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  1. Re: Update on the new Americas cup class boats.

    Well, I will be sure to tell them, and I'm sure they will scrap the whole concept. Good to see the forum has not changed.
  2. Re: Trump's Skill at Communicating (Yes, really)

    From up here in Canada, I can easily say popcorn sales are strong. Watching the Trump Presidency is like a marathon horror movie matinee.
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    Re: 5200 bottom ???

    We should back up a tad. First, a CC runabout, or any runabout with a plywood inner skin and plank on the outside is not a carvel planked boat. Second, CC never used caulking on their boats with...
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    Re: Emperor Bows Out

    From one who has already left for the most part... best wishes. My feelings on what went wrong here are well known, and I have expressed blame as well. No need to repeat it.
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    Re: 5 Meg

    My father is a "Pioneer of Canadian Computing". He wrote his first program in 1954. When he worked for Dupont Research in the early 60's, they had a Sperry Univac, then an IBM 1620. A huge room of...
  6. Re: Another school shooting. You know the drill.

    True enough. As a Canadian, I used to be outraged and sad when these American shootings occurred. Now I realize it is just how American society functions. I am not going to change it, and my emotions...
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    Re: America is Not a Democracy

    It's far worse than that.... America is quickly eroding the idea of a society with a rule of law. The West is in decline, and this is the rise of the East. By the end of the first term of the Trump...
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    Re: Name required

    Snowflakes is the term used on Canadian facebook. We used to define people like that as having manners.
  9. Re: Another school shooting. You know the drill.

    The majority of Americans don't care enough to reform gun ownership laws, or if they do care, they can't seem to spearhead any political reform. It's a non issue, normal happening, in American...
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    Re: Arrested aesthetic development

    Just about every year of these has been shown... I had a 1972 XS2 650. It was great bike. I drove the living shiet of out it, and couldn't break it. Then I bought a '73 FLH, which was dung, but I...
  11. Re: U.S. preparing for a tactical nuclear strike?

    Absolutely, although I have my doubts a NK could successfully reach the USA. American anti-missile technology is excellent, and the distance involved is large. A multiple missile launch would be the...
  12. Re: Never ask an Astronaut to swear on the Bible that he walked on the moon

    We have had 200 years of what we agree to be modern scientific method. We have thousands of years of recorded history and science. Yet, there are still people who think swearing on a book that says...
  13. Re: U.S. preparing for a tactical nuclear strike?

    The American Military could take out most of NK's offensive arsenal in an afternoon. However, you don't get massive increases in defense spending by saying "Well folks, we spend 60% of the entire...
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    Re: Hand tools only

    I guess you could clean a warehouse floor with a toothbrush too, but I'm not sure you should. I use powertools for a reason. First, I have done woodworking for a living. Doing it by hand puts you at...
  15. Re: Scientists Counted All The Protein Molecules in a Cell And The Answer Really Is 4

    False news, the Chinese are behind it. What is the ideal temperature of a protein anyway? Can anyone answer that? Scientists are still divided on the whole subject. This is another Obama failure.
  16. Re: Does anyone else find Facebook to be extremely tolerant of Racism and bigotry?

    Oh, I know. I don't come here much anymore. Just not a good fit anymore. I guess I should realize that about FB.
  17. Re: Will the government shutdown affect the stock market?

    I have been getting advice that the USA stock market is heavily overvalued, and will have a fairly strong correction sometime in the next 12 months.
  18. Re: Does anyone else find Facebook to be extremely tolerant of Racism and bigotry?

    I have to admit, I sometimes search this out.... right or wrong, I feel a sense of responsibility to fight against crap like this. I belong to woodworking and boating groups, environmental action...
  19. Re: One insane englishman trying to rebuild the 1910 gaff cutter Tally Ho, in WA. (VI

    Wow, great boat, great thread.
  20. Re: Does anyone else find Facebook to be extremely tolerant of Racism and bigotry?

    Wow, I guess that does explain it. Quite sad.
  21. Does anyone else find Facebook to be extremely tolerant of Racism and bigotry?

    Just a question for the folks here. I find FB to be full of pages promoting anti-muslim and anti-immigrant stances. They seem to be extremely tolerant of pages full of comments like 'Muzzrat' ...
  22. Re: An interesting chart (for investors)

    I just finished moving investments out of US Equities into preferred shares, GIC and Canadian stuff. The American market is due for a substantive correction.
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    Re: Vacuum-assisted scraper
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    Re: first Mueller indictment(s)

    Hmmm.... not sure he cares, unless he truly colluded/obstructed. Worst scenario, he goes back to being what he was, with a damaged brand. He could resign, and say the biggest witch hunt in history...
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    Re: first Mueller indictment(s)

    Oh stop with the crazy facts talk Tom....
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    Re: White House on lock down!

    ROFLMAO.....months away from this place and this is the first thread I read, and here is this post ..... :d:d:d:d:d:d What flavour is the Koolaid today???
  27. New Hampshire: "A drug infested den"

    Man, you just can't make this stuff up. BY:DBY:D:d:rolleyes:
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    Re: Trump's immigration plan unveiled

    Okay, back in the corner with the dunce cap with all the trumpites. Carry on.
  29. Re: Do the Republicans Know How to Govern?

    Oh absolutely, which is why the most successful countries and standards of living in the world are on average more socialized countries than the USA. I live in one.
  30. Re: The Mooch is betting off to a really BAD start

    We all crave normalcy, and we try to find it even when life is out of control. Watching the media and GOP pundits try to make some sense of what is happening is truly twilight zone. This is third...
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    Re: drunk too soon

    I tried getting drunk once.... drank for six years pretty continuously and never really managed it, so I had to stop.
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    Re: Special Counsel appointed

    What an absolute shiit show. 4 months in and the USA is a laughing stock.
  33. Re: "Turn or Burn" the Theology of Climate Change, End Times and Mass Hysteria.

    Maybe if Robocop had a cape or some feathers.
  34. Re: "Turn or Burn" the Theology of Climate Change, End Times and Mass Hysteria.

    What are you talking about? Modern Science doesn't build on theology, or vice versa. Modern scientific method is really only about 400 years old, and from its outset has consistently undermined the...
  35. Re: "Turn or Burn" the Theology of Climate Change, End Times and Mass Hysteria.

    Well, I like Thor's outfit better. If God really existed, wouldn't he have something better to wear than a bedsheet?
  36. Re: "Turn or Burn" the Theology of Climate Change, End Times and Mass Hysteria.

    Oh okay, we are comparing how many racist hillbillies get out to vote to the science of climatology. I understand.
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    Re: We are sooo screwed.

    I agree, but your remark also holds hope that people will choose not to be ignorant, and learn. This isn't true of everyone, and I think Donald Trump is a good example. He believes that what he knows...
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    Re: We are sooo screwed.

    The real question is whether he will be elected twice. Now, there is a crisis.
  39. Re: There must be a solution for the 'queueing' problem in health care

    Well, if I broke my hand, I would expect about six hours total time too. It might be better, but 6 hours would be okay. I don't expect my medical care to be like ordering fast food. There is a...
  40. Re: Hillary Clinton should just stay quiet and fade away

    So being an adulterer is the same as being a victim of adultery. Interesting logic.
  41. Re: Hillary Clinton should just stay quiet and fade away

    People who voted for Donald Trump would have had hard time proving to me they were educated. So far this Presidency is a little kids version of government.
  42. Re: Trump changes his tune about official job numbers

    Lies.... the reality in the USA.
  43. Re: Sidelining the State Department

    Exactly right. All decisions will be made by a very small group. No process. Fortunately, legislative changes will be tougher for them, but a lot of damage is going to be done... and in a big hurry.
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    Re: The Trump credibility nosedive

    I agree with Jack.... this isn't going to stop. Donald Trump is a pathological liar, and it works very well for him, because his supporters aren't terribly bright. No one cares he is a liar. He is...
  45. Re: Why in no one talking about Mike Flynn, foreign agent?

    It's easy to answer this question. Mike Flynn is a good man, and he has been mistreated by the fake news media. Horrible. Terrible. Fake news.
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    Re: Happy Birthday Tylerdurden!

    Typical, happy birthday to a guy that drove many from this forum. What a place.
  47. Re: Trump Campaign's Cooperation with Russian Intelligence.

    They didn't cement anything, didn't you follow the meetings. A lot of leaders are quick to meet DT because of the absolutely loony statements he has made. They want to find out if the man is as crazy...
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    Re: Attention, Keith Wilson.

    Absolutely. Keith is a reasonable well educated and thoughtful man. I will just leave it there.
  49. Re: What to do when things turn ugly? Hold a campaign rally!!!!

    It's the new American norm. Lie about everything. Trump supporters are not fazed by this. They love the guy. Their candidate has a widening story about colluding with a known adversary of the United...
  50. Re: Dear White, Christian Trump Supporters: We Need To Talk

    Dear Right wing christian supporter of Trump:

    Your bigotry and your vote has paid off! You finally have a President who has significant distaste for almost every minority, and just about all the...
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