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    Re: Deks Olje problem

    My experience with Deks #1 and #2 is same as Todd's. No Problems over many years.
  2. Re: How much plaster should I shop for?

    ^^^ Will lay some polyethylene on the hull (tipped up on beam end) first. The cast will likely have a few wrinkles, but these can be smoothed out after casting the shape.

    The Plaster Of Paris...
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    Re: we’re the mighty watchful eye

    Do they have their own Military Service Academy and are the students called Space Cadets? Will they be playing football?
  4. Re: How much plaster should I shop for?

    ^^^ Good idea in some cases, however, here the shape of the gunnel (section similar to a question mark with a flat top) would be too much "oversize" for a decent matchup.
  5. Re: How much plaster should I shop for?

    Cutting away 18" of gunwale to a depth of 8" down the topsides (which have a nice tumblehome) leaves nothing but air to lay the new laminate against. Yes, the edges of the cut require feathering. ...
  6. Re: How much plaster should I shop for?

    I once made a large plaster exterior mold of my Shearwater's bow after sawing away part of the hull underneath to remove E&D's bow centerboard case. I filled in the void where the case had been with...
  7. How much plaster should I shop for?

    I've got an old, much abused fiberglass canoe I bought cheap a few months ago. I like the aspect of "fiberglass" because I knew that various cracks and gouges would be simple to fix, and the whole...
  8. Re: Give Meagan a break fer cryin' out loud!

    You've all seen guys "salute" twice, once vertically, and repeated horizontally; meaning "this is for you, and this is for the horse you rode in on".
  9. Re: Give Meagan a break fer cryin' out loud!

    Meghan should start "saluting" the press with her finger "tilted' just a bit; sort of a "message" that makes it uniquely hers.
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    Re: We don’t do windows.

    Exactly how does one tell a spouse "I don't do windows"? Around here windows are cleaned, one way or another, come hell or high water, second floor or whatever.
  11. Give Meagan a break fer cryin' out loud!

    Now the press is castigating her for the "nasty tilt" of her wide-brimmed black hat! Just how does one progress from "rakish" to "nasty" when it comes to the tilt of one's hat?
  12. Re: famous vegan loses mind attempts to eat face off another man

    Yes, breast, that's the ticket!
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    Re: Bitch or brag-how’s the weather?

    Not bad here in N Illinois. And we had a great end of Jul/early Aug up on Lk Superior for a circumnavigation of Isle Royale. The old Albin-25 ran great; used only 25 gal of Diesel all week.
  14. Been reading more about Princess Ann the last several days than I have over 40 years.

    Her brothers all have more military creds (well, not much for Edward, eh), however, I can imagine Ann doing better than her siblings in command of a real naval vessel, like a destroyer. I sure...
  15. Re: I predict lots of folks have or will fail WORDLE today.

    I would think one might want to be wary of one who thinks of "parer" before some of the other choices like "paper" or "pager". BTW, my spell check here doesn't like my use of "parer" here.
  16. Re: Inscribing an HIN on a little plywood skiff?

    Location, location, location; the principal location (if doing it twice) is at the upper right (starboard) on the transom, just under the rail, or hull/deck joint.
  17. Re: One detail of stitch & glue method

    My Eastport pram is over 10 yrs old, epoxy coated on both sides, and no rot yet.
  18. Re: I predict lots of folks have or will fail WORDLE today.

    Wife had all but the middle letter in 3 tries, and still blew it with three more words that seemed more likely.
  19. I predict lots of folks have or will fail WORDLE today.

    The Wordle Editor must be ROTFLHAO.
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    Re: Oslo. The Future?

    And they're smart enough to not vote for an idiot like Trump. An experience in a Norwegian Diesel Motor Cruiser on the Oslo Fiord is why we now have the Albin-25 (see left)
  21. As a "nonworking Royal" Harry isn't wearing a uniform

    My personal opinion is that somewhere along the line, though not at a high-level ceremony for the queen, he ought to show up in his well-worn battle fatigues. After all, he served ten years, and a...
  22. Re: Speaking Of the Hazards of Compressed Air Tanks

    Anybody else see the folly in letting morons like him even have guns?
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    Re: Plumbing Repair Question

    I'd go this route, while maybe giving the idea in #5 above some consideration.
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    Re: Lindsey Graham’s abortion bill

    His announce,emt comes just in time for any repug up for election who favors pro life to be defeated. Thanks Graham, first decent thing you've done in months.
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    That each day of the week the news media brings us not one, but several stories about one of the most loved and admired individuals in the World, along with one of the most despised.
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    Re: Craigslist is dead

    Once had to replace the sash in a counterweighted window. Th new sash was made to work with spring balances, so had to modify it by adding wood inserts to fill the grooves and then fashion holes at...
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    Re: Pless is BACK!!

    Difficult to see how this specimen survived into adulthood.
  28. Questron for the British Subjects among us

    We often hear about the Queen going to Balmoral, however, this being the USA, and the story not being about Trump, the media does not tell us how she travels there. By air (helicopter? or fixed...
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    Re: "Official" Obama Portraits

    How nice that they kept them. Why were they not the "official" portraits?
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    "Official" Obama Portraits

    I'm underwhelmed by the "official" Obama portraits unveiled today. Several years ago did we not see a couple of portraits exhibiting much more imagination? I thought those were the "official"...
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    Re: my newest clients

    Big dogs call them "lunch", like bratwurst.
  32. Re: Wife brought home a box of Saltines, but - - -

    Triscuits are great, too; more of a cocktail party cracker.
  33. Re: Wife brought home a box of Saltines, but - - -

  34. Wife brought home a box of Saltines, but - - -

    they don't have any salt on the crackers. It take some real brass to label them "Saltines"
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    Re: WW2's Last Naval Engagement

    I thought the last might have been the sinking of the Indianapolis.
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    Re: Sally B

    Salvaged from another AC and haven't had time to repaint? Could be a faithful restoration of an actual AC that had the same color scheme.
  37. Re: Jamie Johnston (S.V. Airlie) is in the hospital.

    Get well soon.
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    Re: The Leisure Seeker

    Consider the fuel it takes to shove that brick down the highway at 60 mph. The old GMC Motor Home was a much better industrial design.
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    Re: Age 21

    I might have gotten a CDL, specialized it hauls to Alaska, ultimately an Ice Road Trucker. I enjoyed design drafting, but hungered for more adventure. Taking up curising Edey & Duff boats was...
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    Re: Pope about to resign?

    Melania looks like she's worried about something. Maybe she's smarter than we give her gredit for,
  41. Re: What is the most important skill you were ever taught?

    Self reliance
  42. Re: What’s waiting fro me when I return

    You might try a reward system, Joe. Write a tiny note with tomorrow's date saying, "If you read this today see me about a $20 reward" and put it near the end of your Driver's Manual. In addition,...
  43. Re: Lindsey Graham has devolved into a mewling moron

    Question: is Graham gay?
  44. Re: Laser slingshot. Time to renew your man card.

    I've a question about how well these lazers actually work. The lazer only lines things up from the fork (in one's hand) forward to the target. There is a lot of opportunity for vagaries from the...
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    Re: The origin of College Debt

    Never liked him from day-one.
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    Re: Another nugget from Facebook

    You said "Texas". Nuff said.
  47. Re: Lindsey Graham has devolved into a mewling moron

    You have a point.
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    Re: jules verne

    Got several around here, all life size, including aviation navigation pioneer Jeppesen, a nameless photographer bending low for the right angle on a subject (thought it was a real guy first time I...
  49. Re: Lindsey Graham has devolved into a mewling moron

    He has to keep brown nosing Dump if he wants to keep playing (golf) with him.
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    Re: Nicotine Addict

    I quit 1+ packs of Pall Mall forty yrs ago. On special occasions yet today I may light one up with son or daughter (like one every several yrs, and it's been over ten yrs since the last).
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