim from the home improvement store made a handy...
  15. Re: Stambaugh Sailing Skiff Build in Virginia Mountains

    Laying out the waterline. On my loft drawing, I used the compass to measure the distance from the bottom of the keel to the WL, plus one inch, along the face of the inner stem. Then I transferred...
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    Re: Can you touch your toes?

    Every time I cut my toenails. What's the issue?
  17. Re: Whose got some oldies in their music collection

    Still brilliant and disturbing after all these years:

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    Re: Vehicles Most Likely to Reach 200,000 Miles

    My '08 Tacoma 4 cyl, 5 spd., 4 WD is going strong at 197,000. It needed a new clutch about 175K, and expensive repairs to the 4 WD electrical parts and the A/D, but the cost per mile to operate is...
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    Thinkin' About Ink?

    Just in case you want to minimize discomfort, here is the Tattoo Pain Chart. Certain areas of the body are more sensitive than others. Males and females are different in this regard.
  20. Re: Stambaugh Sailing Skiff Build in Virginia Mountains

    Second coat. I will apply the third coat at the end of the build.


  21. Re: Stambaugh Sailing Skiff Build in Virginia Mountains

    Thanks, guys. It is exciting. It's a "20 foot" finish, but I am not a perfectionist. One more coat of white, either today or tomorrow, then I will paint the bottom of the bottom. Not sure about...
  22. Re: Stambaugh Sailing Skiff Build in Virginia Mountains

    First finish coat of paint.

  23. Re: Might as well throw my 2 cents worth, ie. guns

    Ike had the huge advantage of a large occupying army that could compel the Germans to do what he wanted. There would be a big public outcry if TV news started showing pictures of dead kids. ...
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    Re: Took Tess to get her California Permit

    Nice ink! Why is the lettering on your T-shirts mirror image?
  25. Re: Stambaugh Sailing Skiff Build in Virginia Mountains

    Second coat of primer today.

  26. Re: Stambaugh Sailing Skiff Build in Virginia Mountains

    The epoxy cured for more than a week, in fact for more than two weeks, while I went to boating get-togethers. But we are painting at last! Here is the first coat of primer. Esquif Prospecteur 15...
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    Re: Flinging stuff at the wall

    Flinging stuff at the wall?

    I thought this thread was about my college house mate testing to see if the spaghetti was cooked..........
  28. World's Last Regular Service Steam Locomotives Shut Down

    China discontinues the use of steam locomotives in regular service at the Sandaoling coal mine. The mine is apparently closing, but the locomotives will be held in reserve for switching service if...
  29. Re: Stambaugh Sailing Skiff Build in Virginia Mountains

    Thanks, Dale! The epoxy will cure for a week or so, and then I will start painting the bottom.
  30. Re: Stambaugh Sailing Skiff Build in Virginia Mountains

    Thanks, Grey Duck. When we replaced the old "self-demolishing" garage we went first class. The new one is a big work space with plenty of natural light. We made it as big as we could without...
  31. Re: Unexpected consequence of leaving a tractor in gear.

    Out of ignorance, I once bought a lemon gas powered 1970 Ford 3000 named "Duke." It had a clutch problem and would not disengage the PTO when it should have. Every time I mowed, I had to first...
  32. Re: Stambaugh Sailing Skiff Build in Virginia Mountains

    Two coats of epoxy on the topsides today. At last I seem to be learning how to gauge the amount of epoxy I need and mix a batch with minimal waste. Applying with a roller sure is more economical...
  33. Re: Construction Barges in Potomac River Flood

    Rich, I am sending you a PM.
  34. Construction Barges in Potomac River Flood

    On Sunday, flood waters caused two construction barges to break free and float down the Potomac River above Harpers Ferry, WV. The barges were under contract to the National Park Service for repair...
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    Re: Wills and such

    Also, much property can be titled in a way that will avoid probate. Important assets such as bank accounts, houses, vehicles, and stocks can be titled as "Joint Tenants With Right of Survivorship"...
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    Re: Wills and such

    John, absolutely everyone should have a will. The inexpensive online form would almost certainly be better than none at all. In Virginia a "holographic" or hand written will is legal. I described...
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    Re: Samsung tablet, gps?

    I have a non-cellular Galaxy Tab S2, now a few years old. It has GPS. I use it with the following apps: Backcountry Navigator, MX Mariner, Avenza, and Solocator. Works very well. I messed up the...
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    Re: Alabama escapees

    Shakespeare would have loved this plot. RIP Vickie, you were a troubled soul.
  39. Re: Stambaugh Sailing Skiff Build in Virginia Mountains

    Thanks, Daniel. I'll check the local paint stores.
  40. Re: Stambaugh Sailing Skiff Build in Virginia Mountains

    Not much photogenic has happened for the past month. There has been a lot of filling holes, sanding, filling more holes and sanding some more. Took a few days off to visit the grandkids in...
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    Re: Local/Regional Music

    Three Notch'd Road, the Virginia Baroque Ensemble

    J. S. Bach: "Badinerie" from Orchestral Suite No. 2, BWV 1067Trinity Episcopal Church, Staunton, VA, June 2015

  42. Dock Workers Turn Away Tanker Full of Russian Diesel in Solidarity With Ukraine

    A tanker carrying 60,000 tons of Russian diesel fuel is floating idle near the coast of Amsterdam after having been turned away from three separate ports. Dock workers at one port in Sweden and...
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    Re: ? 1960 Land Rover 109

    I have always thought the galvanized bumpers were way cool.
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    Re: Hardening the National Butterfly Center

    An email from the Butterfly Center. Their opposition to the border wall brought them into the sights of the RWWs. Who woulda thought that butterflies could become so political?

    Kolfage &...
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    Re: Maryland Dove launched

    Drive down and have a look, Jim. It's not all that far from you.

    Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival, first weekend in October.

    A few more of my personal photos:


  46. Re: what is the best movie you have seen recently

    Murder on the Nile, 2017 version of the Agatha Christie mystery. Kenneth Branagh plays Hercule Poirot, and directs. Begins with the back story of how Poirot got his famous mustache.
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    Hardening the National Butterfly Center

    The National Butterfly Center reopened to members only in March, and to the general public on April 23. But the center is now highly security conscious. NYT has described the director packing a...
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    Maryland Dove launched

    At Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. Representation of one of the vessels that brought the first settlers to Maryland in 1634. Built using 17th Century construction techniques as much as possible,...
  49. Re: For the Americans bitching about gas prices

    Thanks, George.
  50. Re: For the Americans bitching about gas prices

    George, I am coming into this thread late, but please post a link to your source for this graph. What is the date of information? I am in a debate with my Canadian cousin who is bitching about high...
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