The WoodenBoat Forum Rules

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  • ...Don't be rude.
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  • ...Don't sell stuff or services. That's instant banishment. Want to advertise? Click Ads, or for Forum ads, you need to use your Google Adwords acct.
  • ...Don't feed the trolls.
  • ...Don't whine at the Admin. He hates that.
  • ...Don't create a new user to come back in if you were temporarily or permanently banned. It's bad Karma.
  • ...Banning is bad for your health. Okay, smoking is worse. But, banning is like being in time-out when you were a munchkin.
  • ...Need to report an inappropriate posting/thread? Be sure to include a direct link, and why the posting is inappropriate.
  • ...What isn't appropriate to post? If you have to ask, you ought to skip registering. But, if you wouldn't say it to your kids, it doesn't belong here.
  • ...How to un-register: simply stop posting. You can also delete your own posts.