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FAQs / Trouble Shooting

Reminder... by signing up to post on the WoodenBoat Forum, you've agreed to make nice, and to comply with pages and pages of rules the lawyers wrote. It all comes down to:
  • ...Don't be rude.
  • ...Don't post inappropriate pictures.
  • ...Don't sell stuff or services. That's instant banishment. Want to advertise? Click Ads, or for Forum ads, you need to use your Google Adwords acct.
  • ...Don't feed the trolls.
  • ...Don't whine at the Admin. He hates that.
  • ...But officer, other cars were speeding too. How come I got a ticket?
  • ...Don't create a new user to come back in if you were temporarily or permanently banned. It's bad Karma.
  • ...Banning is bad for your health. Okay, smoking is worse. But, banning is like being in time-out when you were a munchkin. And, just like when you were a wee beastie, time-outs get longer the more often they happen. Much depends on the moderator's amount and type of coffee consumed at that particular moment.
  • ...Need to report an inappropriate posting/thread? Be sure to include a direct link, and why the posting is inappropriate.
  • ... What isn't appropriate to post? If you have to ask, you ought to skip registering. But, if you wouldn't say it to your kids, it doesn't belong here.
  • ...How to un-register: simply stop posting. You can also delete your own posts.


    Click the red Registration link on the homepage, or the registration tab near the upper right. Please note: your WoodenBoat Site, or WoodenBoat Subscription, or WoodenBoat Store login/passwords do not automatically take effect here.

  • Approval usually happens within 24 hrs
  • To make your registration delay for days and days, skip the location question of City/State/Country
  • Approval means you'll get an email confirmation to which you need to respond, to activate the account. If no confirmation, check your spam filter.

    Again, it's pretty easy... we know that because there are over 3.5 million posts.
    You need to be registered, and you need to be logged-in. Then you need to be "in" one of the sections, like Building / Repair. You can create a new thread, OR you can reply to an existing thread. Click that "New Thread" icon (near the upper left) to create a new thread--as opposed to posting comments to an existing thread. A thread refers to a series of postings. Once you are in a thread, you can't create a new thread... you can only post to it... so you click that "post reply" icon.

    Via "settings" link at the top - right of the page ink near the top of the page.

    Hit that "What's New?" tab near the upper left of the screen. Please note: that excludes The Bilge. Of course, you can always see what's new in each Forum section by clicking into that section. Newest posts are at the top.

    Control yourself. Avoid posting BIG pictures. Keep them 500 pixels wide OR LESS. That way the dial-up folks aren't bogged-down, and the width doesn't make the page hard to read in a standard sized window. If you don't have Photoshop, try the freebie from We do NOT host your images. You need to have a place like Flickr, Imagestation, Photobucket, DropBox, or one of the free other hosting outfits... or your own site.

    Per Thorne's 'How-to', here's how to post photos on this forum:

  • ...FIRST - Don't attach photos. Only a tiny version will display.
  • ...SECOND - Post the photos on the web. Use your own website or a free image hosting service like,, picturetrail, photobucket, etc. Images posted on Facebook must be set to "Public" access via the Edit option, not limited to "Friends".

  • ...THIRD - Once posted on the web, right-click the photo to "Copy Image Location", or drag the photo to another browser window, then copy the image URL (web address) which will end in ".jpg". You can test by pasting the photo URL into the location field (http://* ) of a web browser and see if the photo displays. Remember that this process will not work for photos located just on your computer, on members-only Yahoo groups, or on Facebook unless set to "Public" view. (In Flickr - You usually have to first click the photo to bring up the black-framed viewer, then click the "View All Sizes" link near the top right. Then you can get the image URL by right-clicking the image. Alternately you can go to the Actions menu on the upper left, then select "View All Sizes".

  • ...FOURTH - DO THIS EVERY TIME TO POST IMAGES IN THREADS: A. In any "Reply" window you can click the "insert image" icon --> a little yellow square icon with a dot at each corner, a tiny tree in the center.

    Depending on browser version and Reply/Edit status, this may bring up a simple window with a field to paste the URL into, or the "Add an Image" window described below.

    B. If the window titled "Add an Image" comes up, click the "From URL" tab, paste the URL of the photo in the field, deselect the box for "Retrieve remote file and reference locally", then click the "INSERT IMAGE" button. The Forum software will resize some large images, so look at your post to see the actual displayed images.

    The built-in search function is LESS than stellar. Instead you might use Google's "Advanced Search" and paste into the "Search Within a Site or Domain". It's under the "Need More Tools" section.

    In lieu of getting younger eyes, just try hitting "control" "+" to make the type larger and then "control" "-" to make it smaller again.


    FORGOT Your Login or Password? Click Ooopst... Forgot My Freakin' Login and/or Password

    Put in your registration email, and answer the 'humane' verification question. Don't ask the admin for it... we don't have it. Logins and passwords are case sensitive... so be extra sensitive to that.

    Don't recall your login or password? Register anew.

    Changed email accts and you don't have access to the acct you originally used? Then just register anew.

    User name already taken? Pick another. Yes, it can be a close variation.

    You asked for your password to be emailed, and you never got it? Most likely you have an incorrect email. Double-check your spam filters, and if nothing, register anew, carefully typing your email address.

    You've been logging in for AGES, but recently it won't allow it? Try going in from our WoodenBoat homepage: That will probably cure it. Or, reboot, clear cache, try a different browser.

    Want to know if someone posted to your favorite thread? You can subscribe, and select a variety of ways to be notified, including an instant email. Please note: instant email does not work on items YOU post. Once in the thread, near the top, click Thread Tools->Subscribe to this Thread, then choose notification type. Don't forget to click the Add Subscription button.

    The originator of the thread accidentally hits the box titled "Close thread". Re-open by going INTO the thread and using "Thread Tools" up near the top. But, you have to be the one who created the thread.

    VERY IMPORTANT: How to subscribe to WoodenBoat magazine.
    Click Subscriptions.

    An upgrade in software has changed the editor (to CKEditor) which may have some some drawbacks for you... perhaps more for Windows 7 users. You should be able to disable Enhanced editor:

  • Click FORUM tab, near upper left
  • Forum Actions
  • General Settings
  • ...scroll down to Miscellaneous Options
  • ...try the Basic or Standard editors instead of the Enhanced
    If that doesn't do it for you, and you still get a picture in the Edit screen, not the text relating to it... Mike discovered that if I use the Back Arrow he can get back to the original draft post and edit it from there.

    GOING MOBILE: Forum Runner and Tapatalk APPS
    This forum now supports Forum Runner and Tapatalk, Android/iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad App that allows you to browse this forum using a native client. This means faster access for those users since it only downloads the actual forum information rather than all the extraneous images that slow down the mobile connection. It handles a variety of Forums, fully customizable home screen, private messages and subscribed thread updates, etc. There is a FREEBIE version of Forum Runner... you might want to try that first, and see if that does enough for you. There is a paid version for $1.99. Tapatalk has a paid version for $2.99.

    The WoodenBoat Forum is sponsored by the very good folks at WoodenBoat Publications.

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